Sunday, September 30, 2012

The entire Dragon Realm looks lovingly to you – Lady Ifegena through EnnKa September 29, 2012

My beloved people of Earth, I want to talk to you again today. Last time I told you that I have laid a golden egg, and that it is female. The Mother Goddess has chosen a beautiful name for my daughter. She will be called Epirose, that is Sirian meaning Divinity. My daughter is thriving, but needs a little more time to hatch, it will be late in the year when humanity ascends. Epirose will be the guardian of the new human society. This is Prime Creator’s will for you, as in earlier times, a certain dragon was selected as the guardian of your planet and humanity. It is a great honor for me that my daughter was assigned to that.

We have increased the amount of energy that we send to Earth once again. You make such great progress in your development, so that our energies can not hurt you. Your bodies continue to transform and can accommodate more and more energies than ever before. We are watching this very closely and adjust our energies at the time. We love you so much my loved ones and it gives us so much pleasure to see, as your light is getting stronger. Your consciousness is evolving and love is the dominant power on your beautiful planet.

Even small steps lead to the goal – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn – September 28, 2012

It is long ago since I could send out a message to this channel that I love so much it’s indescribable. She is very very close to me. Our hearts beat in the same rhythm, the same melody. My beloved human Twin Flame smiles as she hears this and asks me in all seriousness, if it has to be that I reveal this, who she is to me. Yes, because the time for her to be hidden is ending. It will not be long now and I can finally reunite with her.

The reunion of the Twin Flames of the Archangels and Ascended Masters is an important part in the divine plan for the future of humanity and Gaia. We’ve been waiting so long for this moment, that has experienced so often delays because the dark side seeks to prevent this with all its remaining strength. With our reunion enormous energies are released, which are needed for the construction of the new world, the new human society. These energies shall help to manifest the new Earth, Terra Nova. Moreover, the vibrations on Earth will be raised again strongly, this will remove the remaining negative energies from Earth. As you can see one thing leads to another, as in your domino game. You throw the first stone and this sets off a chain reaction.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Magatha from Agartha ~~The 5D vibration in which you now abide, will now actually transfer~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 29/09/2012

Greetings, beloved Brethren of Earth. I Am Magatha, of the Agarthan civilization and I thank you for this opportunity to step forward. I bring  great tidings to all of you, dwelling on this beloved Gaia, a planet we share together with you, the surface world population.

What might not seem transparant for you is gradually taking its rightful place. The changes and innovations have almost been locked into their actual places in order from them to get fully activated into your reality. Afore-mentioned places pertain to specific worldwide places spread over the entire globe, namely on the crust of our beloved Gaia and in specific energy points. The first and striking changes will come to pass in those areas where the climax is the biggest as it is in those areas where the involved energies are the strongest leading to fundamental changes. No one country will be skipped over ; all countries will be divided in those specific areas where it will all emerge.

These energetic areas are divided by the well known energetic leylines on Gaia’s crust ; it is there that all are waiting for them to proceed to full activation. This will result in huge proportions of loosened energies which will duly be felt. But don’t worry, my friends and brethren, you are already familiar with them since the time of Atlantis and you will be able to cope with them. You have evolved this far already after having undergone intense changes these past months and still are undergoing them, that you will be fully ready in time for this. The whole process towards Ascension has taken its toll on you and took up much of your time, but that was necessary. All has to proceed peacefully, step by step, and not in a hurry. It must pass and succeed and so it will unfold by Divine Decree!

Magatha van Agartha ~~ De 5D trilling in dewelke jullie zich vertoeven, zal nu zijn werkelijkheid overbrengen ~~ Gechanneld door Méline Lafont 29/09/2012

Gegroet geliefde Aardegebroeders, ik ben Magatha van de Agartha civilisatie en bedank u voor deze kans om naar voor te komen.  Ik breng goed nieuws voor uw allen op deze geliefde GAIA, de welke wij samen delen met u, de wereldbevolking.

Wat misschien nog niet zo transparant voor jullie blijkt te zijn neemt stilaan zijn rechtmatige plaats in.  Deze veranderingen en vernieuwingen zijn bijna op hun daadwerkelijke plaatsen om zo tot volledige activatie in jullie werkelijkheid te komen.  Deze plaatsen betreffen wereldwijde plaatsen verdeelt over de ganse Aardbol, onze Geliefde GAIA haar korst en Etherische energie punten.  Daar waar de climax het grootst is zullen deze eerste en duidelijke veranderingen naar voor komen, daar de energie daar het sterkste is om tot de werkelijke transformatie te komen.  Geen enkel land zal overgeslagen worden en zijn onderverdeeld in deze verschillende plaatsen waar het allemaal zal tot stand komen.

Deze energetische plaatsen zijn verdeeld door de gekende energie lijnen op GAIA haar geliefde korst, en daar wordt nu door allen op gewacht tot deze in volledige activatie over gaan.  Dit zal enorme proporties van loskomende energie veroorzaken, dat zal zeker en vast voelbaar zijn.  Maar heb geen nood, vrienden en gebroeders, jullie kennen deze al van de tijden van Atlantis en zullen deze zeker aankunnen.  Jullie zijn al tot zover gekomen na maandenlange hevige veranderingen te hebben ondergaan, en nog steeds te ondergaan hebben, dat jullie op tijd volledig klaar zullen zijn hiervoor.  Het hele proces naar Ascentie toe heeft zijn tijd en beslag op jullie gelegd, maar dit is ook nodig.  Stap voor stap dient alles te gaan en niet overhaast.  Dit moet lukken en slagen en dit zal ook zo zijn; Goddelijk Decreet!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Love does not want to be incarcerated or be imprisoned in a golden cage – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn, September 27, 2012

My beloved children, I know that my last message is causing some issues and troubles, but we are very similar to you in many ways. We are like you created by Prime Creator as his own image and therefore we also have sexual feelings and energies. Only they are shared and experienced in a purer and more loving way in our dimensions.

