Friday, April 17, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ How to Handle Conflict

When conflict arises in our heart, there is something inside of us trying to give us a message. Even when the conflict is coming from the emotions related to our karma, it is still there to teach us the right way and help us to be free of our past condition of karma. We cannot blame the messenger. We must say thank you and then read the message.
Because we are already reacting to the conflict, we must put aside our agitation and relax. If we try to react out of agitation, our result will be more conflict. Take time to meditate and set your heart free. Wait until you feel more peaceful before you take action.

The most difficult thing we have to do is to step aside from our personal emotional reaction and find enough peace to view the conflict more clearly. Where does it come from? What is it trying to tell me?
The most common form of conflict is coming from our ego. Our ego/mind wants something so much that we can’t let go of it. Our heart feels that there is something wrong, but our ego/mind won’t listen, or worse, wants to blame something else. Let go of your attachment and put it aside. Center your self in peaceful freedom and be open to all possibilities. Meditation is the easiest tool we have to help with this.
Once you are centered, look at what is happening with a new vision. Notice what is making you upset. Notice the grip your ego/mind has on it. If you are feeling this grip, you are trying to force your self to possess it. Let go enough to put it aside. You don’t have to throw it away, just put it aside for a while. Now is time to experiment. Present other possibilities to your heart and see which one feels best. Refrain from thinking too much. Just innocently see which possibility makes you feel better and more relaxed. If you feel better, this is the better choice.
True Wisdom takes time to learn, but rewards us with love and success. Reaction without taking time to find wisdom only rewards us with more conflict. Life is very simple but often difficult to achieve. It takes practice to find the path of Wisdom, but even a little effort in the right direction makes our life much easier. Even with meditation to help improve our life, there are still choices to be made to change our life with greater wisdom than we had before. Gaining true Wisdom is a path we will be on our entire life. Take a small step and discover the reward.

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