Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ A Message from Sananda: A Time of Holiness and Forgiveness

There is a great gathering happening one Earth. All the Masters are here to help you. You are never alone. I AM Sananda!
I AM the Guardian of your soul and the Watcher over your life. I tell you truly, “You are not alone.” We are here each day to help guide you to the Light.
You have all been through many lifetimes on your Path to Divinity. You have met many of your classmates in the School of Divine Learning many times and then left the Path to explore other possibilities for human experience. But now is the time when you are finding each other again. Your many friends are gathering along with the Masters for Graduation Day. This day is coming faster than you think. I AM Head Master of this School. I tell you truly, “Your Graduation Day is near.”

Beginning with Wesak until the Summer Solstice, many of you will rise up into the Light of your Inner Divinity. The Masters are by your side sending you their energy and unseen assistance. Gather together. Be together. Let your Consciousness Merge as One. Be on the Path and confirm your Path daily.
Wesak is a time of Celebration when all the Masters will gather at Kuramayama and Tenkawa. In America we gather at the Grand Tetons and in Europe we gather at Lourdes where Saint Bernadette was visited by Maria and achieved her Ascension. Chose where you will be for this gathering. This is a gathering of the Light. Our hope is to saturate the world with Good Tidings and Great Love.
Throughout May and June I will be appearing along with Maria to many of you. We welcome you into the Light. Join with us in a great movement of energy to rejuvenate your commitment to the Light. Join with us in Group Meditation and Feedings of the Divine Power of Love. We promise to give you Transmissions of Love Power to rejuvenate your spirit and help you to reclaim your Divine Inheritance.
I give you this Message, “The Masters are here. We are with you during this Time of Holiness and Forgiveness. No matter where you have been or what you have done, it will all be dissolved and forgiven. Join us in the Light and melt away your past transgressions. Bless you! I AM Sananda!”

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