Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jared Ayden – Nu Kobalan: you have a choice of thought, 7 October 2012

Nu Kobalan
I am happy you are feeling happy, my dear. We are following your discoveries every step of the way and feel elated to see you make these enormous strides in such a short period of your time.
Yes, I am referring to your little experiment with controlling your mind, your thoughts to be precise. How I have longed for you to get your foot onto this path, you cannot know the pleasure it brought me and still brings me to see you take this step, and the next, and the next.

Remember you are not able to hear what you are not yet ready for, but dear o dear, are you ready now.
Knowing what to do in difficult situations, knowing you have a choice of thought, knowing that this will yield results far beyond what you could conjure up yourself. This gives you a confidence, exactly the confidence you need in the days ahead.

Will I be with you? My dearest, the whole Universe will be with you, working with you towards the dreams you held for so long. Besides we have spoiled the outcome for you. Knowing what the outcome is, we’d say sit back and enjoy as it unfolds before you.
The beliefs of old, as you must have held almost all, just as was your intention, have long been uprooted from your frame of thought. It is time to chuck them out for good. They have served their purpose and they have served you well indeed.

All of these beliefs have caused you contrast, or call it pain, or suffering. From that place of being you created a new world, one that has not yet existed before… and that is a tricky thing to say from a ‘place’ that has no ‘time’ like you know it :)

For the illusion’s sake you forgot, but how could you in earnest truly forget who you are? Didn’t you feel the hurt when you thought of yourself as small and insignificant, not able to change the way things were going or feeling powerless when faced with injustice?

Now is the time to seize back control, no not control of others or the world, but control of your own thoughts, your focus. These are tremendous powerful tools, my dear and only those who have also seen a glimpse of their power in their own lives will be able to hear this.
Those who thought they could use the Universal Laws and manipulate them to control others, simply do not understand their essence. As you now know, they will, it is inevitable, it is Law.

Sleep well.

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