Saturday, April 4, 2015

The phoenix within you is preparing to rise ~ by Star sisters

Pheonix risingWithin you

 and around you, the 

phoenix is rising

This eclipse brings you not one message, but two:  It’s not quite over.  It’s also just beginning. Out of the ashes, a whole new reality is about to emerge.
For the second time in two weeks, you’ve stepped into a void. On March 20, a total solar eclipse created the seed of a new beginning in the most magical degree in the zodiac – the final degree of Pisces, where old realities are dissolved and new ones created. Hours later, the great energetic hinge of the Vernal Equinox swung open and a new year began.
Tomorrow brings our second total eclipse. It’s less than 12 hours away —1:06 pm UTC (8:06 am EDT) — and you’re already in its potent energy field. This time it will be the Earth who moves between the two great lights of your life – and of our planet. As Earth’s shadow causes the full moon to darken before your eyes, Luna appears to return very rapidly to the beginning of her cycle — the New Moon, which occurs each month when Luna is in her dark phase. Then, with equal swiftness, she shifts back to her Fullness. At the lunar levels of your own reality, far beneath the threshold of conscious awareness, this experience is reality-altering, in ways that are both dramatic and subtle. Depending on where the eclipse falls in your own birth chart, it could be life-changing. 

On both the outer and the inner levels, eclipses shift reality in ways that stretch – and sometimes defy — our ordinary awareness.  Both solar and lunar eclipses also affect the Earth’s geomagnetic field — and your own energy field, which is nested within Gaia’s.  Your brain and autonomic nervous system, your cardiovascular system, your energy levels — all are effected by eclipses. Your sleep may be disturbed. You may have headaches.
That’s only part of what makes this an inner power day.

Uranus & Pluto make

 their final curtain call

Tomorrow’s lunar eclipse is the grand finale of the powerful 33-month wave of change you’ve been riding since June 2012.  Two weeks have passed since the last of the seven world-changing squares of Uranus and Pluto, our solar system’s two titanic change agents. These two mighty cosmic change agents are still within a degree of their exact square, however – and tomorrow, the Sun and the Moon will trigger them for one final time. 
Because this final activation happens during a lunar eclipse, its effects will ripple down to the very depths of your own lunar awareness. Far beneath the threshold of consciousness, where your emotional reality is created, is the target zone of a lunar eclipse. Changes that happen in this eclipse field will penetrate to the very depths of your being. And you want them to. You want their life-renewing power to root itself as deeply in your life as it can get.
You’ve been sensing this power all week. You may have experienced its manifestations rippling through your life, as a frightening diagnosis, a threat to your financial stability, a crack in your relationships. 
No matter how shaky things may have seemed this week – and may seem right now, know this:  The purpose of this energy is not to harm you. It’s to free you. This potent wave of eclipse energy is actually an act of cosmic generosity – a surge of power that can remove any remaining blockages to your ability to let go of the dead weight that’s dragging you down and rise like the phoenix from the ashes of the past 

Cosmos to you: Are 

you settling for a

 version of yourself

 that’s less than you

 really are? 

