Friday, August 31, 2012

Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. “We Remain Forever Interlinked.” By, Bella Capozzi. August 31, 2012.

☆ Hello, Dear Friends. We love you and greet you with warmest wishes and highest regards.  Today we come simply to remind you that you are beautiful and spectacular in every way-absolutely magnificent beings of the most flawless vibratory quality.  You are us and we are you.  Each one of us are precious pieces of the puzzle that is considered Creation.  We remain forever interlinked as One Group Soul;  made as One, to live, learn and experience as one expression of love.  You think you are alone, yet you are not.  And soon-very, very soon-you shall remember who and what you are, and why you chose to journey to this place which feels to be so far away from Home.

Please Sign Petition \- The Cove: Help Save Japan’s Dolphins – The Petition Site

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The Cove: Help Save Japan’s Dolphins

The Cove: Help Save Japan's Dolphins
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In The Cove, a team of activists and filmmakers infiltrate a heavily-guarded cove in Taiji, Japan. In this remote village they witness and document activities deliberately being hidden from the public: More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year and their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan, often times labeled as whale meat.The majority of the world is not aware this is happening. The Taiji cove is blocked off from the public. Cameras are not allowed inside and the media does not cover the story. It’s critical that we get the word out in Japan. Once the Japanese people know we believe they will demand change. Send a letter to President Obama, Vice President Biden and Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki urging them to address this issue. Everyone who signs the letter will be able to have their name displayed in a widget that will be posted on top social networks, web sites and blogs in Japan. The widget will link to actions people there can take to make a difference.  less
The Cove: Help Save Japan’s Dolphins – The Petition Site.

You are all Love incarnate

August 31, 2012 by John Smallman
Humanity’s awakening is the most significant and momentous event in your history.  It has been meticulously planned and is being perfectly executed.  Within the illusion it is very difficult for you to get a real sense of your approaching moment of awakening, although many of you are getting intuitive intimations that it is coming, and that it will be soon (that word again!). Trust those feelings, focus on them, and ask for help from the spiritual realms for the strength to offer love — and only love — in every situation.  You are all potential divine channels or conduits, so invite God to pour His Love through you into the world and into the hearts of all those who choose to open to Him.  It is the most powerful and effective thing that you can do to assist in humanity’s awakening, and it is one of the reasons for your being on Earth now.

You are all in the process of awakening.  It is a mass process in which you can help one another by honoring and respecting yourselves at all times.  Watching others, and judging their behavior – whether you judge them as good, not so good, could do better, or downright sinful – is not your responsibility; it is an unnecessary distraction.  In Reality you are all one, so judging another is judging yourself.  As I have told you, God does not judge, He Loves – everyone, infinitely, unconditionally, indiscriminately – and He wants you to do likewise.  To do so is your nature because you are divine beings.  When a judgmental thought pops into your mind, don’t act on it and don’t judge it!  Let it pass, and focus your attention on the flame of Love burning permanently within you.

We are all one.  You know that.  It means, among many other things, that we in the spiritual realms are constantly aware of you doing your best to awaken yourselves and all of humanity from the illusion.  It is a difficult and sometimes exhausting task that you chose to take on, and we honor you dearly for your courage and your persistence.  You are succeeding!  It just seems that it is taking far longer than you expected to achieve fulfillment of that undertaking, and so it has become a chore for you, whereas when you agreed to do it you engaged with it with enormously high hopes and incredible enthusiasm.

And those hopes and enthusiasm were, and remain, totally justified.  In the illusion the lack of a sense of the divine energies, the faintness of their essence, the apparent interminability of the waiting, and the lack of vitality many of you are experiencing is very draining.  You knew that you would have these kinds of draining experiences before you incarnated, but when you look at the picture from afar, as you were doing, it is impossible to imagine such contingencies in any meaningful way.  The experience is the experience.  Until you have had it, you cannot possibly understand or truly imagine it.  And that is another reason why you are so honored and respected in the spiritual realms.  It took enormous amounts of courage to accept this challenge, and you have measured up to it brilliantly.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saint Germain ~~ The many chapters of your evolution : chapter Liberation ~~ 30/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

I Am Saint Germain and I wish to speak to you about the many volumes that display your course of life and your evolution, leading up to Ascension. You can easily compare your course of life and your evolution to a book which consists of many volumes and chapters, one even heavier than the other. Humanity in general has now arrived at the chapter entitled ‘Liberation’. Everything builds around this theme and consists of many phases that all lead you to this state of liberation, a fact that is now taking place. Everything cleares itself and dissolves to make way for the gigantic worldly and personal liberation.

The accumulation of negative thoughts and of negativity in general occur in “snapshots” and in phases to then leave your fields afterwards, giving you the impression of being pressured. It is tiresome and it can give you a feeling of being fed up with it all, you feel disenchanted and you wonder why the same things happen over and over again, you wonder how negativity can still be incurred. I can inform you that it is not always the case of negativity being incurred as you only attract what you emit in thoughts and deeds. You are all working very hard with the Light and are evolving into higher and higher Lightbeings. So this is not a matter of incurring more negativity but rather of letting it rise up from your self through your self in order to, once and for all, leave your fields definitely.

In most cases it is a matter of personally accrued negativity which was hidden deep inside yourselves that wishes to leave your fields. But on the other hand there is also collectively accrued negativity that passes through your fields on its way out and that’s the reason why this clearing feels as an unending process as new forms of negativity can come up depending not only on the choices humanity makes but also on the astral world which dwells around you in the form of the 4th dimension. Despite all that you now have begun the phase of the definite clean-up, make no mistake about that. So be grateful and welcome it, it will liberate you and your Mother Earth, and this has to happen one way or the other. The elimination goes in phases and that’s the reason why you all, at regular intervals, are feeling and experiencing this clearing process.

