Thursday, April 30, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Magnetic surge of energy

Just WOW to these times! what a turbulent, all changing and shifting movement we are in folks!  From being in such a BLISS state of pure universal LOVE within sprouting out of me to being exhausted and physically tired to going back into Bliss and so forth!  The physical bodies are assimilating so much of the current energy stream which enters our consciousness to settle within our Human experience. We are adapting to everything around and within while shifting into gears.  What is there still left that we have not experienced yet you say?!  I bet plenty of that more is to come into forms of accelerated waves which only can and will be experienced once you allow your mind to Be still and your heart to be open, and allow the energetic shifts to be experienced with honor.  Blessings to all from the Heart! Experience the experience of you ;) <3

Méline Portia Lafont

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

MASS UFO Sighting over COLORADO News Report April 2015


FUCHSIAFUSIONGreetings Everyone, before I begin this channeling I would like to add a short personal note with a much longer one after you read the channeling as I am guided to do so. What I am being told is that at this moment in time all of you who are presently in twin flame unions are about to completely release all the blockages standing in your way before the final merger.
For those of you who have been in a relationship for a while and have been trying to conceive a child and were unable to do so, this may be your year! Those of you who are in business together as partners and are in a twin flame union, this is the year for incredible success!

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A message to Lightworkers ~ April 28, 2015

This week's message of wisdom, love, and encouragement comes from the Collective for Baltimore, for Nepal, and for everywhere on our Earth in need of hope and peace:

Greetings, dear ones.

We see your struggles and your shock as you view scenes of devastation in Nepal, and again in the streets of a US city, after the funeral of a young man who was mistreated by police while in their custody, in Baltimore.

Please be aware that we of the higher realms see the struggles of your Earth and your many widely varying peoples, all of them beautiful and all of them reflecting the glory of God in all Her/His many forms.

Bob Fickes ~ Early Morning: A Gift from Mother Earth

Mother Earth is a great loving mother. She provides a safe home for all kinds of living beings: plants, animals, human beings, gods and angels. The Earth is a Temple where any being can find peace and love. In the early morning Mother Earth breathes a special Life Force or Pranic Energy just before daybreak. If you are awake an hour before daybreak, there is a gentle wind that moves across the Earth and wakes up the animals, particularly the birds, and nourishes all the plants. Yogis know to wake up at that time to practice Pranayama or special breathing exercises that will give them Life Force for the rest of the day.
Our modern life cycles are very inconsistent with the cycles of Nature so most of us never get up early enough to take advantage of this precious gift of Life Force. When the daybreaks and the sun appears, there is also a special energy in the Sunlight that stimulates every cell in our body to be rejuvenated. Taking a walk and breathing the early morning air and opening our cells to new life energy from the Sunlight is a great way to start the day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: Cup of Love ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

imagesReceived April 26, 2015
Hello Dearest Beloveds, We Are Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, coming to you this moment, together, with much Love and Gratitude. We drink from the same Cup of Love and so we know the Truth. You know the Truth — That All Are Love, All Are Divine and all are immense in their scope of delivering Love to the World.
We come together to deliver this message to show you the immense Union of Love that you hold with All, with the World, with Humanity. Do not deny this scope and this magnitude, for all are becoming aware of this magnitude with each passing Breath of Love that We All Take, with each passing Breath of Love that We All Give, with each passing Breath of Love that We All Deliver unto ourselves, to others, and to the World.

Bob Fickes ~ A Message from Sananda: A Time of Holiness and Forgiveness

There is a great gathering happening one Earth. All the Masters are here to help you. You are never alone. I AM Sananda!
I AM the Guardian of your soul and the Watcher over your life. I tell you truly, “You are not alone.” We are here each day to help guide you to the Light.
You have all been through many lifetimes on your Path to Divinity. You have met many of your classmates in the School of Divine Learning many times and then left the Path to explore other possibilities for human experience. But now is the time when you are finding each other again. Your many friends are gathering along with the Masters for Graduation Day. This day is coming faster than you think. I AM Head Master of this School. I tell you truly, “Your Graduation Day is near.”