With us never would another Being be forced to have sex or despised and persecuted because of his preferences. We love unconditionally with all the variations and preferences. Nothing is considered improper or prohibited. This distinguishes our sex from your sex in the 3rd Dimension. As we all share our love freely with everyone, there is no jealousy. It does not matter simply, if we have sex with our Twin Flame or other Beings. No one would make his partner allegations because of it or to separate from him/her. Nor is it a breach of trust, because we do not swear eternal fidelity. We love it. We are not the property of our partner, but an equal and free, and yet connected so beautifully with our Twin Flame. We are One, One soul and One energetic heart, with which we can feel how our Twin Flame is, what she/he feels and vice versa.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

SaLuSa on the Starseed Family Reunion – 26 Sep. 2012

Dear friends, we are so glad to watch your daily growth. Your light is bringing much joy to our hearts. The universe is rejoicing at the thought of your upcoming Ascension. Many of you have many concerns, doubts and questions about Ascension. Dear ones, many of you have undergone this process before, and others have been fully briefed on this major event during your life planning. Deep within yourself lies all the knowledge that you need about this event. We wish to remind you that this will be a most joyous event.
At the present time your inner cleansing process is still taking place. This is an on-going process and we trust that the final result will please you greatly. We send you our continuous love and support. Many of you come visit us during your sleep, and others are also coming on board while you are awake, some even come on board consciously while awake, alone or with others as groups. This is a process of the higher dimensions of course. We hope that soon we will welcome you on board our more material crafts, this will be possible for all to do, as soon as we will be allowed decloaking and when trusting relationships between our species will be the norm.
I recieved this today from a very sweet Soul, whom is a reader of this Blog, as an appreciation for my work.. I wanted to share this with you all, since I AM thankful for all of you and your kind words, Love and Gratitude!!! Love you all, each and One of you for we are, like Shanti says, all ONE ♥♥
Thank you Shanti! ♥

May the Light of my Cosmic Being
fills your heart with  Eternal Love

and Gratitude!!!

From the heart.. WE ARE ALL ONE!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Infinite Horizon of Potential

Written by Wes Annac
A coordinated yet Divine burst of freedom is making itself known within me. I am feeling at this moment, that nothing is impossible. We have come to this world on a specific and ordained mission and we can and will achieve this mission. While I am beginning to feel and realize this, around me and within much of the Lightworker community I see much external focus.
And I have fed this external focus through my own actions and continual habit patterns that I am now working to transmute within myself, with all of the higher dimensional might I have been gifted from the wonderful realms we are all returning to.
I am feeling so free, so uninhibited, so infinite.

I have played into external focuses all of my Life and I’m beginning to realize how much it has actually been holding me back. While some within the Lightworker community have been focusing externally on which channel to follow and trust or which truthseeker to ‘line up behind’ I am realizing that the best way [and the only true way] we will find ascension is by turning within and, rather than relying solely on any outside source – beginning to rely on and fashion a continual and lasting relationship with the Divine center; with your higher self; with the very essence of YOU.

Lady Portia ~~ You are swinging between 2 realities ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont, 26/09/2012

Greetings, my beloved hearts. I like to dwell in your NOW energy to bring this enlightened message, full of Love, forward to all of you. Let me begin by stating that you are delivering quite astonishing performances ; I like to keep on saying this and I feel how your Love rises ever higher, far above the level of what is needed on the average! We are there, we have made it, we have reached the limit and even outstripped it. I express my gratitude for this ; your enlightenment has shaped your new world and I can honestly relay to you that this shape really is a beautiful form made out of purity itself. Just a little while longer before this new world will be presented to you.

My dearest hearts, you only have the last sprint in front of you, leading up to the finishing line, the biggest one ever. Admittedly, this last sprint can require lots of energy and perseverance, that’s why it is of the utmost importance to give you and your physical vessel more rest than usual. Your physical vessel has undergone many transformations lately and it now contains more and more Light and Love. Adapting to those higher frequencies of Light and Love goes more smoothly now and becomes increasingly tolerable for you as you are really getting used to those adjustments. 

The difficulty you are experiencing now lies in the fact that your physical bodies have reached such a degree of enlightenment that the current vibrations in which you dwell are so low in comparison, that your enlightened vessel can no longer function properly at a certain point. It distances itself increasingly from these lower vibrations to reach the state of perfection, as a forming lightbody.

Lady Portia~~Jullie schommelen nu tussen de 2 realiteiten ~~ 26/09/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Gegroet mijn geliefde harten van me.  Ik bevind mijzelf graag onder jullie energie in het NU om deze verlichtende boodschap vol Liefde naar jullie toe te brengen.  Laat mij beginnen met te zeggen dat jullie ongeloofelijke prestaties neerzetten, ik blijf dit graag zeggen en ik voel jullie Liefde meer en meer stijgen boven het gemiddelde dat nodig is!  We zijn er , we hebben het gehaald, die grens, en zelfs ver daarboven..  Dank je voor dit, jullie verlichting heeft echt zijn werk op jullie nieuwe wereld en ik kan u allen zeggen dat ze werkelijk van een prachtige gedaante beschikt die uit puurheid zelf geschapen is.  Nog heel eventjes en deze nieuwe wereld wordt jullie gepresenteerd.

Mijn allerliefste harten, wat jullie nu te wachten staat is de laatste sprint naar de finish, en deze betreft de allergrootste ooit.  Deze sprint kan veel energie vragen en doorzettingsvermogen, daarom is het nogmaals ontzettend belangrijk om veel rust te geven aan uzelf en uw fysieke omhulsel.  Het ondergaat enorme veranderingen en bevat meer en meer Licht en Liefde.  Het aanpassen aan deze Licht en Liefdesenergie loopt nu stilletjes aan gemoedelijker en wordt meer verdraagzamer voor jullie, daar jullie deze aanpassingen al meer gewoon zijn.  

Wat het nu zo ontzettend moeilijk maakt is dat jullie fysieke lichamen ondertussen al zo verlicht zijn, dat de huidige trillingen waarin jullie jezelf nog steeds vertoeven, zo laag van aard zijn dat het verlichte lichaam hier niet meer kan functioneren op een bepaald punt. Het groeit uit deze trilling en reikt meer naar zijn staat van perfectie, alszijnde een vormend lichtlichaam.

