What you need to know before asking a reading

What you need to know before asking a reading
Here are some guidelines, this in order to clear out issues that might arise.Since there seem to be a lot issues arising everywhere and to everyone at the moment.
If someone walks along you in the street and says to you ‘nice weather’ and you walk on, just to find that it starts to rain; does this means,

 a) That person is crazy because it just started to rain?
b) The sun was shinning, and then the weather changed
 c) Each person likes another weather pattern? 
 d)  That person was having such a good day that it didn’t matter what kind of weather it was?

Must I go on?
One can not know, unless you are that person.  And can you be that person? Even for a moment? 
The moment you ask for a reading, it takes an innocent soul to allow that kind of energy to pass through.  Truly innocent and with a good intent of the heart, and you know why? 

Well in the first place; the person, who asks for the reading, isn’t capable at the moment, to do it for her or himself.  So one can work on that, or find it out the hard way, or you can ask for it, by someone who can put aside those things you where not able 
to do in the first place.

So, maybe, If you are about to ask for a reading, bear this in mind.
 There’s a refesh-button in the reading itself.
It’s the information that has being given to you.  It puts something in motion, more specific; it puts you in motion again. 
 This is also the same with channeling a public message, at least for me.  And this is how I intend to work and am working.
Love, Méline ♥



  2. Seeing that we r in this - Now - and Living One Vibrational Energy,& learning in the know-ing-ness,yes the joy&love continuely.Helps me each moment,& yes we -us-humanity-r-grateful &we thank all of our Galactic Brothers & Sisters as well as those here 4 there help in this Oneness in Love & Joy.Peace/Love

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    1. hi sweet friend, here is the link where you can find guidelines to request a reading of you wish so.. http://awakeningtohigherlove.com/personal-readings/

      Much love to you, Méline

  4. Having gone through many feelings since I felt "Godsmacked" around July 29th 2013, I find my Mind ready to go forward; but a feeling of apprehension comes over me to slow down. Maybe a reading can help me; if you feel for it and would be so kind. Thank you either way. Tom S. (taumos33@gmail.com)

    1. off course, with much pleasure! here you can find the link with the guidelines to request a reading: http://awakeningtohigherlove.com/personal-readings/

      much love to you!

    2. Meline, the link doesn't work.

    3. Here is the new one sweet Charlotte: http://www.melinelafont.com/#!readings/cl02

  5. Meline thank you for doing a reading for me a while back. Forgive me for not showing my gratitude!

    Much Love Lance Pitts