Saint Germain ~~ De vele hoofdstukken in uw evolutie; hoofdstuk bevrijding! ~~ 30/08/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Ik ben Saint Germain en ik wens u te spreken over de vele boekdelen die jullie vinden in jullie levensloop en evolutie naar Ascentie toe.  Voor als het ware is jullie levensloop en evolutie als een boek die bestaat uit vele delen en hoofdstukken, de ene al zwaarder dan de andere.  Waar jullie nu tot toegekomen zijn is het hoofdstuk dat “bevrijding” heet.  Alles bouwt zich hierrond op en bestaat uit verschillende fasen om tot deze staat van bevrijding te komen, en dit is nu aan het plaatsvinden.  Alles ruimt zich op en lost op om uit de weg te gaan voor de grote wereldse en persoonlijke bevrijding. 

De opstapelingen van negatieve gedachten en negativiteit gebeuren met momentopnames en fasen om nadien uw velden allen te verlaten en het geeft een indruk van constant onder druk te staan.  Het vermoeid en het kan een gevoel geven van het beu zijn, ontchoogeling en vaak wordt er zich bevraagd waarom dit steeds opnieuw kan overkomen en of deze negativiteit wordt aangetrokken.   Ik zeg u dat dit niet steeds het geval is dat er negativiteit wordt aangetrokken, voor u aantrekt wat u bent en aantrekt wat u uitzend in gedachten en doen.  Jullie zijn allen hard met het Licht aan het werken en meer en meer hogere lichtwezens aan het worden, dus is dit niet een kwestie meer van negativiteit aantrekken, maar van het laten op te komen diep vanuit jullie zelf en door jullie zelf, om voor eens en altijd de velden te verlaten.

Het is vaak de negativiteit van jullie persoonlijk die diep in jullie zelven was verborgen en zich wenste te bevrijden vanuit jezelf, maar ook de negativiteit in collectief verband passeert langs jullie velden en zo voelt het aan als een oneindig proces, voor er telkens weer nieuwe negativiteit kan optreden, afhankelijk van keuzes van de mensheid en van de astrale wereld die zich tussen jullie bevinden alszijnde 4de dimensie.  Vergis jullie niet dat jullie nu aan de fase begonnen zijn om dit proces eens en voor altijd te laten gebeuren, dus verwelkom dit en zijt dankbaar: het bevrijd jullie en moeder Aarde en moet gebeuren.  De verwijdering hiervan verloopt in fasen en daarom het gevoel en ervaren hiervan, meer dan eens.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mytre and the Arcturians Part 2

By Suzanne Lie.

Mytre and the Arcturians

Mastering Thought and Perceiving with Emotion

When the Arcturian kindly mentioned my thinking, I had to laugh. I realized that my out-of-control thinking was partially because I had been recalibrated to a frequency of resonance that I had never experienced before.
I also recognized that I was frightened because my thoughts and emotions were out of alignment with my new body. I remembered the Elohim that Mytria and I had met within the Womb of the Mother long, long ago. However, I had never met an Arcturian, much less experienced a frequency rate of beingness that allowed me to perceive and interact with them.

“Good,” spoke the Arcturian standing just inside my doorway. “You have corrected discerned that we took you to the Restoration Room to expand your resonance. You were taken there because you passed a major initiation of mastering your thoughts and perceiving with your emotions.”

I had no idea what perceiving with my emotions meant, but I was very clear about my difficulty in mastering my thoughts. On the other hand, when I was flying the Ship with my mind, I had only one thought, and I felt that thought with every cell of my body.
“Follow me,” the Arcturian directed, but I saw no movement of its mouth. Furthermore, I heard its message inside my heart instead of through my ears. However, the Arcturian did not explain what I was experiencing. With a knowing smile, it turned and walked away. I was very groggy from lack of sleep and intense anxiety, but I woke up quickly in my vain attempt to keep up with it.
For starters, the Arcturian did not actually walk. It moved just above the ground. In fact, I sensed that it could just blink itself to its destination, but was only using its present archaic locomotion for my benefit. I was clear that I had a lot to learn if I was to remain on this Starship.

There is no going back

Excitement is rising among you — the Light-bearers and Light-workers — as you feel the energies of the divine Love field intensifying.  You are all doing a marvelous job of demonstrating God’s Love for humanity by living what you know is the truth, by exemplifying peace and non-engagement, and by refusing to respond with unloving words or actions when it seems that you are being attacked.  You are noticing that this approach works very well indeed, even though initially you had grave doubts about its likely effectiveness.  Love is the answer to every problem, issue, or situation with which you are faced, and that truth is being most positively brought home to you each time you respond lovingly.

It is this realization, and the resultant attitudes and behaviors that it encourages you to follow, that is changing the world rapidly and permanently in eager readiness for awakening.  The powerful flow of Love across the planet is engaging all in its path, and all are in its path.  There is no going back.  Earth and her inhabitants have no option but to awaken if they respond to the Love embracing them in any way at all.  There are a few who have closed themselves and who have refused to respond to this uplifting and inspiring energy field, but the majority have willingly engaged with it, and once they have done so and experienced the gentleness and generosity of it, they will find that there is absolutely nothing that could tempt them to disengage from it.
Your remaining task is to continue demonstrating love in action at all times, as you have been doing, and to enjoy watching the effectiveness of your behavior.
An allegory:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lady Portia ~~Your happiness and your new world are ready to be made known to you ~~ 28/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

My dearest Hearts, I Am Lady Portia, and I want to elaborate in all earnesty about your Ascension process and your huge transformations that you are all undergoing presently. I wish to add that you are all most welcome in my Love energy of Light and of splendour. You are all much affected by my energies for they bring out the worst in you to get replaced by the best and most beautiful energies. You are all turned upside down and inside out in order to get the most out of you because all lower energies, and I really do mean all of them, have to be eliminated as they no longer serve you.