Yes, we are here and you know it – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn, September 24, 2012

Today I will start with a brief update. The Forces of Light are still successful. More and more light and energy are directed to the earth and anchored there through you. Unfortunately, the dark side is still active in its last effort to keep the reins of power. In recent weeks there have been strong disturbing attempts from the astral plane to a large number of light workers. They try to sabotage in last  despair  your important work. We have joined forces now to stop these attacks completely.

On the other side your light has again become stronger and the general vibrations on Earth are rising steadily. Stand firm against all attempts by disinformations or attacks to disrupt the light. They will NOT be successful.
Your video to Disclosure, which is distributed at this time through your networks does excellent work and prepares the people of your planet to the upcoming revelations. Yes, we are here and you know it. Soon it will be even more obvious to you. By the delays we have lost valuable time, but it will not prevent your Ascension. We stand in the wings, so to speak, and are only waiting for the signal that gives us the final approval of our plans for you and with you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. ~ The Beauty Of The ‘Now Moment.’ ~ By, Bella Capozzi. September 25, 2012.

❤ What beauty can you find in the now moment?  This exact moment.  Look around you, all around you, and behold the plethora of blessings in your life.  Think on it, we ask you.  What do you wish to do, to learn, to create right now?  Consider the vast range of possibilities available at any given time, should you cease procrastinating and simply seize the day.  What exactly is it you are waiting for?  Is it a dramatic external change, or a specific date and time which you feel shall mark your “ascension”; and only then do you believe that you shall begin to fully live?  Beloveds, we wish for you to understand the truth of the matter, and that is that true ascension begins from within.  It begins with acknowledgement and clear intention, and a full-fledged, heartfelt commitment both to yourself and to Gaia-and for that matter, to all of Humankind.  You must commit to living from the heart and to being in service.  You must live your life graciously and set a shining example to all whom you encounter.  None of these are things are meant to be reserved for “later.”  Live in The Light, be of The Light, share of The Light now.  Today.  Let not another second pass spent in waiting.  Dear Lightbearers, the Creator’s blessings abound, have you but eyes to see them.  See them and feel them, do, then be exultant.  Every moment spent breathing is a priceless gift.  Every aspect of your current reality an experience chosen by you, with great consideration and care.  You have a saying; “Count your blessings.”  We say, they are much too great in number to count.  Those chosen experiences and aspects are your blessings, and they cry out for recognition. They wish to be appreciated and to be loved for what they are, and for the valuable lessons they have provided.  Every breath is a blessing.  All is love.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council:

Hello, dearly beloveds, we come before you today with more help in embracing your ascension process. We are your guides, and the work is up to you.

We wish to speak to you today of the increments you are indeed achieving in the raising of your frequencies moment by moment. There are many things that enhance it and there are many things that can deter from it.
Consider now what your focus is in the moment, dear Ones. Where does your focus lie right now? Is it what you would label as a loved-based thought? Is it clouded by concerns for survival or residue from still lingering fears and limiting beliefs of your true essence?

You are not your experiences. You are not your fears. You are not what the media tries to indoctrinate you with as the norm. You are so much more than that, dear Ones. 
Be that pulse of energy you feel within, what you feel building within you as you pay more attention to your heart’s thoughts and your heart’s desires.

Of course we have a Soul and a Twin Flame – Archangel Gabrielle through Isabel Henn, September 23, 2012

My Beloved, it is the first time today that I speak through this channel, even though she already knows me for a while, at least in this incarnation. In truth, she knows me since the birth of her soul. She is my true incarnation on your beautiful planet, and was it in all of her previous lives on Sirius. I am her Higher Self, and we love to chat. So far there was no need to speak through her, but this is now changing. I would like to clarify a few things.

You know me all as Archangel Gabriel. This is true so far. What little was known previously, is the fact that I prefer as an androgynous being the feminine form. My beloved brother Michael has one time or another told you that I’m his sister Gabrielle. Yes, we Archangels too prefer either the female or the male form. We can accept as  twelve-dimensional Beings any form we desire, whether as a burning bush or an eagle or even the human form. I have done this several times. And as Angel of the Annunciation I love to appear as a woman. The Mother of Jesus could confirm you that.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Melchizedek ~~ The telepathic innovations of yourself are signing up on Galactic Plane ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

Beloved souls, I greet you all heartily from this NOW moment. The time has come again for me to step forward, which I lovingly like to do in honor of all of you. Let me greet and embrace you in my most wondrous Light of warmth and Love, of purity and essence. I love you all so dearly!

Let’s start from the beginning today, from your point of Evolution/Ascension from where you now depart to the next and big leap towards the bigger Ascension. What you have accomplished up until now is that you have duly reached a high level of enlightenment, my beloved Ones. Never underestimate yourselves and be proud that you have already achieved this point which in itself is a most precious milestone. Long has been waited for this level of achievement, long has been laboured to reach it, closely working together with many of us and with many Galactic civilizations.

As to your incarnations in these times, we can honestly say that they are representative of the totality of the Galaxy as each of you could be descendants of a constellation around your solar system or of one far beyond that. Assistance and enlightenment are therefore guaranteed and we, being the Ascended Masters, offer our help in myriads of ways by also incarnating into this Realm.

Melchizedek ~~ De telepatische vernieuwingen van uzelf melden zich aan op Galactisch vlak ~~ 23/09/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Geliefde zielen, ik groet u allen van Harte in het NU.  Mijn tijd om weer naar voren te treden is nu aan de orde en ik doe dit steeds graag en met veel Liefde naar jullie allen toe.  Laat mij u begroeten en omarmen in mijn meest wondervolle Licht van warmte en Liefde, van puurheid en essentie.  Ik hou van u allen van Harte!

Laat ons beginnen bij het begin vandaag, en dat is jullie punt van Ascentie van waaruit nu vertrokken wordt voor een volgende en grote stap naar deze grote Ascentie toe.  Wat jullie tot nu toe hebben bereikt is een niveau van hoge graad van verlichting, mijn geliefden.  Onderschat jullie zelven niet en wees trots voor jullie het al tot dit punt gebracht hebben, wat toch wel een onschatbare mijlpaal is die jullie bereikt hebben.  Tot op deze graad is lang gewacht en naartoe gewerkt, samen met velen van ons en de Galactische civilisaties.  

