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Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A message to Lightworkers ~ April 28, 2015

This week's message of wisdom, love, and encouragement comes from the Collective for Baltimore, for Nepal, and for everywhere on our Earth in need of hope and peace:

Greetings, dear ones.

We see your struggles and your shock as you view scenes of devastation in Nepal, and again in the streets of a US city, after the funeral of a young man who was mistreated by police while in their custody, in Baltimore.

Please be aware that we of the higher realms see the struggles of your Earth and your many widely varying peoples, all of them beautiful and all of them reflecting the glory of God in all Her/His many forms.

And we would say, that though things appear hopeless at times, that we are at every moment sending you the Love and Light that is required for a planet to pull itself above the long-held vibration of violence, even at times the worship of violence.

We are here with you, and will not abandon you in this time of growth and unprecedented beauty -- a time when you are beginning to claim your rightful place as Galactic citizens.

You are growing beyond this -- beyond the riots, beyond the anger and the oppression, beyond the lies and the fraud.
You are claiming your rightful place as citizens of the world, and beyond, and not merely citizens of one town or country or another.

We know you are doing this, however painful the process may appear at times.
We know that inwardly, on a profound and powerful level, you are also aware of this evolvement, this upward movement in terms of both what you call physical matter and inner consciousness.

And we would say, that it is best to view the ongoing disruptions and eruptions, both that of your dear Mother Earth and that of your political and justice systems, as a planet in the throes of not death, but transmutation.Inline image 1

Yes, it is so that many are leaving the planet now.
Allow them their soul choices, and their path, as you would ask them to allow you your choices and your path.

For all is sacred, and none of this happens by accident.
Bridge in Luxembourg - MED
Even when one is taken off of one’s designed journey, there is a new creation, a new form of experience that emerges on another plane.

Even if you were to leave this planet earlier than you had written into your blueprint for this life, you would still find a way to move forward in your soul experience and evolution -- and so shall they whom you grieve and worry for.

Understand that there is a greater design at work and that paradoxically, free will has been built into that design.

Though that would seem to leave all at sixes and sevens -- an undesigned mess and mayhem -- in fact, that is the beauty, power, and essence of free will.
And within that free will atmosphere, which you joyfully accepted as part of your soul journey when you first began your cycles of incarnation and reincarnation upon the Earth, there is still Divine power and Divine assurance that all is well.
All is Well, and not only for those who appear to be at peace now.

All is Well -- for those who grieve, those who angrily throw rocks at police vehicles, those who burn down buildings, who are arrested, or carried away on stretchers.

All is Well -- for those in Congress who have taken bribes, for those who plan wars, and for those who physically die in them.

And how can this be? you demand to know.
How can it be that all would be well, when these events are the essence of betrayal, of loss, of rage, of hopelessness?
The essence of a beautiful idea -- of democracy, equality, and justice -- gone bad, gone irretrievably corrupt?

And we would say, that though all appears to be lost (and we have said this before), that in fact, all is now being found.

For the lower energies and destructive systems which have ruled your planet for so long are now being routed out, dismantled, and dissolved or transmuted into a much higher order, a much higher vibrational reality.

There is much which you call “reality” which is not at all reality, but a false construction -- an illusion, a third dimensional “holodeck” as some have wisely called it.
This is not your reality -- the sadness, the rage, the loss or destruction.
That is outer appearance, and can never be the full Truth as your souls understand Truth to be.
Deep Sea Diving - MED
For though the principles surrounding Truths are many and varying -- and you are quite free to decide within yourselves what Truth is, and what principles it stands upon -- the fact of it remains.

And at the heart of that Truth, that actual reality as opposed to fabricated illusion, is the realness of Divine Love, and of your Ascension into a vibration where violence can gain no foothold, whether it be Earth’s own birthing pains or humanity’s outcries or folly.
Accept now that the astounding energies reaching your planet are not merely to make things “better.”

They are to make all things new again.

They are that which is the natural outpouring of the higher reality and Love-based intentions and foundations of the Office of the Christ.

And though Yeshua would say that his life was not understood by the vast majority of humankind -- he meant to show the way to Ascension, and if we wish to understand that beautiful example, we may still accept it as such -- still, the Office of the Christ remains as the reality we may choose at any time (“Christ” as from krystos -- crystalline Light-based consciousness).

Do not resign yourself to the current chaos, for it is a transitory situation.

It occurs so that an entirely new level of beauty, power, Light and enlightenment may be birthed upon the Earth -- Divine government, and the social, physical, and spiritual constructions of the New Earth.

You are a part of this. Powerfully, actively a part of this.
And yes, we understand your sorrow at the images you see on your streets and on your television and news reports.

We grieve with you that this must be so, for the moment.
But it is only for the moment.

Involve yourself now in those fifth dimensional forms, whatever they may be, that you dream of creating once NESARA is fully enacted.

You are Creators -- and so, create!

Begin now to plan and live out your fifth dimensional life -- one of freedom from illness, sadness, and debt.

One of perfect health, ascending consciousness, love and generosity, abundance and perfect connection to the Earth.

For She needs your love and reassurance as She travels Her own Ascension path, and you likewise need Her love, comfort and strength.
Be at peace with Her, and at peace with your fellow humans.
Girl with Umbrella - MED
You are all traveling a steep path, but the Light grows ever brighter, and you are surrounded by Angels sounding the tones of Ascension and evolution to the higher realms, at every moment.

Know that you are very nearly home, and that we are with you at every moment, feeling your journey and all its pains and shocks, its unhappy surprises and challenges.

And yet you climb upward, and always shall. How could it be any different?
And when the tide begins to turn, as it is already doing, you will know it, friends.
You will rejoice at least as fully as all of us who have witnessed your brave journeys and your selfless service to your planet and your soul families.
You will know you are finally home.
In La Kesh, friends! Namaste! You are never alone.
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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