Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and my wishes to you all

As the year of 2012 ends, I want to express my gratitude to all of you and say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you out there whom are visiting my blog every day, sending me their nice comments and Love, to all of your support and appreciation, to all of you who I have met and connected with.. Especially a Big THANK you for the wonderful souls I have met during my mission and journey.  I have been accepted in the most wonderful hearts, whom I have now included in my heart and have become really close friends with, family and precious ones to me.

This year has been a major rollercoaster for me but all for the good and bringing out the best in me.  I want to thank a few people in person that I have in mind:

Suzanne Spooner: Thank you for bringing TAUK to me, it has helped me a lot in my journey to become a channeler.  Thanks to your method, I have made my first contacts with my team and Twin Flame using your TAUK methods and I am really thankful for this, even if we do not speak so often anymore, I am thankful and I carry you in my heart ♥  You are a very sweet and wonderful person.

Message from the Magical Kingdom ~The Unicorns~ By Méline Lafont

The most magical world of the Fairies and the Unicorns greets you all in their midst. We are the ones that are described in length to your beloved children at bedtime telling of a fairy tale world which you all dream of and yearn for to come into existence. Well now we have become your reality for we, the Unicorns, the Fairies, the Trolls and the Elves all belong to this magical dimension of 1 great Love and wondrous colours. We really do exist and we are presences emerged from the Light, just as all of you.

The recognition of our existence by your hearts has always been a difficult concept to comprehend since your hearts, due to the prolonged existence in this old 3rd Dimension, were not always willing to accept it openly. Your hearts have been shut down for a very long time for this reality and for this selflove; a reality to which our world and our existence belong. That’s why we only lived in the hearts and minds of your children, whose beloved hearts are always so loving, so pure and so receptive!

Boodschap van de Magische wereld ~De Eenhoorns~ door Méline Lafont

De meest magische wereld van de Feeën en eenhoorns verwelkomen jullie allen in ons midden.  Wij zijn degenen waar veel over vertelt wordt bij het slapengaan tegen de geliefde kinderen van jullie, de sprookjeswereld waar allen van dromen en naar smachten een realiteit te zijn.  Wel, nu zijn wij jullie realiteit geworden, voor wij eenhoorns en feeën, trollen en elfen allemaal tot deze magische dimensie behoren van 1 grote Liefde en wonderlijke kleuren.  Wij bestaan echt en zijn presenties ontstaan uit het Licht, net zoals uw allen.

De erkenning van ons bestaan, door jullie harten, heeft steeds een moeilijk concept geweest om te bevatten, voor de harten van jullie lange bestaan in deze oude 3de Dimensie dit niet steeds openlijk wensten te ontvangen.  Jullie harten zijn lang afgesloten geweest van deze realiteit en zelfliefde, waartoe onze wereld en ons bestaan toe behoort.  Daarom leefden wij enkel in de harten en de geesten van jullie kinderen, wiens geliefde harten zo liefdevol, puur en ontvankelijk zijn, en dit altijd!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

We have some good news for you. – channeled by Ron Head

As we begin our last message for your year of 2012, let us give our deepest appreciation to each of those who have followed our channelings throughout these months for all of their dedication and efforts toward your planet’s ascension.

None of you has had an easy time of it, and yet, here you are, preparing for another year of the same.  Well, we have some good news for you.  While there is still quite a way for you to go on this journey, you will soon be quite well aware that the most difficult part of this undertaking is behind you.
There is much to do.  Some of it will indeed be no ‘piece of cake’, as you say, but neither are you anywhere near as unprepared as you were even a short time ago.

Matthew Ward – 12/29/2012

December 21st reactions, actual effects; beliefs create reality; aftermath of darkness, clearing away “debris”; expectations; God in charge of ET arrival; information sources; ascension smoother from now on; soul and science, same energy

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  December 21st, the date long awaited with excitement and musing about what would occur, has come and gone.