Wat jullie incarnaties betreft in dezer tijd zijn zo van aard dat jullie de ganse Galaxie representeren, daar elk van jullie afkomstig zouden kunnen zijn van een constellatie rondom jullie zonnestelsel en ver daarbuiten.  Zo wordt assistentie en verlichting een gegarandeerd iets en van ons uit als Geascendeerde meesters, wordt er ook hulp geboden in alle mogelijke manieren door zelf ook incarnaties aan te gaan.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Konstantinos: A message from the Collective Consciousness of the Plant Kingdom of the Cosmos

[Hello friends. Today, I felt very strongly the nudges of something that is part of the Nature. A little later, I realized that this feeling was coming from the plants and trees and instantly, lots of pictures with plants not only from this planet but from what seemed to be other worlds too, appeared in my 3rd eye with a series of thoughts, not words, that made me feel an indescribably deep connection and Love...the less I can say. Later, I received the following message.]

We are the Collective Consciousness of the Plant Kingdom of the Cosmos.
Everything are connected through the Universal Grids of Love.
Consequently, by seeing or by standing only in front of a ‘lone’ flower which is in a flowerpot of a balcony, you can, if you are sensitive, to feel the Wisdom and Love that exists in the Plant Kingdom, not only of your planet, but of every other place of the Creation. This includes dimensions too.
But even if you connect only with the Plant Kingdom of Earth, the rest of its parallel and Infinite aspects, connect automatically with it, because they are contained in each other always.
The plants, the trees, the fauna and flora have not forgotten  their Divine origin and that is so, because it is about souls who incarnate for a different, to that of the humans’, purpose…to serve, to give and offer, to teach, to guide…

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello Dear Ones. I am Sananda, here to give you a message of Love and encouragement on your next leg of the journey toward enlightenment.
Much has transpired, much is in the ethers and a new day is dawning for Humanity.
You are all so precious and capable. You are bringing the energies forth with such power and creation. You are to be commended. New Earth is at your fingertips.
I don’t have to tell you that it has not been an easy road. But what road that leads to such treasures ever is?

You are magnificent creatures already. What awaits you just around the corner will reveal so much more of what you are that you will be astounded.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saint Germain ~~ Let the Galactic collaboration begin ~~ 20/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont


Greetings, dear ones, friends of mine. Time is closing in, implying that we, the Ascended Masters, the Higher Lightbeings and the Galactic representations of the Universe, are all approaching you ever closer. I like to consider you all my friends as in all honesty, you really are. In fact you have always been close to my heart. No one is lesser or better than the other; after all, we are all one and so, by definition, we are all equal!

As the timelines are each approaching one another to converge at a certain point in time, so too do we come closer and closer as a Galactic Unit. We too will converge in 1 whole, 1 big family, 1 great solar system revolving around the huge center of the cosmos, from where we all originated. Let’s all join hands NOW and actually establish a close cooperation. What would you think of that, my beloved friends? Would you close your heart in fear or would your heart jump for joy at the mere prospect of it? The latter option has now emerged strongly, taking on the form of intentions in your hearts and minds. Well done, my friends, as these intentions are stimulating, even facilitating the energy needed for establishing this kind of cooperation in the first place.

Saint Germain ~~ Laat de Galactische samenwerking beginnen ~~ 20/09/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Gegroet geliefden en vrienden van me.  De tijden komen dichter bij elkaar en zo zijn wij de Geascendeerde Meesters en al de Hogere Lichtwezens en Galactische vertegenwoordigers van het Heelal ook steeds dichterbij aan het komen tot uw allen.  Ik noem jullie allen graag mijn vrienden voor jullie zijn dit ook en zijn mij steeds erg nauw aan het Hart gebleven.  Niemand is minder en niemand is meer, we zijn tenslotte allemaal 1 dus ook gelijk!

Zoals de tijdlijnen nu steevast dichterbij komen, tot ze op een bepaald punt zelfs samen komen, zo komen wij als Galactische eenheid ook dichterbij en samen tot 1 geheel.  1 grote familie, 1 groot zonnestelsel draaiend rondom het grote centrum van de kosmos waar we allen vanuit verder gekomen zijn.  Laat ons nu samen de handen in elkaar slagen en de eigenlijke samenwerking NU tot stand brengen.. Wat zouden jullie daar van vinden, geliefden vrienden?  Zouden jullie harten hiervoor afsluiten in angst of zouden deze harten springen van Liefde?  Deze laatste is nu sterk naar voor getreden en worden steevast als jullie intenties geplaatst in jullie harten en geest.  Bravo, voor deze intentie; deze bevordert de energie om de eigenlijke samenwerking tot stand te kunnen brengen.

Nu Kobalan: all is well

by Jared.

September 11, 2012
Nu Kobalan

(I asked what to expect of changes or shifts, are things going to change... ever?)

It's been a while since we had contact. You were doing well, you were in the flow, and we don't interfere. We welcome the contact that you are trying to make with your Higher Self, but in fact that contact has always been there. My dear, do not be so critical, follow your heart, follow your dreams, it is you that  calls new possibilities into life. You wonder whether it is going to happen or if everything stays the same. It is the last straw (that breaks the camel's back).

Be sure you didn't just land here by accident. Tell me, did your life ever get stuck for good, did anything ever in your life stay the same? Then you also know that in this Universe staying the same is NOT an option. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Message relay from Sananda and SaLuSa to Laura and her Higher Self- The Ocean Within -18 September

Hello everybody.
I had a quick contact with my Higher Self, and guides today, which include Sananda and SaLuSa.
First off I am told that the earth instability still persists, as is frequent in times of great turmoil. Human hearts are in doubt, fear and also in “hate” mode. This has of course been orchestrated by the continuous effort by the cabal. Their propaganda machine is a very powerful tool. The power of disinformation and misinformation is going in full swing as we speak. Many are those who have a great lack of grounding, a great lack of love, who find themselves with aching nerves and emotions. Much instability has been created of late. It will take work on a higher level in order to stabilize emotions and bring a better genuine communication between religious factions.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Archangel Zadkiël ~~ Time to let go of "Time" ~~ 18/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Greetings beloved ones. Once again I come forward through this scribe as I would like for her to give out my channelings.  I consider her an  appropriately pure soul and that’s why I choose to come forward through her one more time, for which I am grateful.

