Friday, April 17, 2015

Lauren C Gorgo ~ Excerpt 5D report ~ Doorway to Destiny: divinity made manifest


Happy Astro New Year!
We are officially inside the long awaited, supercharged portal precipitated by the equinox/new (super) moon/solar eclipse combo…what has been heralded by the star beings as THE defining moment of 2015.
On the way to this moment, so much has changed within us that it’s somewhat eerie.   We have disconnected so fully from 3D life that it’s been feeling very Sandra Bullock in Gravity lately…free floating around in our own universe, spiraling wildly out of control at times, with no concept of time/space and left only with our thoughts. 8O

In addition to the deafening silence are those fading people, places & situations that still uphold our 3D past.  So much of the old world and those who still participate in it now seem very away…sadly, even some of those who we love dearly but can’t really relate to any longer.  Yet, we know that our time has officially come to make peace with our past, see the blessings in our pain, and let go of any remaining grievances.
There’s a distinct feeling of finality in the air, an emptiness that can be filled with grief at times as we mourn the loss of so much struggle, and those people we struggled with along the way. At other times there is great gratitude for all the roles we’ve played, lessons we’ve learned, and even a hint of anticipation mixed with anxiety and perhaps a dash of trepidation about where and how our birth will be delivered on the other side of the eclipses.
Note that in those melancholy moments it’s also common to have passing thoughts or even fears about death, because, well…we are literally dying while alive.  This is why we’ve had to let go of all earthly attachment to arrive here because we literally & proverbially can’t take it with us…to the new world.  And it has never been more apparent than now that we have nothing left to hold onto.
Because this is an ending of such epic proportion, we have been lingering in a quasi-suspended state since 11-11, but especially as the energies of the new year started to build toward this particular set of rare and unprecedented celestial events.   This ongoing Jello-like state of suspension is different from any other void I have experienced to date…it is not a place of pondering past or future, of longing, or even discontentment. It just IS…empty.
And yes, it has been very challenging to navigate because we neither have our footing in the old world or the new world, whereas for the last 3 years (since the famed 12-21-12) we have been accustomed to having a foot in BOTH worlds.  We have gotten so used to the 1 step forward, 2 step back formula for lightbody integration that it’s foreign to be literally no-where. But from what I am told, there’s no more going back to the old and so I guess we just sit…suspended…patiently waiting for the perfect set of cosmic events to trigger the exact celestial combination to unlock the door to our destiny. Incidentally, I am told that this cosmic combination is currently coming into exactness….and as it does, we will reconnect to our joy again, albeit at a deeper/higher, more embodied level.
It’s apparent that we have been completely unpinned from business as usual because nothing feels the same or remotely familiar anymore…yet very little has been tugging at our heartstrings either. Our old lives, those things that used to nourish us no longer fill up our LOVE cups…yet, we look ahead thru the spiraling vortex of the upcoming gateway and wonder what exactly is going to take the place of those once fitting puzzle pieces of the past?
The answer to that is: nothing and everything.
If you are approaching this life-altering portal with nothing but your authentic Self in tow, then you are ready to open to everything that your soul Self desires to create and experience in this new world we are being born into.  If you have been reduced to your lowest common denominator, purified to the perfection of your own LOVE, then you are readying to turn inside out…to bring your LOVE on the road, and share it with the world.
Don’t worry if you have no idea what that looks like…in fact, that’s your best case scenario.  This gateway requires an enormous amount of trust but it isn’t something that you, or I, or any of us can screw up. There is nothing left to do but stand in the utmost faith of our higher power.  The watered down truth is that we are emerging in a reality where our LOVE leads, where our divinity guides, where our purified resonance rules.  What this will look like may seem unimaginable in this moment, but the truth is that on the highest level we have already created it. Now we get to experience it in form.
Speaking of which…if you still have things to complete, to wrap up, consider these next 4 weeks the last call to finalize your past before boarding the spaceship to your future.  We have been given ample time/space to resolve our 3D life…seemingly e n d l e s s  opportunities to let go of what no longer serves…but from what I have been gleaning, the window is closing for those ready to receive the new world. Read: this is a final-letting-go-of-all-human-attachment-period…if you have any polarity left to balance out, hop to it.
We are still in the throes of last minute cleansing, but we are being urged to jump on those lingering details still in need of resolution nonetheless. We need to push thru in order to be as OPEN & de-cluttered for what’s up ahead so that we can purely manifest WAY beyond any be-lie-fs or expectations about what’s possible.  That’s always the blessing of eclipses.
It is made clear to me that the solar eclipse/new moon event we just moved thru is a simultaneous ending/beginning of inconceivable proportion, one that we have been working overtime to embody since the last eclipse series in October of 2014.  This means that this eclipse season could be our literal breakout point…the point by which we finally and completely break free from all our old ways of BEing, those ways that prevented us from owning our authentic nature, kept us from feeling at Home in our bodies and in the world.  
During the many weeks of suspension between worlds we have had the space and perspective to really observe the smallness of our worn-out (3D) selves & lives…those limitations we honored that kept us tethered so tightly to our humanity that we forgot our divinity. And yes, each of us has been thru the perfect amount of extremeunpleasantness in order to get to this place on our path, but now is the time to move beyond it all…to rip off the rest of the Band-aid in order to truly see and experience the healing that has actually taken place beneath the surface.
We know now that we were really never broken or wounded, but that we were only playing very small so that we could slowly activate, acclimate and embody our very large roles. The Pleiadian High Council and the Spiritual Hierarchy tell me that this moment, this very sacred passageway we are in right now, is what it has all been for.  
We have been prepared (purified) beyond all be-lie-f and via every layer of our being…including the physical…to now walk thru the doorway to our ultimate destiny.
For many, this is the end of the end.
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