Individual experiences that day were as personal and unique as each soul itself is. Nevertheless, the majority of sensations felt by lightworkers can be described as moments of heightened spiritual attunement for some; a sense of peacefulness and well being for others; and disheartenment for those who expected to see momentous changes.  Except for the “doomsday” concept followers, the general reaction of the rest of Earth’s population who gave any thought at all to the Mayan calendar was, I knew nothing out of the ordinary would happen.

Reiki Doc: How to See the Higher Dimensions

How to see the fifth dimension? Don’t use your eyes. Leave your logic back in the car. Take everything you have ever been taught, and set it on the shelf for a while. It is still there, and is not going anywhere, you can’t lose it…nothing that you have ever known as truth is going to work.

Why? That is because the Higher Dimensions are new. Jt is like the blades of a fan set on High; they spin more fast than the eye can see. Yet your ears can hear them whirr. And your skin can feel the breeze.
It is not going to be described in the newspaper. And especially not on T.V. Not now while they are under the control of the illuminati-run media. That makes sense, does it now?
It is out the door, waiting to be discovered. It is in Nature already, loud and clear, and a beautiful sight to behold–if you use your Heart to ‘see’.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: You are Finding a Galactic Experience of Enlightenment

307 small-Channeled through Wes Annac-
This message, as well as one from the Pleiadian Council of Nine that will be forthcoming, were channeled before the 12-21 alignment and having been so busy and then wishing to take a rest, I have not been in a position to post them until now. Much is discussed in this message, but it is not entirely current to the “after 12-21” period we are in now. Even still, I thought it to be helpful.

[The Pleiadian High Council speak first.]

We are watching you dear souls undergo your temporary Earth experiences from our Mothership, and from this ship we hold many meetings amongst ourselves and with the rest of the Galactic Federation as well as numerous other Lighted Organizations assisting in the ascension of your world.

Each and every Lighted Federation and Organization who is assisting in the ascension of your world are working together to help see-out such ascension and while we are all doing what we can to help your planetary collective evolve and find the unity and harmony you have always been meant to find, we can only intervene so much and would not want to be seen as interfering with your freewill experience in any way.
This has been one strong reason we have not yet made contacts with your world [in this day and age] and while many may see the perceived lack of physical contact in your current society as “proof” that we somehow do not exist, we ask you took toward the undistorted records of your history and see the personal contacts we have made, as they have been documented throughout the various ancient societies we have contacted in your Earth’s history.

Ascension and my 21 Dec 2012 by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi guys,
I am asked by my Higher Self to share a few of my experiences and thoughts with you all. Part of the writing here is coming from me, and part of it comes from my Higher Self. I am asked to no longer make any distinction between these two in my writings in the future.

I first wanted to share with you how my 21st Dec. went. I felt extremely tired for the 21st, 22d and 23d of December. Looking back at those 3 days, I really needed some 4 or 5 hours of extra sleep in comparison with my usual 5 or 6 hours sleep per night, bringing me to some 10 to 11 hours sleep per day, which doubled my sleep routine over those 3 days.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Méline Lafont: My experiences around the Alignment of 21/12/2012

Ok, after my retreat of 6 days I feel ready to share my experiences and feelings that went through me during that time. I must say that 20 - 21 and 22 December were extremely weird for me and gave me a downer. The weather was very dark and drizzly, the world and people around me were anything but cheerful and sunny. I saw much unkindness and sour people walking around and I have seen everything except for color and no shift has been seen yet nor felt. It felt like I was disconnected in those three days and that the beautiful spectacle was staying out. I was so disappointed and had placed expectations ahead of where I knew in advanced not to do so and just had to let go! Yet sometimes takes that "human" over and it is tempting, even for me.

On the 22th I went to a cave where the most beautiful crystals are present which are forming their creations. This was an opening for me and has made me very pleased, you could feel the purity and it was fresh and wonderful! I saw many light entities who were there and I felt tremendously welcomed and seduced by these beautiful crystals to touch and connect with them. These crystals were of enormous proportions and size and radiate purity itself! No photograph can reflect the real beauty of these crystals.