Many of you are now in the thick of this process and are feeling very tired, longing for rest and relaxation. You begin to wonder whether you can ever proceed with your life in peace and quiet. I can tell you that the present situation is but the start of what is to follow, my dear hearts. I do not wish to discourage you, instead I wish to motivate you to keep on with what you are doing at present and to persevere as these transformations inside of you are most harmonious in the long run! It is an indication that your physical body is up to the task of all the adjustments that it is undergoing presently. Your physical bodies adjust constantly and proceed on with what it already is capable of in this new paradigm that is about the emerge.

As an aside I also wish to inform you that there are different areas in your world undergoing fundamental changes causing much grief and sorrow up until now. The hearts of the afflicted people are filled with despair and immense suffering for they do no longer know how to go on in this world. It will make them clarify what can be expected because now the innovative energies of Light are advancing on those affected areas. The Light is systematically taking the place of the void left behind by the negativity which has been removed from those areas of the world. Send them your Love and Light, as they are in dire need of them.

Lady Portia ~~ Uw geluk en uw nieuwe wereld staan klaar om kenbaar gemaakt te worden aan jullie ~~ 28/08/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Mijn allerliefste harten, ik ben Lady Portia en ik wens u allen zonodig te spreken over uwe ascentieproces en uw grote transformaties die u allen ondergaan.  Graag wil ik hieraan toevoegen dat jullie allen van Harte welgekomen zijn in mijn Liefdes energie van Licht en van pracht.  Jullie zijn allen ondersteboven van mijn Liefdes energieën voor het haalt het slechtste uit u en bezorgd u het beste en het mooiste terug in de plaats.  Het keert u allen onderste boven en binnenste buiten en haalt het onderste uit de kan, voor alles, maar dan ook echt alles verwijdert moet worden, wat jullie niet meer dient.  

Velen onder jullie ondergaan dit proces nu volop en zijn hiervan erg moe en smachten naar rust en relaxaties.  Het doet u allen afvragen wanneer u terug verder kan in alle vrede en rust.  Wel, dit is nog maar het begin van nog veel meer te komen mijn lieve harten.. In geen geval wens ik u allen te ontmoedigen maar net te motiveren om verder te doen met wat jullie nu al doen en vol te houden voor deze veranderingen binnenin jullie zelf, van zeer goede tekens spreken!  Het is een aanwijzing dat het fysieke lichaam de aanpassingen aankan en ook daadwerkelijk ondergaat.  Het past zich aan en gaat verder met wat het al kan in deze vernieuwende wereld die tot stand aan het komen is.

Graag wens ik jullie te melden dat er verscheidene werelddelen ondertussen harde veranderingen aan het ondergaan zijn, die voor veel verdriet en zorgen hebben gezorgd tot nu toe.  Deze harten zijn gevuld met wanhoop en immens verdriet, voor ze weten niet meer hoe verder te moeten gaan in deze wereld.  Het zal hen verduidelijken wat er kan van verwacht worden want nu al, zijn de vernieuwende energieën van het Licht zijn opmars aan het maken op deze plaatsen.  Het is de plaats aan het innemen van de leegte die de negativiteit heeft achter gelaten bij het verwijdert worden van deze werelddelen.  Zend hen jullie Liefde en Licht, ze kunnen deze gebruiken.

The Pleiadian High Council: Mothership Interactions and Cleansing of Pollution

-Channeled through Wes Annac-
As you have begun to hear much about the technology you will be given and the technology onboard our ships as well, it is necessary to explain the abilities of some of these technologies that you have not quite yet heard of fully. For example, we are speaking to you in this very manner [channeled] through this scribe, through a technological device of the Light which transmits our energies to our scribe in a manner that sees such energies united and matched in harmonic frequency, even if only temporarily.
We are speaking to you right now through the soul known by many as SanJAsKa, and this soul is in turn navigating and operating our technology which is itself experiencing a funneling-through of our energies and communications down to our scribe on Earth and the various other scribes from our Council(s) who speak 
routinely with humanity.

Dear SanJAsKa is not always the soul who is operating this technology but due to the extreme expertise and experience of this soul in navigating our communication-based technology and due to this soul’s closeness with our scribe, we have felt it appropriate to allow this soul to Represent us as well as our Council of Nine whenever speaking to you all through this specific scribe.

No matter the operator of our communications technology, it is very advanced technology that is meant to see our energies reached by any scribe who wishes to pick up on such energies, in a way that while acting in accordance with the freewill of the scribe and all who will absorb the communications given through such a scribe, will allow our energies to come through in a pure manner despite many of the egotistical limits of many souls who wish to pick up on our energies but who are still working through dense energies and heart sets in themselves.

We will always and forever act in accordance with your growth and with the overall growth of humanity whenever delivering communications telepathically and [whenever utilizing] our technologies or performing any other types of help for your world that will make us known in any way, but we have seen the opportunity to communicate through scribes as one that must be utilized due to said freewill and due to the fact that were we to openly make ourselves known on your television in undeniable ways, there would and will be many who would not react positively to the news of our existence.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Council Of The Venus Ray. ~ “Breaking Away From The Herd.” ~ By, Bella Capozzi. August 27, 2012.

Finally, it appears we are beginning to witness the sprouting of the seeds of discontent among the masses.  One by one, from our vantage point, we notice that people are beginning to question the things they have always just done because they thought it was required of them; because they felt it was to be expected, or maybe it’s simply that-time-of-year and it’s what you have always been tasked to do.  Much of this we see as part of mankind’s enslavement to linear time and the dictates of a highly flawed calendar system. You have been brainwashed by a scant few who sought-and succeeded-to make you believe that you are free, when instead you have been lulled into a false sense of security and the illusion of free choice.  Until recently, most human beings functioned within a sort of pack-mentality;  person following person,  generation leading generation, performing daily tasks by rote with nary a thought as to why you do what you do or  where it is you might be heading.  It is not your fault entirely, the way it all played out.  You contracted to come here to experience duality,  and might we say-experience it you certainly have!

