Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ There are No Enemies!

We face many challenges in this life. Some challenges will destroy our dream and we will feel upset and hurt. But the universe always sees what we cannot see. After a short time we realize that what we lost was something we no longer needed. There is no loss in this universe. There is only change. Perhaps what we are really afraid of is change!
The path of the evolution of consciousness into Enlightenment is a path of surrender. We have heard this many times but what does it mean? Surrender means to let go of what our ego is holding onto. The universe has a Divine Plan. The universe knows something that we cannot see or know. Go with the flow and let it go! Only then can we see the gift that the universe is bringing us.

What is the Divine Plan? Some will say it is a plan orchestrated by God. Others will say it is a plan created by the Ascended Masters and High Council. I say that the Divine Plan is the force of evolution that takes us to a more advanced stage than we were in before. Life never goes backwards. But our ego/mind wants to hold on to the past even at the expense of feeling pain. Let go and surrender to the flow. Know that the disaster that just happened is not really a disaster but a gift. Then wait and see what happens. You will certainly be surprised! What comes next is happiness. This is the force of evolution and the gift of the Divine Plan!
Behind the face of every enemy is the face of our teacher. The Universe is not our enemy. Our real enemy is our own mind!

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