Méline Lafont: Mijn ervaringen rond de uitlijning van 21 December 2012

Ok, na mijn retraite van 6 dagen voel ik me klaar om mijn ervaringen en gevoelens die door me heen gingen die tijd, te delen.  Ik moet zeggen dat 20- 21 en 22 December enorm raar waren voor mij en mij een down gevoel gaven.  Het weer was enorm donker en miezerig, de wereld en mensen rondom mij, waren alles behalve vrolijk en zonnig.  Ik zag nog evenveel onvriendelijkheid en zure mensen lopen en heb alles behalve kleur gezien alsook geen shift gezien nog gevoeld.  Het voelde alsof ik gedisconnecteerd was in die 3 dagen en het mooie spectakel uit bleef.  Ik was dus teleurgesteld en had verwachtingen geplaatst waar ik op voorhand van wist dat ik die niet hoefde te plaatsen en net alles hoefde los te laten!  Maar toch neemt soms dat “menselijke” over en is de verleiding groot, ook voor mij.

Op de 22ste ben ik naar een grot getrokken waar de meest prachtige kristallen in verborgen waren en hun creaties vormen.  Dit was een opening voor mij en heeft mij enorm deugd gedaan; je voelde de puurheid en het was er fris en zalig!  Ik zag heel veel licht entiteiten die daar aanwezig waren en ik voelde mij daar enorm welkom en werd verleid deze prachtige kristallen aan te raken en met hen te connecteren.  Deze waren enorm van proporties en van grootte en straalden de zuiverheid zelve uit!  Geen enkele foto geeft de reële pracht van deze kristallen weer.

Doesn’t the sun shine brighter and more beautiful than ever? – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn December 27, 2012

Maria 2

My beloved children, as your Divine Mother, I am proud of your achievements in this nearly ending year. You have achieved something that has never been done successfully before in this universe: the rise of a planet with a large part of its population. The rise of the population is not yet complete and will continue for a good while. Many people are just now waking up by the changes they can experience. Others have only short-term decided to ascend likewise. All these wonderful beings are not deprived of this opportunity. Gaia loves you so much that she keeps this option open for you for a while longer.

This party is underway, beloveds. – channeled by Ron Head December 27, 2012

Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey
Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey

Welcome, dear friends.  Welcome to a world into which your birth is proceeding perfectly.

We have asked our channel to include a photograph, taken by a dear, dear one, which illustrates exactly what he is feeling this morning.  May each of you open to this feeling.

Some of you are now going to begin to realize the ways in which your places and efforts are contributing to the rise of the whole.  Others are about to see huge new opportunities arise for them.  Regardless of which of these categories you find yourself in, please be aware that you are an irreplaceable part of this greatest undertaking.  Yes, it would happen without you.  No, it would never be the same.

Suzanne Lie: THE FOURTH DAY- Gaia and The Arcturians


Dear Beings of my Earth, I am Gaia.
I wish to speak with you this day. As you know, in all ascension stories the ascending ones must go into the underworld for three days and three nights before they can fully accept their new state of expression. I, and many of my inhabitants, have been within the underworld since our merging with the energies of 12-21-12.
As most of you know, the first thing that happens when the light increases is that the hidden darkness is revealed. Within the twilight and dawning day, in which we have been living, many aspects of fear could hide in the shadows. As the Sun comes into its apex the shadows are removed and that which has been hidden is revealed. It is the revelation of hidden darkness that creates the need of our journey into the underworld.

Arcturian Message POINT OF PERCEPTIONS Part 2

Dear Ascending Ones,
We return to tell you more about your Point of Perception. We remind you to identify yourselves as ever expanding spectrums of perception. YOU are your Ascended SELF who watches over your earth vessel from the higher dimensions. From that perspective you can preview the myriad versions of SELF who are incarnated on transmuting Earth.