An eclipse in the sign of the scales highlights the issue of balance. And with Uranus, the Cosmic Liberator, across the sky from the Moon, the balance in question right now is between 1) your need to manifest your unique and once-in-the-life-of-the-Universe gift, and 2) your need to experience your interdependence with others.  It’s the great continuum in which we live our lives. We must be able to stand alone in the light of our own integrity. And we must be able to partner and collaborate with others in the great web of life.
It’s very likely that the coming days will bring some revelations about ways you may have compromised your independence and your integrity. You may gain insight into patterns that are more about fear than about love. There may be some enmeshed and codependent energies that are ready to be released from your life. They may have been fine last month, or even yesterday. They helped you get here, to the point where you’ve outgrown them.
Whatever this eclipse brings to the shore of your life is part of an energy surge that will take you to a new beginning. All eclipses are dynamic. They clear things out of your life – or they open them up. Usually, they do both. Their energies are revelatory, showing you what’s been developing under the surface, beneath the threshold of awareness. Once you see it, you’re in a new reality.
No matter how it seems at this moment, this eclipse is opening a portal to new levels of abundance, fulfillment, and authenticity.  What may have seemed impossible – what still may seem impossible – could be within closer reach than you suspect. For a reality check on that, look at the negotiated agreement between two long-sworn enemies – the United States and Iran — reached on the threshold of the eclipse. It takes great courage to hold space for a positive outcome as fear rises up in a thousand forms around you. That’s exactly what the week ahead is asking you to do.
That’s because Jupiter, the Cosmic Blessing Giver, is just days away from the end of his four-month vision quest. In this eclipse field, he’s exchanging the powerful positive energy of a trine with the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus. Those are the frequencies of breakthrough on multiple leves. And he’s creating new opportunity with the Moon, bringing emotional healing and the ability to embrace the future without fear.
It’s time now to create new ways of living your life. Ways that are rooted in authenticity, helpfulness, and mindfulness – without sacrificing yourself or your unique individuality.

After the eclipse: the 

critical days ahead

The days after an eclipse bring heightened mental clarity and intense mental processing. Use this energy! The days ahead will be packed with power:
Sunday – Pluto squares the Sun
You can expect power plays and power struggles to arise – within you and around you – as the Cosmic Transformer challenges the life-giving radiance at the heart of our solar system to evolve into an even more powerful expression of renewal and regeneration. That’s the very same struggle that will be taking place within you, wherever the signs of Aries and Capricorn are located in your birth chart. Accept the challenge. Act from love, not from fear. Let go of what’s getting in the way.
Monday – Uranus conjuncts the Sun
Sudden reversals and a sense of being blindsided can take place when Uranus fuses his quantum electricity with the star power of the Sun. Stay grounded and hold space for a heart-level breakthrough.
Wednesday, April 8 – Jupiter turns direct and Mercury conjuncts Uranus
You should feel the tides turning as the Cosmic Blessing Giver brings his four-month retrograde vision quest to an end and throws his massive energy of grace, abundance, and good luck into your own star power – and your ability to express it more completely than ever before.
As Mercury conjuncts Uranus, you’re likely to have flashes of inspiration and brilliance. Keep a notebook handy – and use it! Uranus moves at quantum speed. He’s not going to hang around for you to remember what he gave you. That’s your job.
Sunday, April 12  –  Luna reaches her Last Quarter Phase, sextiling Chiron
It’s time to re-assess your reality after all that’s happened since March 20. It’s time to begin letting go of old structures that you now realize just aren’t big enough for who you’re becoming.  The Moon’s sextile to Chiron promises that what you let go of now can be far more healing than you suspect – and open up new dimensions of your unique cosmic gift. An Aries New Moon is coming on April 18 and will seed the new beginnings in a very real and tangible way. Life’s moving forward – and it needs you to come with it.

Three keys to making 

the shift 

Maximize your good luck and tune into Jupiter. Embody generosity. Think of ways to be generous – emotionally, conversationally, with your time, your energy, and your money. Make it your practice in these days when the Blessing Giver’s power is at its greatest. Instead of holding back, give.
Don’t waste your time — or your energy — trying to maintain a status quo that isn’t working. Instead of focusing on what may be collapsing around you, keep your attention on what’s ready and eager to be born. If you don’t know, make it your priority to find out.
Stay energetically balanced. For the next 10 days, five planets –that’s half the planetary energy in our solar system – are in fire signs. To avoid getting burned out – or just burned – in the blaze, make sure you are eating well and sleeping enough. Put your bare feet on the earth every day if you can. Feed every one of your senses as exquisitely as you can.  Also, drink lots of water to keep the fire from drying you out. Take some long baths. Journal your feelings and let them flow.  Finally, help yourself step back and see the big picture. Do some cloud-watching. Listen to music. Breathe deeply, several times, when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.  

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