With the steadily increasing influx of more refined and powerful energies raining down upon the planet, we are quite pleased to observe the positive shift in awareness of so many of you who have, up until this point, been something akin to “fence-sitters”.  Among this large group are included many of your close family and friends-a great number of them members of our ground crew who found themselves swept up by the herd, seemingly unaware of what was happening to them.  Oh, such are the pitfalls of the Veil of Secrecy.  But the lot of us-Human, Celestial, Galactic and Elemental alike-through our combined efforts-have joined together to manifest change.   As our beloved Gaia ascends higher and higher towards her 5th dimensional home, there can be nothing but awakening and dramatic change. 




By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Dear friends,
After I received the last message from the Andromeda Galaxy, I have been feeling closer into the situation, to  verify the truth, that something great will be happening soon.
And while the room was expanded, bright with light and joy, the answer was already present, that appeared like being echoed back again and again from the infinite space of the heavens. And it seemed that the answer was one with and inseparable from the radiant space itself.
To understand the timing of this message: in the heavens there is no time, and intention is already result in the present  although it might appear to us to be in the future.
“YES, we are lingering around your planet, getting ready to descend! Great things are on the brink of happening, time does not matter, in fact, you exist actually less and less in time, you are perceiving more and more the presence of the moment. So we descend in any moment! And in the presence it has already happened! The expectations in the skies are high, and the joy is contaminating!
The field of joy is dense and loaded with ecstasy! From this field everything is being born into your world to create the new world and release the old.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


By Suzanne Lie


Dear Arcturians,
I have been feeling the beginning of this message inside. Can you continue the rest of your message now?

Good Morning Suzille,
Yes, we were speaking with you in your sleep last night, but you were too tired to bring forward any of our message. However, you couldn’t remember the first few words, which have actually been in your mind for quite a while. Furthermore, we had to present the dynamics of higher thought before you and your readers would be able to deeply understand what we are about to say.

Our Dear One, we have spoken to you for many of your years, but we wish to tell you that we are about to take a quantum leap in the information that we send you. Previously, it was unsafe to send you certain information and/or your mind was not ready to receive it. However, the world is much lighter now and the danger of offering the TRUTH is greatly diminished.

Therefore, we have decided to share some unique information through you and through many other Earth Representatives. We prefer not to use the word channel, as a channel is erroneously thought of as one who is not of our Beingness. Of course, those through whom we speak, in fact, everyone, is ONE with our Being, for we resonate to the eighth through tenth dimensions of formless unity with ALL life. However, we will be moving into a higher frequency, just as you will.

In fact, all life in this Universe is experiencing an Octave Jump in resonance. There are some who will not be able to participate in that leap in vibration, so they will be re-located to another Universe. They will not be aware of their relocation, and will likely experience Gaia’s ascending reality as an “interesting dream.” They will have no sorrow, as they will not know that they have left.

They will not know that their reality has changed because they were not even awake within the Ascending Earth reality. Therefore, they will continue to slumber within the reality that will be new to them, but they will not know that it is new. Now, we hear your question of, “What about those who care for them? Will those who remain in this reality miss these people?”

26 agosto 2012 - I Delfini - Noi, voi, i bambini e la nostra collaborazione - Canalizzato da Méline Lafont

Translation by Valentina Vazzaz

Saluti, cari, siamo la Collettività dei Delfini e ci manifestiamo una volta ancora perché abbiamo molto da condividere riguardo alla pulizia della negatività e i cambiamenti terrestri. Come ormai sapete, stiamo lavorando strenuamente per assistere Madre Terra nel rilasciare ogni negatività dai suoi campi e dai vostri, voi che siete la nostra famiglia sulla superficie del pianeta. Vi chiediamo di continuare ad inviare Amore e Luce ai nostri oceani e a noi in quanto ne abbiamo bisogno per il nostro lavoro. Ogni più piccola scintilla di Luce ed Amore che viene inviata a noi e ai nostri oceani dai vostri pensieri è sufficiente per portare a compimento molto lavoro. Sei creatori potenti, non sottovalutatevi!
Ringraziamo per la vostra cooperazione in questo compito e vi amiamo immensamente comprese le cossiddette anime perse, le anime oscure, poiché non sanno fare di meglio. Le perdoniamo e inviamo loro il nostro Amore come se fossero figli nostri; li mettiamo nella Luce e li consideriamo parte di noi con la differenza che essi hanno perso la via al loro Sé interiore. Vi chiediamo di fare lo stesso poiché siete tutti Uno e collegati strettamente gli uni agli altri. E' di aiuto per voi e per Madre Terra perdonare coloro che sono diversi da voi nelle azioni, negli obiettivi e nei pensieri. Avete dovuto sopportare molto durante le innumerevoli incarnazioni, avete fatto molta strada e anche quelli che ora sono chiamati Operatori di Luce risvegliati hanno, talvolta, percorso lo stesso sentiero nel quale ora si trovano queste anime perse. Anche allora non abbiamo mai smesso di amarvi incondizionatamente e vi abbiamo perdonato e tutto questo vi ha aiutato a giungere dove ora vi trovate. Amare e perdonare sono azioni di fondamentale importanza adesso.

The Dolphin Collective ~~ We, You, the Children and our collaboration~~ 26/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Greetings, lovely ones, we are the Dolphin Collective and we step forward once more as we have a lot to share concerning the clean-up of the negativity and concerning the Earthly changes. As you already know by now we are working very hard to assist Mother Earth in releasing all negativity from her fields and from your fields as well, you being our family who dwell on the surface of the planet. We request of you to still  send much Love and Light to our oceans and to us because we are in need of that as it helps us with our work. Every little spark of Light and Love sent to us and to the oceans by your thoughts is sufficient to get a lot of work accomplished. You are powerful creators, never underestimate yourselves!