Awakening with Suzanne Lie: Arcturian Message POINT OF PERCEPTION

Awakening with Suzanne Lie: Arcturian Message POINT OF PERCEPTION: 12-21-12 MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS POINT OF PERCEPTION Beloved Ones, we are the Arctur...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

♥ The 5th World Prophecy is Fulfilled ♥ Silvia Mamani

 (note from Méline: I find this a very beautiful message and I hope it is ok to share this on my blog as I did not find the website or Blog of Silvia, so I could not add a link to this.. If someone knows if she has a website or blog, please feel free to add.  Thank you Silvia for this amazing beautiful message!)
* Message from the Lakota Ancestors, through Seashell Moon Woman, Stillness and movement engage in their endless dance.

The inner knowing is that which guides you now; you know you and you listen.

The way of honoring your heart is being reborn within you. The ancestors and those you have been and are, are coming forth within your energy field informing this point of focus in time and space. It is this homecoming which signals to you the attunement of your focus to the New Earth energies. It is when you vibration elevates to a certain point that these other versions of you can connect with you, meet you. So realize that as you begin to know and be informed by the vastness of that which you are, it is a landmark on your way. It is something you can smile at, realizing that you are moving in the direction of this shared, Utopian dream of Oneness, Love and the New Beginnings of the 5th World of Peace.

Goldenlight: the veils are lifting as you raise your frequencies to match those of 5th dimensional Mother Earth/Gai

By The Golden Light Channel

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when reposting this message.


Message from Goldenlight: I woke up this morning wide awake at 7am (which rarely happens, as I’m a late sleeper). What woke me up was the brilliancy of the light coming into my window and outside the window. It almost seemed to be surreal in its vibrancy and brilliancy. There were golden rays of light streaming in through my double blinds (a set of curtains over a louvre blind)……it was filling my room with this incredible golden light. I got up from bed and tried to see where this light was coming from. I could see the sky through the blinds and it was a brilliant BRIGHT blue. Outside was a brilliant, blinding “sun” but it didnt seem like the sun. It was extremely low in the sky and almost seemed to be perched outside on my lawn! Streaming from this beautiful globe of blinding yellow light were these beautiful rays of golden light coloring the entire view outside, then streaming into my window. In my half-awake state, I remember thinking “This is different.” “Something is different and new about this.” All the colors seemed to be extremely bright and brilliant. I had also been dreaming all night intense dreams about higher dimensional concepts, and was taking part in much interdimensional travel in, around, and through the dimensions and visiting with many others to take part in higher dimensional conversations and activities. It seems there is more activity in my dream life than my waking life. I have always traveled to the 4th and 5th dimension in my dreams, since I was a young child, visiting with relatives that have passed on, re-experiencing past lives, etc. So I guess in a sense I have always traveled in and out of the higher dimensions, between waking and sleeping. When I woke up this morning, I felt as if I was being surrounded by a new higher reality, and had remained in a higher dimension between sleeping and awaking, instead of immediately transferring into the lower dimension upon waking. I went back to sleep, It was amazing, to say the least. Most of my experiences thus far have been internal ones, but this experience this morning confirmed for me that we are indeed shifting into a higher reality and that the earth is birthing herself anew. I asked my Council of Angels and Archangel Michael about this experience and below is the message I received.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Huge pillars of Light appears in Brazil 17/12/2012

My experiences throughout the year, the 21st of December and the days after that by Isabel Henn December 26, 2012

I must confess, I am not a big writer, and it’s hard for me to get my thoughts and feelings expressed, possibly this is a part of my Sirian origin. Unfortunately, I know too little about my real home Sirius and memories and my dreams are kept away from me through blockades. I know the reasons for this and accept it. So much has happened in this almost completed 2012 since I started in January with TAUK (TAUK = The Art of Universal Knowledge developed by Suzanne Spooner). I have fought battles with myself and with negative beings, and at the end I have always been victorious. Through TAUK I could finally get in touch with my beloved spirit guide the Archangel Michael and my beloved Twin Flames the Archangel Raphael and his incarnation SaLuSa from Sirius.

Imagine a World without Money – by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean
 I began imaging today what Earth without the corrupt, programmed to fail and slavery causing Federal Reserve would look like.

Imagine a world where money would no longer be needed, where people would work and do only what brings them fulfilment and joy, only what their heart calls them to do.