What I want to discuss today with all of you is the great leap forward towards Ascension in which you will find yourselves very soon now. The last couple of months have flown by like they were mere days implying that the notion of time not only shortens but that time itself actually disappears into nothingness! Days turn into hours, hours become minutes until, at some point,  there is no more time and so time, as you know it, disappears. You will experience this fact on a physical level most intensely. This quantum leap in time is, in a very powerful way, subject to the coming changes which will increasingly take place on your beloved Gaia. A lot has already been taken in, in our ascertainments in the Higher Realms meaning that a lot of changes have already transpired a fact that is not, in a high degree, as obvious for you as it is for us. It is just a matter of a little more “time” before it will all become quite obvious for you too.

Aartsengel Zadkiël ~~ Tijd om de tijd los te laten ~~ 18/09/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Gegroet geliefden, alweer kom ik naar voren door deze ziel daar ik haar graag wens te zien channelen voor mij.  Ik vind haar een gepaste pure ziel en daarom kies ik ervoor om weer via haar naar voren te komen.  Waarvoor mijn dank.

Waar ik het vandaag met uw allen wil over hebben is de grote sprong naar Ascentie toe waar jullie jezelf nu in gaan bevinden en dit zeer gauw.  De laatste maanden vliegen door alsof het een paar dagen zijn en dat wil zeggen dat niet enkel de tijd verkort maa dat de tijd daadwerkelijk verdwijnt tot het niets!  Dagen worden uren, uren worden minuten tot er op een bepaald punt geen tijd meer over is en deze verdwijnt.  Jullie zullen dit nu in levende lijven ondervinden op een zeer krachtige manier.  Deze quantumsprong in tijd is zeer sterk onderhevig aan de komende veranderingen die nog meer gaan plaatsvinden op jullie geliefde Gaia.  Veel is al opgenomen in onze vaststellingen in de hogere wereld, waar ik mee wil bedoelen dat er veel veranderingen al hebben plaatsgevonden; enkel is dit niet in een grote graad duidelijk voor jullie allen als het is voor ons.  Het is een kwestie van korte duur vooraleer deze wel meer tot verduidelijking zullen komen.

Monday, September 17, 2012

EARTH ANGELS. ~ Faith, Awareness And Unconditional Love. ~ By, Bella Capozzi. September 17, 2012.

Good day, Dear Ones.  And such a lovely day it is.  Before you we stand in heartfelt anticipation of the journey upon which you shall be lead.  Join and be one with us as,  effortlessly, we lift you up.   High above the fear and confusion soon to overtake those who’s faith lie fallow, you soar unbound and free.  You are in this world, yes, but scarcely are you of it.  Remember this one simple thing, and the madness shall not touch you.  Be unwavering in your dedication to all things loving and Godly.  Your hearts brim with compassion, and you oft fear for those whom you love-the ones you fear have chose unwisely.  You worry that they shall be left behind.  Please be aware that none shall ever be forsaken, though their journey  may well be of a longer duration.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I know my Galactic Family is HERE! Do you?

This video has been produced and released by InLIght Radio for you to share with all your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues - and the world - to let them know that our Galactic family is here.

For too long, our governments, military leaders, religious leaders and the mainstream media have hidden the truth of our galactic history and the real presence of our star brothers and sisters from us. Not any more! Our Galactic family is here - and has been since the beginning of time, and they come in peace, love and friendship to help us fix our planet and create the world we all deserve - a world of peace, pristine environments, equality on every level (racial, financial, sexual) and, importantly, love.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

15 settembre 2012 - I Delfini - Il nuovo modo di comunicare è la telepatia - Canalizzato da Méline Lafont

Translation by Valentina Vazzaz

Vi salutiamo, amati. Ancora una volta siamo arrivati al punto in cui uniamo la nostra energia collettiva per condividere questo messaggio con voi.
La collaborazione è fondamentale, ora; gli oceani sono stati purificati ad un livello molto elevato e le conseguenze di questa pulizia si stanno manifestando. Questo è il nostro compito che esprimiamo con il nostro Amore più grande perché gli oceani e Madre Terra sono molto cari ai nostri cuori. Essi meritano pienamente di tornare al loro stato originale di purezza e a tal fine contribuiamo con il nostro intervento. Certamente non siamo soli in questo, siamo aiutati da molti altri esseri incluse alcune specifiche anime di esseri umani. Durante il sonno accade che alcune fra le vostre anime di esseri umani ci aiutino e ogni volta è una collaborazione veramente piacevole. Ne siamo così grati!
All'umanità e in particolare a coloro che dal cuore hanno inviato Amore a noi e ai nostri oceani, desideriamo esprimere i nostri ringraziamenti più sentiti per il supporto e l'assistenza ricevuti. Eravamo in grado di osservare e sentire realmente questo supporto; l'Amore che ci avete inviato era puro e soprendentemente bello. Fate molto di più di quello che riuscite a riconoscere da soli e questo è vero anche riguardo ai vostri Sé.

The dolphin Collective ~~ The new way of communication is telepathy ~~ 15/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Hello, my lovely ones. Once more we have arrived at a point in time where we bring our collective energy together to share this message with all of you.

Cooperation is of the utmost importance now; the oceans are being purified to a very high degree and much transpires as to the effects of this clean-up. This is our task and our greatest Love that we implement now, as our oceans and Mother Earth are so very dear to our hearts. They fully deserve to once again be rendered into their original purified state and to that end we gladly contribute our big mite. Of course, we are not alone in this and we are supported by many others, including some  specific human souls. During your sleeping hours we may expect this support from specific human souls amongst you and each time it has been a truly pleasant cooperation. We are so grateful for this!