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter and we love you all beyond words, and that also includes the so- called lost souls, the dark souls, for they know no better. We forgive them and we send them our Love as if they were our own children, we place them in the Light and we consider them as our own but with the difference that they simply have lost their way to their inner Self. We ask you to do the same, for you are all one and are collectively tied closely one to the other. It is beneficial for you and for Mother Earth to forgive those whose deeds/goals and thoughts differ from your own. You had to endure a lot during countless incarnations, you have covered a long distance and even the ones who are now called the Lightworkers and awakened ones, have at some time walked the same path on which the dark souls now find themselves. Even than we never ceased to love you unconditionally and we forgave you, all this has helped to led you to where you are now. To forgive and to Love are of paramount importance now.

Dolfijn Collectief ~~ Wij, jullie, de kinderen en onze samenwerking ~~ 26/08/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont.

Gegroet onze liefsten, wij komen nogmaals naar voor vandaag en hebben veel te delen in verband met jullie opruiming van de negativiteit en de Aardse veranderingen.  Zoals geweten, zijn wij hard aan het werk hiervoor, om moeder Aarde te helpen met al de negativiteit uit haar velden te krijgen en die van jullie, onze familie op land.  Wij verzoeken u allen nogmaals om veel Liefde en Licht te zenden naar onze oceanen en onszelf voor we hebben deze nu hard nodig om ons te helpen bij dit werk.  Elk sprankeltje van Licht en Liefde in gedachte naar ons en de oceanen toe is al voldoende om een hoop werk te verzetten.  Jullie zijn krachtige scheppers, onderschat jullie zelven niet!

Wij danken jullie hiervoor en houden ontzettend van jullie allen, inclusief al de verloren en verduisterde zielen, voor zij weten echt niet beter.  Wij vergeven hen en zenden hen onze Liefde alsof het onze eigen kinderen waren, wij plaatsen hen in het Licht en aanzien hen als 1 van ons die simpelweg de weg verloren zijn naar hun Innerlijke Zelf.  Wij vragen u allen om hetzelfde te doen, voor u allen 1 bent en collectief zo nauw samenhangen.  Het doet uw allen en moeder Aarde ten goede van uzelven en anderen te vergeven van daden en gedachten die niet streven met uw doelen of gedachten.  Jullie allen zijn door veel gegaan tijdens de inmense incarnaties en jullie allen komen van ver en ja ook jullie alszijnde de huidige Lichtwerkers en ontwakenden hebben ooit hetzelfde pad bewandelt als deze zielen die nu verduisterd zijn.  Ook dan hebben wij u allen graag gezien en ook dan zijt u allen vergeven geweest, het heeft mee gedragen tot waar u nu staat.  Vergeven en Lief hebben is nu van enorm belang.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Council of Nine to Me, “The Journey Home”, August 25, 2012 – by Tazjima

Good morning!  We are the Council of Nine.  Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you, again, so soon.
Events move apace for our way showers.  Even as we speak, a myriad of changes are occurring in each of your bodies.  New cells are being created.  The light is penetrating into dark corners of your psyche where it has not been able to penetrate for a millennium of linear time.

We come to you today bearing gifts, in the form of light packets, designed to dissolve any further resistance to the process of transformation that lies before you.  It is your decision to proceed further.  Actually, those of you reading these words have already made this decision, whether you are aware of doing so or not; it was a decision made for you before incarnation.
As this last bit of darkness is removed, the last bastion of the ego fortified by, in some cases, of decades of human conditioning, will fall.  Do not feel that you have failed if you are feeling out of sorts, fatigued or even cranky.  These sensations are indicative of the “battle” being fought at a cellular level.  Your body, the last hold out against change, is following its natural instincts for survival and is resisting change.  The cosmic light even now penetrating the atmosphere, the earth below your feet and your bodies is bringing inevitable transformation to the very cells of your physical body and it (the body) deems this a threat to its existence.  

At a cellular level, the cells are being sorted out and reconfigured into a state of being hitherto unknown.  The physical body is undergoing the real transformation, even transfiguration, if you will, into a new crystalline pattern.  As with the reconstruction of molecules of water turning to ice, so, too, are the cells of the human body turning into crystal.  You may ask, does this mean that we are turning into rocks?  No… the crystalline structure is designed to hold more light, which in turn will rise up your vibrations and allow you to move into a higher vibrational density, into the Fifth Dimension.  There the body will not hold a heavy density, but will be made of light and be able to be changed with thought and intent.  The appearance of physicality even on the level of the third dimension is an illusion.  In truth, the body is made of swirling vortexes of energies.  In the higher dimensions, you will be able to form and reform these vortexes at will, to suit your development and that of the collective in which you find yourselves.

Dreams are like a glass house – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn, August 25, 2012

Today I want to discuss the topic of dreams and its significance in detail. You all have so often heard of us, that your dreams and thoughts create your new world and manifest things.
The thought of something is the young seedling, the seed that develops and grows. It is still in the dark earth, protected against powerful influences. It now needs warmth and humidity in order to prosper. This you give your desires by your often thinking on them. Young plants outdoors are exposed to weather influences. In the case of your manifestations this are the conflicting ideas, a back and forth. Too much of it can be destructive.

Dreams are like a glass house. The young plant “desire” can there find optimal conditions, protected against harmful influences and equipped with enough nutrients and moisture. Also is a dream growth aids for your manifestations. In your dreams you can draw down to the smallest detail what you expect from your life. You can imagine it before your mind’s eye, the third eye, and shape your desires. Your feelings, your love that you have invested in your dreams, let your manifestations grow even faster and better.