Image a world where people would no longer need to steal in order to feed their family, to pay their bills, rent or mortgages.

Saint Germain ~Your own creations brings you now all to enligtenment ~ by Meline Lafont

(I have received this message on the evening of 20/12/2012 during my retreat but was unable to post it then due to no internet connections where I was holding my retreat.  This is why I am only able to post this now.  Méline ♥)

Greetings I AM Presences on Earth. The time has now arrived to lift yourself out of the knowledge and the creations of your being that are pertaining to the 3rd Dimension. Now is the time to preoccupy yourself with renewed creations and with a renewed Higher Self. Let me entrust to you and inform you that this is your new opportunity to transcend yourself out of this illusory way of thinking, of creating and of living. You are all enabled now to once and for all stop this way of living and to enlighten yourself in such a manner that this old familiar world doesn’t affect your I AM Presence anymore.

You can enjoy all the serenity in your environment and see and feel only Love and nothing else. Uplift the knowledge and the standards of your Being by using this enlightenment and this huge portal and take it to heart. Remain in a state of Love in such a way that nobody or nothing can disturb you, while you continually have faith in yourself. You are your own key to enlightenment and because of that fact you are the most important key in this whole process.

Saint Germain ~ Uw eigen creaties brengen u allen nu tot verlichting~ door Méline Lafont

(Ik heb deze boodschap ontvangen op de avond van 20/12/2012, maar daar ik geen internet verbinding had waar ik was tijdens mijn retraite, kon ik deze ten vroegste vandaag posten.  Méline ♥)

Gegroet Ik BEN presenties op Aarde.  De tijd is nu aangebroken om uzelf op te liften uit deze kennis en creaties van uw Zijn in deze 3de Dimensie.  De tijd voor hernieuwde creaties en een vernieuwende Zelf is nu aan de orde.  Laat mij uw allen zeggen en toevertrouwen dat dit jullie nieuwe kans is om uzelf te transcenderen uit deze Illusionaire manier van denken, creëren en leven.  U kan allen dit leven nu voorgoed stoppen en uzelf zodanig verlichten dat deze oude gekende wereld geen vat meer heeft op uw IK BEN Presentie.

U kan nu genieten van al de rust in uw omgeving en enkel en alleen maar Liefde zien en voelen.  Verhoog de kennis en de normen van uw Zijn door van deze verlichting en grootse portaal gebruik te maken en ter harte te nemen.  Verblijf zodanig in een staat van Liefde alsof niemand en niets u kan verstoren, blijvend vertrouwend op uzelf.  U bent uw eigen sleutel tot verlichting en zo bent u de allerbelangrijkste schakel in dit gehele proces.

Jared Ayden~ Nu Kobalan: In your Universe change is a constant

My TAUK sessions: Nu Kobalan: In your Universe change is a constant: 25 dec 2012 Nu Kobalan Finally connected again. It feels good especially after you have concluded this particular phase in such a gracefu...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wes Annac: A Message from my Higher Self: We’re All Here! [Personal Update Included]

360 smallI’ve become aware of my fifth dimensional Higher Self, existing on our New Earth and helping to bring it into form and anchor it unto our physical reality. This “meeting” was experienced during meditation as a result of the amazing 12-21 energies I am still feeling. I quickly brought-forth a communication, and my tiredness and need to rest may be a bit apparent by the length of this message.

Even as you are bringing me through, dear Wesley, you can feel yourself as me, existing on the surface of our New Earth. Everybody is connecting with and tuning-in to the energies of their Higher Self, and many are beginning to recognize themselves in their fifth dimensional form as they view the landscape of your ascended Eden that you will be gradually realizing you have climbed to.

