Monday, April 20, 2015

Karen Dover ~ Moving into equilibrium in TRUTH


Within the old 3D earth created construct there is an emphasis that is always placed in order to destabilise and unbalance the natural FLOW of frequency within our human vehicles.  The emphasis works to create an intense emotional reaction which will seek to prevent natural balance from forming.  This can be seen in the teachings that seek to promote one gender above another. We may be incarnate into a human male or a human female form but these forms are a natural balance to EACH OTHER.  This is hidden in plain view and this is what many may now find challenging as the outer waking human life experience begins to seek to find and MAINTAIN this natural balance.
It is not TRUTH to state that the human male needs to simply embrace the female energies that exist any more than it is TRUTH to state the human female needs to simply embrace the male energies.  Within each and every human vehicle alive on this planet is a set of FOUNDATION teachings that seek to teach that said human vehicle is one gender or another. These teachings were taught in order to separate the human male from the human female and this is done in a variety of ways.

Various cultures across the planet will seek to promote one gender over another. This may be very obvious or may often been hidden.  Within the culture that I was brought up in which was Scottish the gender that is emphasised is MALE but is taught through the female. This is hidden in plain view and is a challenge to many who have Scottish cultural roots. Scottish females are TAUGHT to be “strong”, “emotional tough” and have a “do it all” mentality. This seeks to keep the human female from the support and strength that is found in the human male. Human males and human females were created to compliment and support one another but never to the detriment of the other. In the example that I am using (Scottish culture) we find that both the human male and the human female run similar frequencies which will trigger and seek to gain dominance over each other. The human female running a very strong “emotionally tough” frequency will amplify the human male who is traditionally taught to also have the “emotional tough” frequency.  Both the human female and the human male coming together within this frequency pattern will seek to find shelter FROM each other. This seeks to unbalance the natural flow of frequencies as they flow, the blocks created from this frequency seek to dam up parts of the human energy system and as a result the human vehicle will seek to create “coping” strategies to avoid the natural balance.
There are many cultures which seek to teach defined roles for both the human male and the human female and this is deliberate. The human female and the human male in BALANCE and in NATURAL FLOW are a powerful combination. It is to be noted that this balance is NATURAL and that in order to “achieve” this balance we need simply open our heart space and allow the higher dimensional frequencies to flow freely around, within and through us.  That which then comes up emotionally as triggers are the blocks that need to be removed by releasing the FOUNDATION frequencies that are still active. It is an optical illusion presented by the old 3D earth created construct to view a human vehicle and assume that the teachings of said human vehicle are in natural harmony with the gender being presented.
As this begins to re-balance within the human race we may be faced with family patterning that we could not see before. The FOUNDATION frequencies anchored deep within the human race are taught and handed down GENERATIONALLY.  It is to be noted that the “Scottish” cultural FOUNDATION frequency is passed down through the human male and is a hidden frequency. If you are wondering if you are connected or run this frequency it can be found by the physical manifestation of “red hair”, this is seen in the human male as a reddish tint found in their facial hair, males who run this may have produced children who were not red haired but the gene will sit within the DNA of their offspring, it may skip generations or may appear in each generation.  Again this is a hidden frequency that manifests, many cultures can trace their roots back to Europe and to Scotland, this is often referenced in “history” as a viking connection.
Whilst the human race have been taught of the “romance” of what is termed “celtic” traditions they will be shown for that which they are in TRUTH.  All of Celtic mythology seeks to create a divide between the human male and the human female and many fallen angels are hidden in plain view within the “pagan” roots that are also associated with these teachings.
As I have blogged repeatedly TRUTH JUST IS and there is only one GOD in TRUTH. The definitions of “love” and “romance” when looked at at a frequency level can be both seen and FELT for that which they are, highly distorted teachings that seek to disempower BOTH the human male and the human female.
We are not here on this earth to struggle and to push our will upon those around us. The human male is being demonised through the disempowerment of the human female and this will also be seen for that which it is as these distorted frequencies are not TRUTH and not supported at any level within the New Earth frequency realities. GOD created the human male and the human female to unite in the LOVE that IS in TRUTH. The old 3D earth created construct has sought to teach a war of the sexes since the beginning of human “history”. Any “war” that is being fought internally at an unconscious waking mind level will be reflected in the outer waking reality that is called the human life experience.
It is to be noted that we do not have to create the balance that is now called for, we are called to simply ALLOW it to unfold within us. Anything that triggers us in relation to the gender that we are is a teaching of the old 3D earth created construct and taught in order to contain and suppress the human life experience in TRUTH. In order to move into manifestation of the New Earth frequency realities we must allow this rebalance and understand that there is a natural order to the universe, this natural order was created by GOD and is now being re-enforced by the higher dimensional frequencies that seek to maintain the natural order of the entire universe which exists beyond the construct that is the old 3D earth created reality. This natural order existed before the creation of the human race and existed before the creation of the old 3D earth construct.
There are many teachings that will seek to continue to blind the human race at this time but as I have blogged repeatedly that which is TRUTH can be validated at a personal level with an experience being the validation. In order to validate our human life experience on all levels including the physical level in which our human vehicle sits we are asked to validate our reality through experience. If a belief cannot be validated through the physical manifestation of said belief then it is not TRUTH not matter how many believe said belief system or how many were taught it. TRUTH JUST IS.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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