In this way you can not only get things into your life, but also form your new world. Many of you could not imagine until now, how this would work, but it is quite simple. You must only dream of it. Imagine how it should look like, also the new society, the conditions, such as you all want to live, and then dream again and again. Give your feelings to it and your future begins to form.
It just takes a little longer if your constantly bring in changes into your dreams. The universe responds to changes of course. It’s no different than if you build a house and give change requests to the architect and craftsmen. Work must be rescheduled or restructured, which leads to delays. A good planning is very helpful before you give your project in the form of your dreams to the architect, the contractor and the universe. I’ve now seen some of your projects and I can confirm to you that there are beautiful buildings. Your dreams are getting bolder and greater and you will admire them with big eyes .

Jared Ayden – Valme’ata: your waiting has become expecting 22 aug 2012

Bringers of the Light, seekers of Truth.
It’s good to reconnect, things are going well, we are proud because of your progress. We knew you would succeed, but the progress we see exceeds by far our expectations.

Many of you have managed to find balance and regain balance, you create what you focus on. This knowledge is rediscovered amid the forgetfulness, exactly as intended.
You are waiting, but it is different than before, it is now an expecting, a knowing. Little remains to be added.

Realize that those who make use of this knowledge in a backwards way have no power anymore, they are powerless against those who use it as it is intended.
You often played with the idea of ​​’what if everything is the way it is now, by the way I directed it’. That idea closely approaches reality.

Your choice is clear and what you choose will shape reality, because this desire is powerful. What if everyone created their own reality, what if it is so?
What keeps you from reaching for the stars?


BAST. “You Are Powerful, Immortal Beings Of Light.” By Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le). August 24, 2012.

▲ No longer shall you need to swim against the currents, oh Mighty Warriors, but in the days to come you shall flow smoothly with it.  Through it.  This gentleness, this symmetry is what is soon to become your reality upon the eradication of the pervading darkness.   Where now you see only limitation and lack of viable options, you shall soon behold incredible opportunities to spread wide your wings and soar as the birds do.  You currently find your manifestational skills grossly inhibited, and this is due simply to the way your minds have been trained to perceive only  obstacles.  Even though your heart is wise and knows otherwise, the voice of the ego tells you all the reasons why what you so desire is impossible.  But now that pessimistic voice finds itself silenced by default, as the pure energy pouring forth in great waves can no longer support it.  Try telling this pessimism, should it creep up unawares, most emphatically, “No. Stop. Go away.  I hear you no longer.”  Your glass is neither half empty nor half full.  Instead, it is filled up to the brim and overflowing with endless possibility.

▲ So, say that now you have mastered this new way of being and gradually you begin to accept and live by the dictates of your heart.  Soon your creations take form before your very eyes, and you are astonished!  How simple this is, is it not?  How much easier and more enjoyable is this way, rather than the stifling and exhausting process  of old.  Be it good health, freedom, or a bit of luxury now and again-what you choose to manifest matters far less than does the manner in which you bring it forth.  Be at peace in the certainty that the Universe is a most generous and dependable provider.  Then at long last experience a welcome cessation of the struggle.  Your incoming New World is one which is absent of greed and malice, with all of mankind starting over on a level playing field.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Magatha from Agartha ~~ The Intense changes are having place, you are almost there ~~ 24/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Greetings, beloved brethren of Earth, this is Magatha of Agartha speaking to you. We apologize as it has been a while now since our last channeling was shared. This is due to the fact that much is transpiring and our beloved channeler had to personally undergo enormous shifts. It’s all good news though for the inhabitants on the surface of the Earth.

It is becoming quite obvious that many humans are now also experiencing these intense energies and shifts which take their toll on them. The physical body is under a lot of stress nowadays as it progresses one big step upward towards Ascension, undergoing umpteen changes in the process. The lightcodes, which we mentioned briefly in an earlier channeling, are doing their work now with regards to the execution and the manifestation of the lightbody and the physical body has to adjust constantly to this and must evolve to a state that’s much higher than this 3rd dimensional density. The physical body is blossoming into a beautiful shining sphere of light consisting of pure light energy and love ; in short, more into the original state of being.

Do not misinterpret what has just been said as you will not, all of a sudden, at the moment of Ascension turn into a light sphere or an orb which is the form of most of the higher light energies such as for instance planets and stars. Afore-mentioned transformation into a star or a light sphere implies lots of evolutionary processes which, as you already know, is an infinite evolution in the eternity of the Higher Realms. You haven’t reached that stage yet, it will await you in a much further phase of your evolution. What you can duly expect now is that you, as well as your physical body, will undergo a huge change on your evolutionary way to that original light source that you are in essence. You may expect to see your physical body becoming more and more ethereal, lighter in substance, less heavy in weight and density. Moreover, your physical body will radiate more light but will nevertheless consist of a visible light contour which in essence is the inner light expanding outside of your physical body. Behold the first signs of these emerging lights as they begin to reveal themselves to you. It is paramount that you meditate each day to the extent that it’s possible. This will improve your perceptions and grant you a crystal clear vision on yourself as well as on the changes your physical body is undergoing.

Magatha van Agartha ~~ De intense veranderingen hebben plaats, jullie zijn er bijna ~~ 24/08/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont.

Gegroet geliefde Aarde gebroeders, u spreekt met Magatha van Agartha.  Wij verontschuldigen ons voor het een tijdje geleden is dat u nog een boodschap hebt mogen ontvangen van ons.  Dit is te wijten aan het feit dat veel aan het gebeuren is en onze geliefde channeler door enorme shiften zelf is moeten doorgaan.  Allemaal goed nieuws en dit geldt ook voor jullie allen op Aarde!

