Sunday, October 14, 2012

It is all in your Self, my Beloved – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn October 13, 2012

My Beloved, it’s time again to speak to you. The energies of the 10-10-portal flow away slowly and continue to have effects in your bodies, your minds and your hearts. Defend yourselves not against it, but let them do their important work for you. Accept it and it is so much easier for you. You know all this already, but a little reminder and Note for the newly awakened is always good.

These energies also have an impact on Gaia. There are still old fields with negative energy that must be resolved. Unfortunately this will not always be without perceptible effect on you. The volcanic and earthquake activity will still increase a while, but do not assume catastrophic proportions. Gaia is very aware of the effects for you and makes an effort to keep these impacton you as low as possible. She loves you and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but must eliminate these energies. We all help her to keep the consequences as minimal as possible. This includes the participation of your stellan brothers and sisters. They watch the movements of the plates and volcanoes and engage in regulating, to avoid major damage or loss of life.
So far everything is going according to plan, despite the delays. Your Ascension at the end of this year is assured, it is unstoppable. This does not mean that you can now put your hands in your lap and just wait. It still requires some releasing of karma and for some people to do some soul work. You know, there is not much that you must do for this, but without your participation, it is much more difficult if not impossible. Love one another, forgive – even yourself – and do not condemn. More is not required.

Your consciousness is now widening with every portal. Go into your heart and there connect to your guides and Higher Selves. They know you like no one else and give you in love the answer to all your questions. They know exactly what you can improve or where you must learn still. They are just waiting for you that your connect with them.

Meditate and then go into your heart center. There you can find access to everything you have to know or want to know. It is all in your Self, my Beloved. We’ve told you so many times, but I repeat it for you with pleasure. Find access to your Self in your sacred heart, and you’ve found the key to a true knowledge library. It’s all there. Your Higher Self is that library. Having once made contact to it, nobody can deprive you of this knowledge anymore, only yourselves are able to do this.

You have an enormous potential without knowing it. You are creator gods in the making. Use your possibilities, but use them wisely as to to the benefit of you and of all. You manifest now much faster than in the past, therefore, pay attention to your thoughts, words and feelings, so you only manifest what is of real value to you. And not only you, but also of a positive value for your fellow man and your surroundings.
Listen to the gentle inner voice and your intuition. These are the voices of your spiritual guide and your Higher Self. We love to help you with advice and action, where necessary. You must call us only, and listen when we answer you. We speak to you telepathically, but also by the music that you hear, or just a book that you read. We send small signs by a feather that you find in front of you or a picture that you look at. We speak to you, but you must listen to and be a little careful if you ask us something. Do not be afraid to do so. We are there for you, as advisers and aides.

I am your humble servant in this sense, your healer and Archangel Raphael. I love you all. More than you know.

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