To humanity, and more specifically to those who from their hearts have sent Love to us and to the oceans, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks for the support and assistance that we have received. We were in a position to really sense and observe this; the Love you’ve sent was so astonishingly beautiful and pure of heart. You do so much more than you give yourself credit for and that applies to your Selves as well.

Dolfijn Collectief ~~ telepathie, de nieuwe communicatie ~~ 15/09/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Hallo mijn geliefden, weer zijn wij tot een punt gekomen om onze collectieve energie samen te brengen om u deze boodschap te delen. 

Samenwerking is nu van groots belang, de oceanen worden gezuiverd in hoge graden en veel ervan komt stilletjes aan tot uitwerking.  Dit is onze taak en onze grootste Liefde die we nu tot uitvoering brengen, voor onze oceanen en moeder Aarde liggen ons zeer nauw aan het hart.  Zij verdienen het ten volste om terug in hun gezuiverde staat te kunnen zijn en daartoe dragen wij nu onze zware steentjes bij.  Wij zijn niet alleen uiteraard en worden ondersteund door talloze anderen, waaronder een aantal van jullie specifieke zielen behoren.  Tijdens de slaapmomenten mogen wij steeds deze ondersteuning van deze bepaalde zielen onder jullie verwachten en dit is telkens een zeer aangename samenwerking geweest.  Wij danken dezen van Harte!

Ook jullie mensheid en vooral allen die de voorbije weken Liefde hebben gezonden naar ons en de oceanen, willen wij benadrukken en van Harte bedanken voor jullie ondersteuning en assistentie hierin.  Wij hebben deze zeker en vast mogen voelen alsook aanschouwen; jullie Liefde was verblindend mooi en puur van hart.  Jullie doen zoveel meer dan je zou denken en dat geldt ook voor uzelven.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Crystal Dolphin Pod. “Rest And Relax. Live As We Live.” By Bella Capozzi. September 13, 2012.

♥ Hello again, Sweet Cousins.  We feel such joy and elation to once again be able to share with you, and on this day we wish to hold discourse on the topics of rest and relaxation.   Oh, but yes, we sense your immediate reactions to those two words and how clearly do we hear your incredulous gasps.  “Rest and relax“, you ask?  “However might I do that whilst I have so very many important commitments?  Others depend on me for their very survival, thus I cannot leave them unattended.   I must study, I must conduct my meditations and my clearing, I must keep house, I must work hard to keep myself afloat-oh, Dear Dolphin Brethren, the list I keep is many pages long!  Your lives are quite enviable, but I cannot live as you do.

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:
Greetings, fellow Lightworkers. I come before you today with the Company of Heaven to rejoice in your commendable progress.
Throughout your World there has been much awakening, an opening of proportions not seen before. You may be feeling a lull of energy right now, but behold that with this is stirring much that is unseen.

My dear friends, what is your desire for your World? Make that forefront in your minds and hearts right now. With the energies now present you may mold anything you like. Do not let any boundaries of prior thought patterns hold you back. You are leaving that behind with all the releasing of old energies of duality that you all have been so immersed in of late. 
Behold the Lightness of your Being. Behold the Joy within your hearts. Hold on to that and do not identify with the energies that are releasing, which are immense and can sometimes trick you into believing that this is still your reality. But, alas, it is not.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lady Portia ~~ The possibility of the "impossible" ~~ 13/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

My precious Hearts. I greet you lovingly from the bottom of my heart. What we are witnessing now on your world is truly wonderful! That what you cannot see, that what is really unfolding is unimaginable. Countless souls are converting to the Light ; countless souls return to their original Light. And this is so breathtakingly beautiful to behold, my dear Hearts.That conversion and the rebirth into the Light suit you well. I am truly amazed by the gradation of the Light that you have been able to allow into your hearts and, up until now,  this really is a lot. It appears that you have found the appropriate norm in this and more Light is now arriving in your world. This makes my heart jump for joy and this applies to you also.

What’s even more joyful is that your Ascension process has now duly started. Don’t you feel your heart beating faster and faster out of pure joy and gladness? Your hearts are now receiving the greatest amount of Love energies originating from our Higher Realm and from the central sun Alcyone. It all happens now in your hearts and through your hearts as your hearts are the center of Ascension itself : so don’t look for Ascension outside yourself. My beloved Hearts, you heard me well : Ascension is an inner process and that’s where it is to be found. Not outside yourself, not somewhere else. The saying “The grass is always greener on the other side” does not apply here. Quite the contrary as you can only find it in yourself. You have chosen the best experience and the best living conditions for yourself in this incarnation. It all wells up from your inner source of creation, a source that creates your living conditions. In fact, it may even be said that you are the greatest creator in all of this! It is you, so why would someone else create you or why would it be more beautiful elsewhere, outside yourself?

Lady Portia ~~ De mogelijkheid van het "onmogelijke" ~~ 13/09/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Geliefde Harten van me, ik groet u van Harte vol Liefde en warmte.  Wat wij nu aanschouwen op jullie wereld is werkelijk iets wonderlijks!  Wat jullie niet kunnen zien, wat er werkelijk gebeurt is onvoorstelbaar.  Talloze zielen bekeren zich tot het Licht, talloze zielen keren terug naar hun oorspronkelijke Licht; hoe mooi is dit wel niet om te aanschouwen mijn geliefde Harten.  Het siert jullie enorm die bekering en die wedergeboorte in het Licht.  Ik ben het meest verwonderlijkt door de gradatie van Licht dat jullie nu al hebben kunnen toelaten in jullie harten, wat tot nu toe zeer veel blijkt te zijn.  Het ziet ernaar uit dat jullie de goede maatstaf hebben gevonden in dit en er meer en meer Licht op de wereld aankomt.  Ik heb hier enorme vreugde van!  En jullie op zich ook.