Het is zeer duidelijk dat velen onder jullie de intense energieën en shiften ook ervaren en dit immens veel van jullie vergt.  Het fysieke lichaam staat nu enorm onder druk voor het weer een grote stap hoger maakt naar Ascentie toe en talloze veranderingen aan het ondergaan is.  De vroegere lichtcodes doen nu hun werk in het uitvoeren en manifesteren hiervan, en het fysieke lichaam moet zich hieraan aanpassen om terug naar een staat te gaan die veel hoger is dan deze 3de densiteit.  Het is aan het bloeien weliswaar tot een mooie glanzende lichtbol bestaande uit pure lichtenergie en Liefde, de oorspronkelijke staat.  

Versta ons niet verkeerd voor u zal na Ascentie niet ineens een lichtbol of orb zijn zoals de meeste hogere Lichtenergieën zijn, zoals bijvoorbeeld Lichtplaneten en sterren. Deze specifieke transformatie tot een ster of Lichtbol neemt enorm veel evolutieprocessen in beslag die, zoals jullie weten, een oneindig proces zijn van evolutie in de eeuwigheid van de Hogere Werelden.  Zover staan jullie nog niet , maar staat jullie wel op een veel latere evolutie te wachten.  Wat jullie wel kunnen verwachten is dat uzelf en uw fysieke lichaam een grote verandering zullen ondergaan en jullie zo stilletjes aan groeien en evolueren naar die oorspronkelijke lichtbron dat jullie zijn.  U zal kunnen verwachten dat uw lichaam lichter wordt van textuur en minder zwaar zal zijn van gewicht en van vastheid.  Uw fysieke lichaam zal ook meer licht uitstralen en je zal een zichtbaardere contour bevatten uit licht, alszijnde jouw innerlijk licht dat zich expandeert uit je fysieke lichaam.  Aanschouw de eerste tekenen, voor ze beginnen zich zichtbaar te maken voor jullie.  Dagelijks mediteren is van de orde nu, in het mate van het mogelijke.  Het zal jullie percepties enorm vooruit helpen en jullie een klaardere kijk bieden op jezelf en die veranderingen van je fysieke zelf.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


by Suzanne Lie.

 We are YOU
Beloved Ascending Ones,
We, The Arcturians, observe that many of you are having a challenge during this final stage of integration of your new, Multidimensional Operating System into your old, third dimensional thinking. In other words, a part of you is fully multidimensional while another part, usually your earth vessel, feels like an anchor that you are dragging around with your consciousness. Actually, that is a correct metaphor. YOU are no longer your earth vessel, but you are still using it to remain attached to the 3D Earth Matrix.

You are much like a Hermit Crab who has grown too large for its current shell and is desperately looking for a larger encasement so that it can still crawl around the ocean to find food. Just a Hermit Crabs sometimes leaves the water, you are increasingly leaving your usual habitat. For myriad lives you have limited your environment to the physical plane. However, the physical reality is beginning to feel like a shell that no longer fits.
The frequency rate of the YOU that is free of your vessel is many octaves higher than the vessel that you appear to be wearing. Hence, there is a constant juxtaposition between the YOU inside your earth vessel and the YOU that is quickly expanding beyond the confines of third dimensional limitation.

There are, also, many changes in your consciousness that are making your earth vessel feels too tight. For example, your thoughts have become too fast for your physical articulators to effectively express. Furthermore, your emotional longing for something that is seems impossible by the standards of your physical brain make you lonely and forgetful. Thus, you are beginning to forget, but it is third dimension that you are forgetting, while your yearning for something new is growing stronger.

Things, activities, people, foods and interest that were once very important are beginning to mean less and less to you. The time-bound thinking that has driven you to do a certain thing, be a certain place or finish a certain task by a given time is falling away. You are literally forgetting that which you do NOT want to do. Instead, you are choosing to follow the urges of the New You.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Andrianna Of The Pleiades. A Short Message Of Hope. By, Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le). August 22, 2012.

Knowing that you are living in the final days of duality should bring you great amounts of peace and tranquility.  There is such comfort to be found by keeping this simple fact in mind.  Be not deceived by what might appear to you as a veneer of sameness, or a lack of productivity on our part.  I promise you, this is not the way it is at all.  Have faith that everything is as it should be.  Events are transpiring at the pace they ought to, in order to insure the highest possible level of success;  and also offering the least amount of trauma to those who still maintain an air of denial.

Your world cannot go on in the manner that it has and still survive to see the implementation of the Divine Plan.  It has to change, it must.  And it is changing, so be of a sound enough mind to see the light beneath the cloudy surface of duality.   Hear the truth ring out above the monstrous cacophony of lies.  Your new life is being gently  birthed, and for awhile-as with any birth-things tend to get somewhat chaotic and messy.  Yet know that this it shall only be that way for a short time, and in living from the heart you shall get through it smoothly.

If you could only see your new world will look like – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn, August 22, 2012

My beloved children, I am delighted to see how the love and light are further spread on Earth. Incessantly grows the group of those who wake up slowly and who remember their mission, to anchor love and light on Earth. Love has irretrievably gained the upper hand and nothing can change it back.

Oh yes, you moan partly about the effects of the enormous energies that affect you. You wonder now if this does not stop. Unfortunately, I can only say that it is getting even more intense. Oh, there will be breaks so that you can take a brief pause before it continues. Before the next wave in energy spills over to you. But rest assured, you aren’t exposed to anything that you could not stand. We are very careful not to overwhelm you. You’ve a little to hold out before you reach the great aim, Ascension. Let the effects of energy, do not defend yourselves. So much better you can integrate them then. Your body can then process easier.

It is worth the effort my children. If you could only see your new world will look like. It will be magnificent for you. I know, because I can see your visions. Do not forget, I am the wife of Prime Creator, the Divine Feminine and the Goddess Creator of this universe. Therefore I am one with you too, my children.