Brenda Hoffman ~ It’s Perception Time

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for
Summary of Brenda’s April 24, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  In 3D you learned to establish a goal and to not deviate until you achieved that goal – a little box of restricted creation. In New Earth, you’re tossing aside all boxes and creating free-flow – much as you’ve done after each of your earth deaths. You, and all earth entities who choose to participate, are beginning to experience the free-flow of 4D and beyond.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog ” Are Your Dreams of 3D?”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,
You are adjusting to the almost overwhelming energies you experienced throughout March and early April. Perhaps you feel little or nothing. Perhaps it has been impossible to ignore related physical, spiritual or emotional issues. It does not matter for you processed what you needed to process.
For some, their new you role remains hazy or cloudy. For others, pieces of their role are forming a concise vision of who they are or are becoming. Even though neither sensation is better than the other, this message addresses those becoming comfortable with their role label(s).

Magenta Pixie ~ The Golden Rose (Key to Immortality)

Magenta Pixie's website:


The Golden Rose stands as one symbol, one language of light presentation to be utilised and called upon.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video arranged by Catzmagick. Media c/o freeimages, stockfootageforfree and Kevin Macleod.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Meredith Murphy ~ AA Michael ~ Using Awareness to Create More Freedom


Message from the Archangel Michael
Channeled by Meredith Murphy

Hello Beautiful Souls,
There is great enthusiasm in your non-physical family of light, for the potential for divine embodiment is expanding. It is such a great pleasure to connect in this way. To know you and to participate in this amazing experience you are creating and drawing forth into form, which is, the leading edge of life on Earth.
We in the non-physical, we the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple, we the Angelic, we the Ascended Masters, we your friends in the non-physical, we love this collaboration with you. We are focused upon the perpetual unfolding of Earth and we are invested in this in a profound and substantial way, even if we are not there with you in form, and so we wish to convey to you today, how powerful your choices are, how important your choices are, and how wonderful your freedom is.

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Los Venusianos ~ El Portal Del Amor

Gracias a Karl M. por esta foto.

Bendiciones, somos los Venusianos. Venimos en Esp
íritu a ustedes a este mundo de la Materia para asistirlos en esta danza de la radiantez y las percepciones subliminales. Estamos aquí porque los amamos a todos y porque percibimos algunos cambios en las actitudes y formas de pensamientos de la humanidad. La humanidad se está volviendo consciente de sus propias percepciones naturales y de lo que sostiene para sí misma como un espejo de la Verdad.  Por consiguiente, la humanidad se está volviendo más fuerte en sus propias creencias y lo que está inclinada a ver como su Verdad y destino.

Esta creencia y forma de percepción de la Verdad despierta una cierta conciencia espiritual en todos, en el sentido de que los humanos se han concientizado del hecho de que hay más en un ser humano de lo que la mente es conducida a creer.  Por lo tanto, todas las estructuras y formas de creencias se están derrumbando, desvaneciendo, o la humanidad se está alejando simplemente de ellas a fin de entrar al Corazón del saber.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Een Basisinkomen Voor Belgie - Documentaire

Het onvoorwaardelijk basisinkomen // Canvas Panorama Dec 2014 // Het Onvoorwaardelijk Basisinkomen (UBI) is een terugkerende, universele betaling aan iedereen - als een individueel recht, zonder vermogenstoets of enige verplichting om te werken of het uitvoeren van andere diensten in ruil en hoog genoeg om een bestaan als volwaardig lid van de maatschappij te kunnen verzekeren.

Wilt u de macht teruggrijpen van de elitaire groep die de wereld aanstuurt richting wereldheerschappij binnen een totalitaire politiestaat. Wilt dat we het anders gaan doen? Wilt u dat we schulden afschaffen, een volksbank opzetten, een eigen munteenheid creëren, bezuinigingen afschaffen en in plaats daarvan investeren, grote banken de laan uit sturen, vanaf dag 1 een nieuw financieel stelsel opzetten en iedere Nederlander een nieuwe schuldenvrije start geven? Is dat onbetaalbaar? Weet u wat onbetaalbaar is? Waar we nu in zitten! Het is een bodemloze put waar slechts een kleine groep stinkend rijk van wordt. Het is tijd voor een nieuwe verdeling en nieuwe sociale stelsels. Afschaffing van privatisering van de zorg, die alleen maar leidt tot buitensluiting. Afbreken van de overkill aan regels en wetten. Afbreken van de politiestaat. Afschaffen van de AIVD en MIVD. Afschaffen van de camera’s op elke hoek van de staat en boven de snelwegen. Afschaffen van wetten als de Wet Mulder, waar mensen voor bekeuringen in de cel belanden. Afbreken van de overkill aan jeugdzorg, wat geen zorg meer is maar kapotmaken. Afbreken van het gevangenissysteem waar veel te veel mensen voor de meest onzinnige zaken vast zitten. Een basisinkomen voor iedereen, zodat de economie al draait vanaf dag 1. Een eenvoudig en rechtvaardig belastingstelsel. Weg uit Europa, weg uit de NAVO en weg uit alle oorlogen. Terug naar zelfregulering in de maatschappij.