Wat mij nog meer verheugd is jullie eigen Ascentieproces die nu gestart is.  Voelen jullie je harten niet sneller slaan van blijdschap en vreugde?  Voor het ontvangt een groot aantal Liefdes energieën van onze Hogere wereld en de centrale zon Alcyone.  Alles gebeurt nu in jullie harten en door jullie harten, het is je centrum voor Ascentie zelf, dus zoek Ascentie zeker niet buiten uzelf.  Mijn geliefde Harten, jawel jullie horen het goed; Ascentie is binnenin en zo is dit alles waar het om gaat.  Niet buiten uzelf, niet op een andere plaats.. In dit geval is het gras zeker niet groener op een ander zoals gezegd wordt, maar net het beste voor jezelf; binnen in uzelf!  Jij zelf is de beste ervaring en de beste leefwereld gekozen voor u in deze incarnatie.  Jij op zich is een bron van creatie en een bron van een leefwereld of wereld, hoe je het ook wilt noemen.  In feite mag zelfs gezegd worden dat jij zelf de grote creator bent hierin!  Het is jij, dus waarom zou een ander jou creëren of waarom zou het op een ander, buiten jezelf, beter zijn of mooier zijn?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Can you meet me halfway?

Meet me half way by the Black Eyed Peas

I always loved this song and certainly this videoclip ♥♥ Just sharing cause this is how I am finding myself  to feel towards my twin.. Aren't we all?! Much Love to you all ♥♥

Monday, September 10, 2012

Magatha from Agartha ~~ The big climax has almost been reached ~~ 10/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Greetings, brethren of Earth. I Am Magatha of Agartha and I greet you cordially. You are all most welcome! Today I wish to step forward with a message about yourselves and about your worth, your impact on the coming huge process called Ascension. Let me tell you that you all are, each and everyone of you, of the utmost importance in this process ; you are the ones who are playing a key role in this process of Ascension. This implies that there can be no Ascension without you nor without the key role that you represent, do you really understand the scope of that statement? It is so unspeakably important for you to persevere in those rather chaotic times, and to continue to be strong.  The last mile is the longest; You are nearly there.

The big climax has almost been reached ; actually it is now underway meaning that afterwards it will become more and more normal for you, something common. You will get used to the new and intensifying energies which already contain higher frequencies pertaining to the higher Lightworlds. But even that has now come to its climax. It is advisable to grant  your physical bodies plenty of rest as they need this just as they now need plenty of sunlight and lots of Love. Take good care of your physical bodies : they find themselves in stressful situations and they need the proper attention and care they so deserve after all the adjustments that had to go through for your own Self.

Magatha van Agartha ~~ De grote climax is zo goed als bereikt ~~ 10/09/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Gegroet Aardegebroeders, ik ban Magatha van Agartha en groet u van Harte.  U bent allen welkom geheten!  Vandaag wens ik naar voor te komen met een boodschap over jullie zelf en over jullie waarde in dit komende grote proces, Ascentie genaamd.  Laat mij u zeggen dat jullie allen, 1 voor 1, van groots belang zijn hierin en jullie degenen zijn die de schakel hierin spelen. Dus zonder jullie en deze schakel, dat jullie representeren, kan geen Ascentie plaats vinden, verstaan jullie dit goed?  Het is zo ontzettend belangrijk van nu door te zetten in deze nogal chaotische tijden en sterk te staan, de laatste loodjes zijn nu begonnen.  Jullie zijn er bijna. 

De grote climax is zo goed als bereikt, in feite zelfs aan de gang nu, wat wil zeggen dat het allemaal nadien wat meer als een gewoon iets voor jullie zal zijn.. als een normaal iets.  Jullie worden gewend aan de nieuwe en sterke energieën die al hogere frequenties bevatten van de hogere Lichtwereld, maar ook dat is tot zijn climax aan het komen.  Laat jullie fysieke lichamen goed rusten, ze hebben deze rust nodig, alsook zonlicht en Liefde.  Zorg nu goed voor jullie fysieke lichamen; zij staan erg onder druk en hebben de nodige aandacht en zorgen nodig die het verdient te krijgen na al deze aanpassingen voor uw eigen zelf.  

Friday, September 7, 2012

The topic we wish to discuss today is the opportunity you have at this time due to the opening of the nine-nine portal.  The build-up we promised you has begun.  You will have a full week of opportunity without precedent to realize more of the new selves you desire to be.  Each of you has been working on different aspects of your lives.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I want to thank all of you, who visit my Blog, very deeply!  I appreciate all of your comments, whom are so nice and full of Love, so respectful!  I also want to thank all of you for sharing my work and messages, my team thanks all of you with a warm embrace ♥♥  I enjoy reading your e-mails to me, which gives me the motivation to continue, as is the visits and comments too of course  :-) Thank you so much.  Due to festivities this weekend, i will not be able to post channelings of mine untill next week.  Monday 10/09/2012 there will be new channelings, for starters from Magatha of Agartha.  Thank you for your understanding ♥

I send you all much Love in these difficult times filled with shifts and Light!  We are all together in this, and we are all going through this time of changes.  I embrace you all in Light and Love! ♥♥ Méline

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Personal Message From My Twin-Flame To Me. By, Bella Capozzi. September 4, 2012.

❤  I’ve had this message for quite awhile-since the weekend of 11-11-11.  That was a truly transformational date for me.  I’m what I’ve heard called an Oversoul Walk-In, which means (in extremely basic terms) that I’ve downloaded and integrated the part of My Self that originally remained behind, and that I’ve shed most of the old consciousness of my chosen human personality.  I’ll be sharing a lot more about this soon, in a series of articles about my transition.   I’m sharing it now because it’s taken this long to finally get somewhat of a grasp on the whole concept of the Twin Flame dynamic; such as who mine actually is, the intricate maze that is my Soul Lineage  and how my relationship with my Twin factors into my daily Human life.  He is not incarnated at this time.

