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Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A message to Lightworkers ~ on Money and Abundance

A Message to Lightworkers – April 17, 2015 – The Ascension Manual
The Collective has again asked that I share an excerpt from a new book I’ve channeled from them: The Ascension Manual.
This is the first book in a new series, to support us as we transition from third to fifth dimensional consciousness and everyday living.
Each chapter carries a special energy gift from these fifth and sixth dimensional beings, as well their wisdom and guidance on Ascension and everyday issues, such as:
  • Money and Abundance
  • Relationships
  • Food and Eating
  • Manifesting What You Desire
  • Releasing Third Dimensional Emotions
  • Other important Ascension and life issues

Ascension Manual Cover - MED

Chapter 1: On Money and Abundance
[Question] My friends, so many are struggling now with money issues. They say that it all begins with an inner situation, an inner set of feelings or beliefs about abundance or lack. 
How is it that some of the most spiritually aware people seem to struggle in this area?
[The Collective] Namaste, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you on this important subject.

For there is a glorious amount—an endless amount—of Light and energy in the Universe, constantly awaiting your command to become what you refer to as physical matter, whether that is currency or that which you wish to buy with currency.
Understand always, that that which we call Source Energy cannot run out. It cannot suddenly be hard to find, or decide to hide from you or any of your fellow beings living an Earth life.
It is time now to understand that only blocks in consciousness can keep away any good thing.
And yes, we fully comprehend that many of you were injured as children, and in hundreds of past lives, where the seed was planted in your consciousness that the Universe is a contentious and dangerous place.
You were taught and had it bred into you, on such a level that it unconsciously manifested over and over, in cellular/DNA form, that there is not enough for everyone, and that there is certainly not enough for you.
Now, it is extremely easy to move from that belief—which is not at all “true” in the sense that no one need experience this idea once they see and understand it—to thinking that it is natural and unavoidable to feel small in terms of what one has or does not have.
It is easy to assume that because you feel alone and abandoned in the Universe, there are no outer helps for you there, and that even when you ask for a thing, it does not appear, except by accident or hard work.
This is one of the great traps, one of the most insipid faults and deepest pits of the third dimensional experience, and our empathy for your situation is complete.
Because there is no such thing, anywhere in your Universe, as “lack.” 
There can be no lack of energy or abundance, or of love, perfect health, or inspiration for one’s path.
Because there is nowhere in your Universe that is not full of energy and Life in its fullest form—at least, nowhere that you would concern yourself with or take interest in.
Green Fish - MED
We understand that you live amidst corrupt government and corporate (they are the same) structures that have robbed you blind on many levels.
Chief amongst these robberies was the narrowness which has been ascribed to the human outlook, the blinders and blindfolds put upon you, under which you are expected to operate as if all were well.
These blinders are placed upon you throughout your education, your working lives, your family lives, and even upon the most basic of scientific principles upon which your planet runs. They involve many other things as well.
But within these areas in particular, you have been trained, warned, punished, and berated—imprisoned—in the belief that you have no right to a thing unless you work hard for it.
Unless you forfeit your freedom as an individual and “pay” with time and energy in order to be “paid” with money energy in return.
You have many times heard the phrase “the world does not owe you a living.”
And we would say that that idea there is very strange, and very backward.
For “living” is not a thing to be owed or paid, and the world—the current human structures, though they are undergoing the greatest revolution they have ever undergone—was never meant to be a thing for paying or owing.
And so you live out your lives under the shadow of not only this lie, that you must scrape and scrimp and struggle and plan and scheme in order to not end up on the street in your elder years.
But you live also under the horrible deception that you do not deserve to do any differently.
That if you are truly blessed, you will live within this prison in a cheerful, comfortable way that compliments your social class and education in a way that makes it apparent to all that, yes!
One can truly “get ahead”—as if life were a race—if one applies oneself and plays the game in the right way, having been first born in the right arena to have had a chance at making the game even slightly winnable.
We would say to this, that that entire premise is so much constructed tokeep you from true wealth, material or otherwise, and to forbid you from ever relaxing and enjoying any wealth you could ever collect, that it is nearly always a self-defeating exercise from beginning to end.
Child with Light - MED
For it is never enough to pay the rent or the mortgage. One must adorn oneself, whether that be with trinkets and objects (usually ones that separate oneself from one’s truest and highest self) or with the fear that though the bills are paid this month, it is doubtful they will be next month.
You see, blessed friends, how two-faced the system is.
The moment you participate, you agree to do so only with fear, or perhaps also a feeling of competitiveness for the more confident or ego-driven among you.
Never are you asked to participate in a way based on joy, on realization of freedom, on belief in your and others’ innate generosity, kindness, empathy, and sense of oneness. 
To believe such would be to enter the “business world” (as if it were separate from the world in general) with an unthinkable amount of naiveté and immaturity.
Almost as foolish as thinking you do not owe the world your life!
We would say, for the many millions of you who have some (though not a great deal of) control over your daily living, that to wake up to this deception is at least the very first step out of being afraid.
It is the very first step out of feeling that no matter what you do to pay off debts, find a better paying job or better paying clients or more customers, that it is never enough.
The first step out of feeling that first you are born, then you watch your parent(s) struggle as you grow up, then you take on the struggle, then you sit sadly in a chair, bitter over the struggle now past, then you leave this Earth, only to return again to repeat the entire cycle.