“En hoe gaan we dat allemaal financieren? Dat gaan we zo doen: we creëren het geld uit het niets! Net zoals de centrale banken dat nu ook doen (maar dan alleen voor eigen gewin, zijnde die van een paar rijke families). “Denk je dat dat allemaal zo simpel is en zo makkelijk gaat als je het schetst?” Ik denk dat we het leven veel te ingewikkeld hebben gemaakt en te weinig in onszelf zijn gaan geloven. Dus ja, ik denk dat het zo simpel gaat. Het volk is de leugens van de gladjanussen in Den Haag en Brussel zat!

The Next Step In Our Preparation by Patricia Cota-Robles

April 25, 2015
The Company of Heaven has revealed that in 2015 the monumental influx of Light and the powerful Celestial alignments Humanity has experienced, so far, have raised the vibratory rate of the collective energy, vibration, and consciousness of Humanity en masse. This has occurred in a way that is now providing opportunities for change and quantum leaps forward in the Light beyond anything we have ever experienced. These selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God have expressed that the magnitude of what is happening on Earth at this time has never happened in any system of Worlds. In reality, we are in the midst of a unique experiment that is truly beyond the comprehension of our finite minds. But even in the face of that profound Truth, it is imperative that we realize we knew of this possibility prior to embodiment, and we joyously came to Earth with the Divine Intent of assisting Humanity and ALL Life evolving on this sweet Earth to God Victoriously succeed in accomplishing this unprecedented facet of the Divine Plan.
Now that the incredible Light from the rare Eclipse Series in March and April has been assimilated in the Earthly Bodies of Humanity to a degree, the Company of Heaven said we have reached a frequency of vibration that will allow the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to activate within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame the dormant Flame of Illumined Truth. This Sacred Fire is a beautiful Emerald Green Flame with a Sunshine Yellow aura. This is a gift from our Father-Mother God that we were invested with prior to our descent into the physical time and space continuum of Earth.

Natalie Glasson – The Awakening Of The Diamond Swans By Lord Merlin – 25 April 2015

It is with vibrations of magic, the nature world and the expansion of the universe of the Creator, I come forth to greet you today, I am Lord Merlin. It is an honour to be in your presence and to support your journey of evolution, discovery and remembrance upon the Earth. It is in my belief that the greatest understanding which can bring forth comfort concerning your spiritual evolution in this period of ascension is that you are constantly altering, shifting and transforming. There is no longer a need for you to question yourself, asking if you are evolving enough or at a high speed, because the answer is that you are making more transformations within your being and reality now in a year which would have taken you lifetimes to master in the past. You may not notice the transformations occurring within your being, this is due to you moving in harmony and upon the wave of the divine will of the Creator. Everything is transforming which makes it challenging for you to recognise all the shifts occurring as it would require you to be 100% conscious and aware of yourself 100% of the time, even while asleep.

Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian Group ~ April 26,2015


Greetings once again dear ones, in this time of new beginnings.  We come to bring encouragement and love to the many of you who are experiencing seeming discord both within and without.  Old ideas are quickly becoming obsolete and dissolving, but the new ones are not yet fully able to manifest (personally and universally) leaving you confused.  

It may appear as if the world is functioning as usual, and yet you are finding that much of it no longer resonates with you in the ways you have come to know and expect.  This is the confusion and causes you to question yourselves.  Never doubt or  believe that you are simply making  things up, are over tired, or just plain going crazy  as change begin to take place within your awareness. Change  signifies  a  consciousness that is expanding--often away from what is familiar or known.  

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION ~ April 26 – May 3, 2015

Beloved Ones,

Many people are opening to deeper levels of love within all areas of their consciousness and this can be a difficult process for some. The needs of others can compete with your own intentions to move forwards in your life and it is important that you keep on track on your own personal journey. You need to stay connected to your higher promptings and to follow your own star. Each person on Earth is experiencing the higher influx of energies in their own way at the level of their personal awareness. It is difficult to stay on the sidelines and be a witness for those you care for as they experience the consequences of their choices. Each soul has an individual soul plan and the free will to follow it or not. Difficult as it may be to accept, each person has chosen to follow certain paths in order to gain knowledge and personal experience from them. Be available to your loved ones if and when they need you and love them without judgement. It takes great courage to experience life in the physical. Many shifts have and will continue to occur within each individual and within the movements of the Earth. The effects of these are far reaching in their impacts.

