Monday, October 29, 2012

Just a few steps more and you can cross the finish line victorious – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn October 28, 2012

My beloved children, you find yourself just in a little rest until the next portal on 11.11. Use this rest please to strengthen yourselves for the next burst of energy. Rest more, nourish yourselves lighter and also drink more good water. Many of you now heed our advice, but unfortunately there are also many that feed still too heavy and rest too little. They eat too much fat and highprocessed food, run around all day and at night, its no wonder that they are completely exhausted. We don’t give you this advice, because it just comes into our mind, but because we want you to come as good as possible through these turbulent times. Your bodies have to work so much, not only through the process of transformation, but also by your labor, which is often very stressful. And then in your leisure time you pack your days full and wonder why you have increasing fatigue. Haven’t we been telling you for months that you need more rest? Please my children, for yourselves, not for us, do yourselves a favor. Your bodies and your whole constitution will be grateful for it. An hour of sleep more or a short rest for lunch will have you doing much better.

In the northern hemisphere winter is coming slowly and the days are getting shorter. Therefore use the days when the sun is in the sky so beautiful to warm your hearts. Dress warm and go for a walk in the sun, you can also sit  in sheltered places to rest a little. So you get both, the peace and the information through the sun’s rays.

It is now not much longer till the end of the year, still persevere, even if it is sometimes difficult. Since increasing your own vibrations, you perceive the difference to the lower frequencies now more clearly. Dealing with people who are still in sleep is difficult for you. We know this very well and we value you for your courage and perseverance. Let your light continue to shine, it helps the people around you wake up, then it will be easier for you too. Help them please through these last storms. The powerful energies that are sent to you, are helping to solve the low energies from the environment of the earth, so that they can be more easily removed. You can support this through the appropriate use of the Violet Flame.

You are so close to success, you will succeed in doing what no one has done for eons, you will succeed where Atlantis and Lemuria failed. Your ascension will cause a chain reaction not only in your solar system, but in the galaxy and the entire universe. You have achieved so much so far, so gather your courage and your strength together again for a fantastic final sprint. Just a few steps more and you can cross the finish line victorious – together, because it will be a common victory of humanity. We walk beside you and support and help wherever it is needed. You can rely on it. We will not carry you to the finish, you must go yourselves, and even if you have to crawl on your knees, but we will support, give you courage and cheer for you. Along the way we heal you, where it is necessary, you can rest after that but first it will be celebrated.
My beloved children, now you know where you stand, you will achieve the final steps, I know for sure, because I know the end result already and it looks absolutely fantastic. We are invisible beside you and hold you upright.

I love you all so much and am always there for you. I am your mother Lady Maria and envelope you in my love.

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