The Council of Nine to Me ~ Inner Trust and New Directions~by tazjima

We are the Council of Nine.  We come today to address some of the many changes coming into your lives. 
For some of you, the concept of stepping into a world different from the one in which you were born is exhilarating; for other people, it is frightening.  Others only wish to escape the limitations of the three-dimensional density.  And then there are those souls who are dreaming their new world into existence.  Which reality calls to you?  Or is it beyond your present imagination?
We know there is some fear among Lightworkers that the New World doesn’t exist at all and can never exist – that it is just a collective delusion that a part of humankind has fallen into.  The “what if nothing happens on December 21, 2012, and then where will we be?” looms in their minds like a dark shadow.  The possibility does exist, but it does not mean the New World is not real.  We tell you that it exists in the ever present Now, in a higher vibrational frequency than where you currently live.  You are nearly there at the brink of understanding.
As our Scribe has noted recently, she feels differently today than even just a couple of months ago.  Although she lives a relatively quiet life outside of her work environment, she feels that there has been great movement within.  She feels more comfortable, confident and sure of herself, in contrast to how she once viewed the world as a child and even as an adult.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saint Germain ~~ Your own Creation and Your own Disclosure are now becomming more visible ~~ 21/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Dear Ones,

I am most pleased to speak to you today while the most intense changes are happening on your world. I like to step forward in this very positive momentum which is currently at hand. As an Ascended Master I really do value your evolutionary process, for you have moved many mountains as it were, in a short period of time. It is now of utmost importance to continue cooperating in these matters as this is really necessary to bring the two great common projects to complete fruition namely Ascension and Disclosure.

Disclosure in itself can be seen as the unravellings of certain issues that have heretofore remained secrets for all of you. Afore-mentioned unravellings are now pushing very hard to get released on your world, my dear ones. The invisible barriers are now fully lifted allowing the secrets to be unveiled to find their way through the chaos. For there will be chaos, but only for a little while. A few ‘outbursts’ have to happen firstly before the new paradigm can surface to take its rightful place. Collectively as well as personally you are all finding yourselves at present In this phase of opening-up. Assist this opening-up phase consciously as it is necessary.

We have arrived in a time of great Glory that is awaiting us all and I really do mean all!! Including the Ascended Masters, the guides, the Archangels, the Galactic Brethren, the Inner Earth civilization as well as the countless “ethereal” worlds and the little creatures who dwell  on Earth amongst you. It is a time of gathering, of reunions, of cooperation and of mutual Love. Great Awakenings will unfold amongst humanity and on your beloved Mother Earth thanks to the arrival of endless Love – and Light energies. She will be able to firstly show Her true nature to you, and then you will follow in Her footsteps.

Saint Germain ~~ Uw eigen creatie en uw eigen Disclosure worden nu zichbaarder ~~ 21/08/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont.


Het is mij een genoegen om uw allen weer ten woord te staan vandaag ten midst van de intense veranderingen op jullie wereld.  Graag kom ik naar voor in een zo positieve momentum als deze huidige.  Als Geascendeerde Meester prijs ik jullie werk en evolutieproces enorm op prijs, daar jullie enorm veel bergen verzet hebben op een zeer korte tijd.  Graag jullie blijvende samenwerking nu, voor deze immens belangrijk is om tot volledig slagen te geraken van ons gezamelijke en grote vooruitzichten: Ascentie en Disclosure.

Wat onder Disclosure kan verstaan worden zijn de ontknopingen van een aantal zaken die lang geheim zijn gebleven voor u allen.  En dat mijn Geliefden, is nu ontzettend hard aan het duwen voor vrij te komen op jullie Aardse wereld.  De onzichtbare barriëres zijn nu volledig ontheven en alles heeft nu de vrije loop om zijn gang te gaan en hun weg te vinden tussen de chaos heen.  Chaos zal er zijn en chaos zal niet van lange duur zijn.  Er moeten eerst een aantal "uitbarstingen" gebeuren voor het vernieuwde volledig de plaats kan innemen en vrij kan komen.  In deze fase van ontluikingen bevinden jullie jezelf nu en dit op een collectief verband alsook een persoonlijke.  Geef ze de vrijheid plaats te vinden, het is van noodzaak.

Waar wij ons allen nu bevinden, is een tijd van grote Glorie die ons te wachten staat.  En daarmee bedoel ik voor ons allen!  Alsook de Geascendeerde Meesters, gidsen, Aartsengelen, Galactische gebroeders, de Inner wereld alsook de talloze verfijnde spirituele werelden zoals de kleine wezentjes onder jullie op Aarde.  Het is een tijd van samenkomst en herenigingen, het samenwerken en het elkaar lief te hebben.  Grote ontwakeningen zullen plaats gaan vinden door de oneindige Liefde en Licht energieën die op jullie mensheid en planeet geliefde Moeder Aarde afkomen.  Zij zal nu als eerste haar ware aard aan jullie kunnen laten zien, waar nadien jullie zelf zullen volgen.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

You find yourselves irreversibly on the path to Ascension – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn, August 20, 2012

My dears, I can again speak to you through this channel. Since the last time, a lot has happened. The Olympic Games in London were carried out without the planned acts of terrorism by the cabal. The positive energies that were released, and were also sent by droves of Lightworkers and Starseeds to London, have played their part. Also from our side all steps have been taken to make the Games peacefully.

The energies that have reached the earth during the Lions Gate could dissolve enormous amounts of negative energies that were partly settled for centuries in the soil, so that they could leave the earth. You can already notice that you feel more comfortable and quiet. This feeling, however, depends on how much personal cleaning work you’ve already done. But even in these processes, the energies of the Lions Gate on 8.8. had for you a soothing effect. They are still a little at work in you and can solve hard incrusted structures. Therefore use the last of this existing energies. This does not mean that you are now without this assistance. The contrary, the energies are getting more from day to day. But now you can handle them better, because the conversion process of your bodies are in full swing. Your bodies are now able to accommodate ever greater energies.