The Earth is surrounded by a golden light and this will assist in helping with the changes that have been wrought. Many areas of the world are in need of your loving compassion and energetic intent of healing and support. Send your love and healing energies to those areas that are in the throes of difficult change. The citizens of those areas are in need of love, compassion and practical support. The changes that occur in each area of the world are felt energetically around the world. The loving hearts of humanity are joined together in the heartbeat of the world they live on and it is important to stay aware and attuned to it. Take a moment often throughout each day to put a hand to your heart and feel this connection. Within each soul, the truth of the oneness with all is known, acknowledged and honoured. You are all sisters and brothers and it has always been so. Turn away from anything that would tell you otherwise.


Photo: Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Photo: Jean-Luc Bozzoli
There is a massive turning in the tides of men, as the old patriarchy is slowly starting to crumble at it seams and the beautiful balance of the Divine Feminine emerges more and more and learning reclaim and step into her Greatness and power.
She is that which the creative force of creation is.  The masculine can think up great concepts and ideas in the mind, can theorize, actualize: – it is the feminine that takes the seed of that concept, idea, and then brings that into form.  She creates that which the male has conceptualized and brings this into being with great love.  She is that which become pregnant with the masculine ideal and then nurtures its life force into Being, and brings into material form.

Bob Fickes ~ Doubts are Human, the Flow of the Heart is Divine

Doubts are like the breaks on a car. They bring everything to a screeching halt. Thinking too much and controlling too much stops our Life Force. Stop thinking and tune in. Let your heart move joyfully without controlling it with your mind. Only your heart can feel what it means to be alive. Your feelings tell you that you are alive. The mind has no feelings. It is cold and lifeless like a computer. The mind creates right and wrong and suffers under the illusion it has created. There is no right or wrong. There is only the flow of Life Force. Life Force opens the heart and we experience Love and Happiness. The mind says No, and Love and Happiness disappear.
Do you know that every time you say No, you are stopping the flow of life? There is no right way to do something. The only way that is effective is when our heart moves with energy and enthusiasm. Your mind wants to fit in with the people around you. The heart naturally moves without thinking and naturally flows with the force of the universe. This universe was not created by human logic. It just became alive by itself and for itself.

Suzanne Lie ~ Energetic Weather Report #4 - Arcturians and Galactic Family 4-25-15

The Energetic Weather Report #4
The Calm Before The Storm

Transmissions from the Arcturians and your Galactic Family

The energetic weather report for April 25, 2015 is that you, our dear volunteers, are in “the calm before the storm.” We will begin by differentiating between the third dimensional definition of storm and the multidimensional definition of storm.

Via Suzille’s dictionary, the third dimensional definition of storm is, “violent weather, heavy rain or snow, strong wind,” or more human situations such as “an outburst of angry feelings, a rush of fear of violence or to take something by storm.” All of these definitions have what you would call a “negative” quality.

In our frequency, we do not perceive a storm as a negative event, but rather as an opportunity for transformation. Whenever there is a storm, persons, places and/or things that experienced the storm become changed in some manner. Those who want everything to stay the same will be upset about this change.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A message to Lightworkers ~ on Money and Abundance

A Message to Lightworkers – April 17, 2015 – The Ascension Manual
The Collective has again asked that I share an excerpt from a new book I’ve channeled from them: The Ascension Manual.
This is the first book in a new series, to support us as we transition from third to fifth dimensional consciousness and everyday living.
Each chapter carries a special energy gift from these fifth and sixth dimensional beings, as well their wisdom and guidance on Ascension and everyday issues, such as:
  • Money and Abundance
  • Relationships
  • Food and Eating
  • Manifesting What You Desire
  • Releasing Third Dimensional Emotions
  • Other important Ascension and life issues

Ascension Manual Cover - MED

Chapter 1: On Money and Abundance
[Question] My friends, so many are struggling now with money issues. They say that it all begins with an inner situation, an inner set of feelings or beliefs about abundance or lack. 
How is it that some of the most spiritually aware people seem to struggle in this area?
[The Collective] Namaste, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you on this important subject.

