Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ God Has No Ego!

Human mind has an ego that helps us to focus and accomplish specific things in our life. But God’s Cosmic Mind has no ego that allows it to focus. God’s Consciousness can see everything all at once: all time and all of this universe. God’s Consciousness can never be limited by ego and look at only one thing. God must see everything all at once.
When we ask something from God, God can only reflect our energy and enhance it. God can never change our reality or take something out of this universe that already exists here. God cannot take our problems away or do anything to change them. Only we can do that.

God can open our awareness and expand our vision. When we call on God to help us, our vision gets brighter and bigger so we can see our problems more clearly and solve them. It is never God that solves our problems. It is the reflection of God In Us that expands our vision to allow us to see more clearly what we have to do. This is the Blessing of God. When our vision is expanded, the problem gets solved and transforms into a solution. All problems can be solved when we have greater awareness to solve them. God gives us the blessing of greater awareness so we can become greater than we were before and evolve into the next level of Consciousness.
God has only one desire that all living beings are happy. Maybe this is the reason why many people wonder why God doesn’t change this world of suffering into a Paradise. God cannot change our suffering. Why? Because we created it! Human beings are the only form of life that can use the ego to push to get what we want. No plant, no animal, and no god or angel has an ego that can push against the flow of the universe and create karma. Once the karma is created, God cannot interfere. The problem was created from our mistake. We made the mistake because we want to learn how to do something or accomplish something. But our desire has a narrow perspective due to our focusing on it so intensely that we cannot see anything else. All of our problems were created because we didn’t see the whole picture.
God sees all things. God can see the solution to our problem, but, like a loving parent, wants us to learn for our self and open our awareness to the infinite. God wants to help but does it by giving us a bigger awareness to see more and become more in harmony with the universe. God wants us to inherit the Infinite Consciousness of God. This Infinite Consciousness cannot happen suddenly. We would not be prepared for the real experience of Infinity without taking steps to expand our consciousness and grow. The Love of God is so great, that when we can open our heart and trust in God/Universe, our Consciousness can expand and eventually become perfected in Enlightenment.
God never says No. But when God says Yes, our awareness opens to a bigger perspective and we can accomplish for our self what we desire. God helps those who help them selves. This is a wise old saying. God wants us to inherit Infinite Consciousness. This is the greatest gift for any human being. We are the children of God and are here to discover our true inheritance of Infinite Paradise: a Paradise that we will create not God. Nothing in this universe can interfere with this Divine Plan. The vision of Paradise on Earth is as much a part of our true nature as our Inner Master. When we expand our consciousness, our Inner Master wakes up and the Divine Plan gets fulfilled.

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