Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Doubts are Human, the Flow of the Heart is Divine

Doubts are like the breaks on a car. They bring everything to a screeching halt. Thinking too much and controlling too much stops our Life Force. Stop thinking and tune in. Let your heart move joyfully without controlling it with your mind. Only your heart can feel what it means to be alive. Your feelings tell you that you are alive. The mind has no feelings. It is cold and lifeless like a computer. The mind creates right and wrong and suffers under the illusion it has created. There is no right or wrong. There is only the flow of Life Force. Life Force opens the heart and we experience Love and Happiness. The mind says No, and Love and Happiness disappear.
Do you know that every time you say No, you are stopping the flow of life? There is no right way to do something. The only way that is effective is when our heart moves with energy and enthusiasm. Your mind wants to fit in with the people around you. The heart naturally moves without thinking and naturally flows with the force of the universe. This universe was not created by human logic. It just became alive by itself and for itself.

Our human mind and our ego wants to control everything and make it logical. This can only result in pain. No human mind can stop the flow of Nature. If we do manage to stop the flow of Nature, something suffers and something dies. Let go and trust that the universe can see what you cannot see. Trust your heart to be motivated by Nature not by human rules and conditions.
This is the dawn of the Age of the Heart. Enlightenment uses mind but does not rely on its logic. The universe has no mind to control it. Even God knows that there is no logic in the flow of the universe. Logic is a straight line. The universe moves in spirals of joy. Lose your mind in the whirlpool of life and you will find Infinite Joy. Lose your mind in the flow of your heart and you will discover Cosmic Love.

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