Bob Fickes ~ Gaining Insight

Life is full of ups and downs. The world around us is always changing. As the world spins around us, we need to find our center deep inside. Our own Inner Consciousness is the hub of the wheel of change. When we find that silent center inside our self, the ups and downs of this world no longer shake us. We have a clear and steady vision of what is happening and can make better choices.
Sometimes our mind and our emotions get caught up in the challenges around us. When you are feeling pulled by things around you, take a break and get centered. Close your eyes and completely let go of the challenge. Relax down inside and find the Inner Silence. Once you feel centered in the Inner Silence, open your eyes and look at the challenge with a new perspective. Don’t push your self. Don’t try to figure it out. Just gently look at the challenge and wait for an insight to come up from inside of you. Any insight that comes from inside will be the best approach to solving the challenge. Any thinking or analyzing will create distraction from your receiving the insight that you need. Relax and let it happen naturally.

Master Lanto: Shine Your Radiance ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

Master LantoReceived April 22, 2015

Greetings, I AM Master Lanto, greeting you from afar, yet right next to you in your field of Light if you allow me.
I wish to speak to you about Radiance. Radiance is comprised of many things. Exalt within your own Radiance, for it is the spark that drives your Soul. It is YOU in your essential form. It is All-That-Is.
You are awash in your own Radiance when you bow to yourself and accept all that is YOU in its purest form: LOVE. Loving yourself and accepting yourself is key, as you well know. But do you live it day in and day out — Moment by Moment….In the NOW?

Sandra Walter ~ Divine Delineation and the SUNrise within

the animation of Stardust,
the Krysthl garden in bloom,
and the Divine wisdom interface.
And So Are You.
Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
As odd as it may seem to experience separation on the way to Unity consciousness, we do have a large portion of the collective experiencing heightened states of Source consciousness which are brand new. It feels remarkable and requires great inner strength. Our Higher Teams ask that all Lightservers experiencing the new perception, Christ consciousness embodiment and multidimensional merge sequences connect in this Divine mission via the higher planes of consciousness. Unify in your Mastery, beloveds. Be a pure conduit and interface for the Higher Self and Higher realms to flow and thread the Crystalline consciousness into this realm. It does take a good deal of focus.
The incoming waves of light (entering April 23 – 27, flowing into the May Daze) might make you feel floaty, blissy, spacey, disconnected – even more so than before – and we humbly ask you to let it be. Crystalline structures experience reality in a very different way from lower density; that will be apparent to many right now. Old states of consciousness dissolve completely, if you are consciously granting permission for this to occur. It is a conscious choice, moment to moment, and alignment with the New Light is ever–present due to stronger Zero Point dynamics. For those embodying the Christ, your choice has been to let the Higher Selves take over. As the Higher levels take over, the lower self disappears. Simple enough, however the experience requires light-heartedness along the way.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont - I Venusiani - Il Portale dell'Amore

Grazie a Karl M. per questa immagine.
Translation by Valentina Vazzaz 

Benedizioni a voi, siamo i Venusiani. Veniamo a voi in Spirito su questo mondo di Materia per fornire assistenza in questa  danza di radianza e percezioni subliminali. Siamo qui perché amiamo tutti voi e perché percepiamo qualche cambiamento nell'atteggiamento e nelle forme-pensiero del genere umano. Il genere umano sta diventando consapevole delle sue naturali percezioni e di ciò che considera come specchio della Verità per se stesso. Il genere umano sta diventando più forte nelle proprie credenze e in quello che è incline a vedere come propria Verità e destino.

Questa credenza e forma di percezione della Verità risvegliano un po' di consapevolezza spirituale in tutti, nel senso che gli umani diventano consapevoli che in un essere umano vi è molto di più di ciò che sono indotti a credere. Perciò, tutte le strutture e le forme di credenza stanno cadendo, svanendo o il genere se ne sta semplicemenete allontandando al fine di muovere dei passi nel Cuore del sapere.

Bob Fickes ~ Wesak Message from Kannon

I AM Kannon! I bring you Light and Love. May your Love grow more powerfully now as the moon approaches the great celebration of Wesak. This is a joyous time for all of us.
Wesak is a time of celebrating your own Enlightenment. May you be blessed. Your Enlightenment is surely coming. Even as this moon gets brighter with each day, so too is your Inner Consciousness growing with more Love and Joy.