Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saint Germain ~~ Your own Creation and Your own Disclosure are now becomming more visible ~~ 21/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Dear Ones,

I am most pleased to speak to you today while the most intense changes are happening on your world. I like to step forward in this very positive momentum which is currently at hand. As an Ascended Master I really do value your evolutionary process, for you have moved many mountains as it were, in a short period of time. It is now of utmost importance to continue cooperating in these matters as this is really necessary to bring the two great common projects to complete fruition namely Ascension and Disclosure.

Disclosure in itself can be seen as the unravellings of certain issues that have heretofore remained secrets for all of you. Afore-mentioned unravellings are now pushing very hard to get released on your world, my dear ones. The invisible barriers are now fully lifted allowing the secrets to be unveiled to find their way through the chaos. For there will be chaos, but only for a little while. A few ‘outbursts’ have to happen firstly before the new paradigm can surface to take its rightful place. Collectively as well as personally you are all finding yourselves at present In this phase of opening-up. Assist this opening-up phase consciously as it is necessary.

We have arrived in a time of great Glory that is awaiting us all and I really do mean all!! Including the Ascended Masters, the guides, the Archangels, the Galactic Brethren, the Inner Earth civilization as well as the countless “ethereal” worlds and the little creatures who dwell  on Earth amongst you. It is a time of gathering, of reunions, of cooperation and of mutual Love. Great Awakenings will unfold amongst humanity and on your beloved Mother Earth thanks to the arrival of endless Love – and Light energies. She will be able to firstly show Her true nature to you, and then you will follow in Her footsteps.

Everything will change and will look astonishingly beautiful as seen from your inner Self. You are about to reach the state of pure Love in which you will feel and be Loving for one another. From this state of pure Love your perceptions will change as never before ; all that used to be important will no longer be so, all that once was solid, that gave a sense of security will cease to be that way. Mother Earth will transform in a beautiful Light Sphere and She will softly shake off her skin, which for centuries has held Her captive in a low vibration. Be happy and be very grateful for this transformation is the most beautiful gift that humanity can witness and experience. You are the wonderful souls that were chosen to make this all really come to pass! To lift everything to a higher level and to enlighten not only yourself but also the whole of humanity and the Earth. You have chosen to accomplish this feat even from the most difficult, heavy of circumstances.

At first nobody knew with certainty if this had any chance of success ; that is, it had never been done before to accomplish this feat starting from these very low vibrations in which lots of negatitivy were rampant and in which you were belittled and on top of that, you had to endure this all while inhabiting a limiting physical body. This really hadn’t been done before in an Ascension process. And since this is a planet of free will, it is not always evident to know where we can interfere and where we can’t. We have permission to interfere where needed and many times we do so in the worst cases; but on the other hand sometimes things happen which are chosen on a collective scale and where intervention is prohibited … This has to be respected.

Now I, Saint Germain, say wholeheartedly :”Well done!” You have succeeded in almost finishing up this whole Ascension process and you are well on your way to reap the fruits of your labor in the form of your deliverance and your Self-knowledge which will finally be yours again. You are the most fantastic souls who were able to succeed against all odds and who have forged ahead to such a degree that there’s no way back anymore! The Light has won on all fronts now and no amount of darkness will be able to pierce through without itself being affected by the Light. Many attempts have been nullified and still the dark ones try to undermine the efforts of the Light but to no avail ; they can no longer hold any influence over your world and the Light. Their attempts are futile and are weakening gradually to disappear altogether.

Let the last of these dark souls depart ; you will be able to feel them due to the collective link through which they leave. You will very soon now be able to get a glimpse of your inner world which you have created around you. You are the creator of this new world and you will see which personal changes are evident and which veils of your own new world will be lifted. Be aware that I am referring to collective as well as personal changes. The changes that are obvious in your world will differ from the changes that will happen to somebody else’s world on so many points. And so it is quite possible that a particular soul will not see specific changes that are obvious to another soul : it all depends on what you have created and on your level of consciousness. Determine for yourself what you want to create and what changes will become apparent for they are personal! All that you have created from your inner being will be reflected in your outer world.

I AM Saint Germain.

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  1. Beautiful, thank you St. Germain for this lovely wonderful and encouraging message and sis thank you for sharing with us.

    1. So welcome sis!! and thank you for the nice commend ♥

  2. thank you Meline and St Germain!.... lovely...sharing it <3 much love to you.

  3. thank you Fran!! Much Love to you too!!! Looking forward every day to your new one x ♥

  4. Very beautiful message! I love it... Thank You, Meline.

  5. Very welcome Janina! Love to you dear Janina ♥