Just the idea that we even have Twin Flames can be a little shocking and confusing at first, and I’m still muddling through all the info about it, myself.  There are lots of different perspectives out there, so take the ones that resonate with you and let go of the ones that don’t.  However, I do plan to share with you the ups and downs of my own journey, as I go along.  It’s more fun when we can all explore together!   Twin Flames seem to one of those things that are at the top of everyone’s “I want to know about… list.”  I’m also finding that the subject has been coming up a lot lately, with clients and friends.  The message below is one I received the day after what I now know was my “ascension” on 11-11-11.   I clearly recall a decent amount of details from the experience;  how I left and came back from my ship, and the intensive healing I required while I was there.  Again…more about that in articles to come.  This personal message was given to me to let me know I’m not really alone down here, and to ease the discomfort of my transition.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SaLuSa to Me – Antarctica Pyramids by Laura

QUESTION: Good afternoon dear SaLuSa. Ana and I are very excited about the Antartica pyramids. We are wondering why has nobody found them before? Can these now be seen because of the ice melting? Will we find more amazing buildings there?
REPLY from SaLuSa: Good afternoon. I am glad for this question, because this matter illustrates what is taking place very well. It is important to notice that the photographs were leaked. They were not officially released as part of a press conference. In actual fact the research team is under strict surveillance, and everything that they discovered is top secret. There are also military people in the same area as them. All information release is being controlled by those in power.
The same thing is happening in regards to the Baltic USO. The Military comes along and take control of the area, especially when independent research is taking place; I mean when the findings are not controlled by the governments, by various scheming, and by funding these projects.

Melchizedek ~~ Your choices: where there's a will, there's a way! ~~ 04/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Where there’s a will, there”s a way. This saying is most appropriate these days! What you earnestly want to bring to manifestation will be the way to your personal Ascension process. So continue on with creating your thoughts, and certainly continue persevering in this regards. The road is being cleared more and more in such a way that only tiny hindrances remain, so do not let the ones remaining deter you or delay you from reaching your goal. These are mere distractions and dirty games which are unfair, so don’t invest your energy in them, they are not worth your while.

Focus primarily on yourself and your inner world, on your beautiful spark full of colours and love and give your world that particular personal colour. Send it out, scream it out if need be and fight against the very last illusions which are still trying to get you distracted. You are defenders and warriors of the Light; keep your light torches high and enlighten the whole world ; don’t let even the smallest particle escape from your loving and warm embrace. Indeed, you are Lightbeings, your are Uppergods, Masters, Angels, Starseed, Stars, Suns, Love, Lightenergies …. You are all incarnated with just one purpose : your Ascension! So let’s get on with the show and let’s do the things you came here to do ; join hands in cooperation as this is the way to go. We are all One, never forget that.

Melchizedek ~~ Uw keuzes : waar een wil is, is een weg! ~~ 04/09/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont.

Waar een wil is, is een weg.. Deze uitspraak is nu iets van orde!  Wat jullie hard willen doen uitkomen tot manifestatie, zal de weg zijn naar jullie persoonlijk Ascentie proces.  Dus ga door met jullie gedachten te creëren en ga zeker door met jullie volharding hierin.  De weg is zich aan het vrijmaken en betreft zo goed als geen hindernissen meer dus laat die allerlaatste kleine hindernisjes jullie absoluut niet tegenhouden en vertragen.  Het zijn afleidingen en vuile spelletjes die onfair zijn, geef het geen energie voor het verdient nog eens jullie aandacht niet.  

Focus op jezelf en je innerlijke wereld, je prachtige vonk vol kleur en Liefde en geef de wereld die kleur van jezelf.. Zend het uit, schreeuw het uit als het moet en vecht tegen de laatste illusies die de kop op willen steken.  Jullie zijn verdedigers en strijders van het Licht; hou jullie lichttoorns hoog op en verlicht de ganse wereld, laat geen enkel deeltje ontsnappen aan de liefdevolle en warme omhelzing van jullie zelf.  Voor Lichtwezens zijn jullie, OpperGoden, Meesters, Engelen, Sterrenzaad, Sterren, Zonnen, Liefde, Lichtenergieën.. allemaal geincarneerd voor 1 doel: Ascentie!  Dus laten we de show beginnen en doen waarvoor jullie gekomen zijn en sla de handen in elkaar voor samenwerking is de weg om dit te doen.  Jullie zijn allemaal 1, vergeet dit nooit!

Greetings, beloved Lightworkers. I come before you today to speak of more assistance in your ascension process.

You are all progressing very nicely in your process. The last energy surge and influx was instrumental in bringing more and more of you on-line. Now you are processing what you have received. The influx continues but you are more prepared and ready to receive than before.
You all are unique in your process but all contain the seed of Divinity that is ever growing in strength as you progress.

Take a moment now to ponder and assess your Light Body.  Are you feeling more aware of it? Are you feeling more energy surges throughout your body as we speak, a kind of pulsing and expansion that is ongoing? Excellent. Allow that, dear Ones.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Useful tool from "Ascension Handbook" Material Channeled from Serapis

Hi all, I use this tool regulary and find this very useful to help and let go.  Love Méline ♥

When you incarnated, you built several blocks and vows into your personality and energy bodies to prevent you from knowing who you really were.  At the discretion of your spirit-self, it may be time to release these blocks and vows, not only for yourself but for all your bloodline back to the dawn of history ( because this technique is so powerful, and affects every one of your ancestors, we had to obtain special dispensation from the various councils to release this information).  If it feels right for you, either alone or in a group (groupwork is far more potent than solitary work), say the following with intent:

I now rescind any and all vows that I have taken to experience the Illusion of unconsciousness.  

As ligthbearer of my genetic lineage, I break these vows for myself and all of my ancestors.

 I declare these vows null and void in this incarnation, and all of our incarnations across time and space, parallel realtities, parallel universes, alternate realities, alternate universes, all planetary systems, all Source systems and all Dimensions.   

I ask for the release of all crystals, devices, thoughtforms, emotions, matrices, veils, cellular memory, pictures of reality, genetic limitation, and death - NOW!  

Under the Law of Grace and by the Decree of Victory!  By the Decree of Victory!  By the Decree of Victory!   

As Spirit wills, I ask for Awakening.  As Spirit wills, we are awake! 

In the beginning, I AM THAT I AM! B'ray-sheet, Eh-yah esher Eh-yah.

That clears out the attic and the basement.  Now it is time to bring in new energy under your control. Time to contact Spirit!

"Ascension Handbook" Material Channeled from Serapis