This would be, in and of itself, enough to induce hopelessness in anyone, if it were the full story, but it is not.
Your outlook on this Earth regarding money cannot be made of what your society and families teach you about money, or you will most assuredly suffer from the dysfunction of that insipid lie until you breathe your last or evolve out of the third dimension.
Your outlook regarding money must come from without, not within, that irredeemable model of social control, which no one in their right mind would subscribe to if they grew up knowing they had the choice to think differently.
And those being born now will indeed grow up with that choice, and that is a great thing, and something to celebrate.
Those raised within this old model live within the old sinking ship paradigm, that all is lost, but grab a spoon and work like mad to scoop out as much water from the hull as you can, to delay the sinking as long as possible.
Yet for those raised with the Bad News of capitalism, socialism, communism, and any economic “ism” one can find, there is indeed still a way out.
Photo by Lynne Newman
Photo by Lynne Newman
But it does not, ever, first consist of outer action. 
It can only begin within your own heart and mind, within that energy that you cultivate in every moment of living.
Yes, we are aware that the conventional wisdom (and it is not wisdom) would insist that to better one’s financial situation, one must go out and search for a better job, sell the house, sell the nice car and get a cheaper one, send the teenager out to work, find a spouse with a better income, play the lottery—the choices are endless, and they are each as foolish and useless for your predicament as any other.
Many are now aware, particularly among Lightworkers, that if you do not as they say, “clean up your vibration,” your outer situation will only brighten temporarily once you make an outer change.
If you continue to blow the trumpet of the same story—“I have no money, I am in too much debt”—you will most assuredly find yourself in that situation continuously, whether someone dies and gifts you a few million dollars, or you sell an amazing new computer application that everyone suddenly wants.
You are, and you attract, what you reflect upon and support with powerful emotion. That is the creation formula for your world.
To not only create but to maintain a position of wealth—inner and outer—one must create and maintain the positive and consistent expectation of wealth, and not only in general.
You must believe you can have it for you, and nothing else.
It is not enough to want money to pay a bill, to give to a child or elderly parent, to dissolve a debt, or to donate to another.
To have money consistently, rejoice in any money you have, full of the feeling of the miraculousness of wealth and abundance in all forms—the child’s smile, the wildflower, the sound of the rain.
And maintain a realization of that immense wealth far more often and far longer during your day than you would ever maintain thoughts of need, lack, debt, or financial pressure.
You are, and you attract, what you reflect upon and support with powerful emotion. That is it—that is the creation formula for your world.
It is as true in the third dimension as it is in the fifth.
And please, realize this immense creative power and how to work with it now, before you enter the fifth and begin creating far more than what might be best for you to create!
Light Being - MED
Here is your wealth formula (no expensive program of videos or MP3s required):
I AM wealth. I AM abundance. I AM all the gold, all the joy, all the health, all the fulfillment and all the miracles in this Universe, all of the time.
It is now your “job” to go through the day noticing the miracle of the power and beauty of Nature, at every conceivable chance.
It is your task to notice the miracle of your health (whatever level of it you now possess), of others’ health, of the health and magnificence of the trees, plants, and flowers.
It is up to you to take the money in your wallet and bless it many times over, saying “Multiply!” as if you are blessing those bills with the power of having many smaller child bills that they will happily allow you to adopt as your own.
For this universe is your own! 
You do not “owe” anything to anyone, and never will, and never could.
It is impossible that you need to be “bought and paid for” as one religion puts it, through any sacrificial act or anyone’s loss.
For you are all Creators, all here on a grand journey of thought and feeling and creative expression.
And in the Universe, thought backed powerfully by feeling—in this case, the realization of the miracle of abundance, and its constant presence in your life—is what creates.
Never believe it is “difficult” to create one form of abundance any more or less than any other.
How could this be so, when you have within you the power that creates worlds?
Surely a few hundred thousand dollars or euros are not difficult to create, when you have doubtless in your spare time, in other incarnations, created whole worlds—moons, planets, and the life living on and around them—as joyfully as one creates a song on a guitar?
How could it be difficult for an eternal being, made of Love itself, to hesitate and draw back from the very real role of creating that which they desire so much?
You were once forced to abdicate your roles as Creators. But you can reclaim such now.
The time is right, and the Universe awaits your stepping up to reclaim that which you are and are able to do.
We will not waste time here on the subject of who took from you those DNA strands that enabled so much genius in terms of creation and understanding of your natural world, and the makings of this Universe.
We will only say that you need not concern yourself with the madness, the errors, and foolish short-sightedness of those who thought their very short reign would never end. For it has.
Reclaim your mastery—your soul will remember and guide you, once you reach out into space (for there is no Time) to create again, as you once did.
Remember who you are. This substance you call money is only one small component of the endless Energy that fills every speck of this grand Universe.
It is easy to create—you will find this once you stop blaming money as if all were the fault of currency and not the system that perpetuates it.
Do not even blame the system—have no blame for anyone at all! 
Believe in your Creator self, and proclaim everything around you to be good, in all directions of time.
Then see the changes occurring—the new ideas, the new channels of income, the new people whose help you never dreamt of.
And understand that it is not some nebulous notion of angels and chance moments that has made this strange and unbelievable rise in outer abundance in your life.
It is you, Creator friends, it is you.

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