Back from retreat and in the Aquarius Age

Hi precious hearts; all of you a big welcome to this Golden Age and Aquarius Age... I, personally am glad to see this Aquarius Age to begin.  I have been through things and shifts during my retreat and I will try to write them down and share them with you as soon as possible while trying to keep up with the new shifts occuring and holliday, festivities and channeling work.  I hope everyone has had a great beginning of this alignement and Ascension shift, as it is really the beginning and we all can feel this for sure... From now on I will start channeling again and share others their precious work too.  I have received a message from Saint Germain on the 20/12/2012 evening just before the alignement but was not able to share it yet due to my retreat; yes I have really been "off world" during 5 days so I am not aware at all about everything that is occuring on the planet and in the hearts of everyone.. I will post the channeling of Saint Germain  as soon as possible later today or tomorow.  I Love you all, Méline ♥

Monday, December 24, 2012

It is not exactly a gift you know. – channeled by Ron Head

no u turn   

We come once again to congratulate you for the passing of another significant marker, the most significant one ever, as a matter of fact.  It went amazingly well.

Oh yes, there were a great number of very surprised people.  Some were surprised by what has happened.  Most were surprised by what appeared not to have happened.  At least the fearful are appreciative that the doom and gloom prophets were wrong, as we told you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Méline Lafont : A little message from Me to You ♥

Anrita Melchizedek: Light Body/Merkaba activation and Planetary Merkaba activation of Mother Earth

Welcome my precious friends and family to this grand Galactic alignment of Light and our collective ascension process as the I Am Avatar race.

What I would like to share with you is a guided visualization on the activation of our Light Body/Merkabas and the Planetary Merkaba activation of Mother Earth. Given the dimensional shift in consciousness at this time, and the numerous Light frequencies, electromagnetic fields, Solar Flares, Photon Rays and recalibrations through the alignment to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation occurring at this time, the Company of Heaven have suggested that we activate our Light Bodies/Merkabas, and further request that we assist in this Planetary Merkaba activation of Mother Earth so that all Life may potentially experience this Golden Age of Light.

Anrita Melchizedek : 12-21-12 Galactic Alignment of Light ~ Transmission by the Elders ~

Wonderful sweet ones, just hold this focus, of this dimensional shift for all Life into this new Golden Age of Light, into the new Earth Templates of Divine Love, as you connect to all Life in One Unity Consciousness, as you find yourselves in this Unity Grid of Divine Love, connecting to the many legions of Light from On High, to the Light workers, and star seeded ones that all over and around Mother Earth at this time are standing as the physical vessels of Light and connecting through these Stargate portals of Light into the higher dimensions, and to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation. Wonderful.

Sweet ones, this alignment of Light further activates the twelve major vortices, chakras, and crystalline cities of Light of Mother Earth, as well as the 21 Spiritual Retreats of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Mighty Elohim, inthis connection to the 33 Stargate portals of Light, additionally activating through your chakras and spinal column sweet ones. This alignment of Light is occurring for each one of you, and to deepen this connection into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation we take you through these twelve vortices and chakras of Mother Earth, and Spiritual Retreats of Light.

Anrita Melchizedek ~12-21-12 ~ Alignment to the Galactic Center and the Cosmic Heart of all Creation

12-21-12 ~ Alignment to the Galactic Center and the Cosmic Heart of All Creation

On December 21st, 2012 one of the greatest, unprecedented and most glorious events of Light is to occur as we align to the Galactic Center, experiencing our true radiance as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love through the Cosmic Heart of All Creation. This unparalleled activity of Light orchestrated from On High, has been prophesized and foretold by the Company of Heaven and its many Disciples over eons and eons. Humanity is about to officially enter into the Golden Age of Light as One Awakened Unified Cosmic Heart through the energy of Divine Love pouring forth from their heart centers and reflected through the Love of all Creation. In this Galactic Alignment of Light, all Life is moving up an octave, and by the Grace of God, One Unity Consciousness is again to be experienced as all planets, suns and cycles align through this Cosmic ascension cycle, occurring once every 25,556 years.

Wes Annac: We’ve Entered a Timeframe of Incredible Intensity

001smallNote: As a few others have expressed, I must offer my apologies if I don’t seem to be around much during this intense timeframe. As outlined in this message, I am already feeling the powerful effects of this alignment and may simply require some time to absorb these energies. Many thanks for your understanding!

Steve Beckow has been writing about the rapid surfacing and releasing of what can be termed “vasanas” or reaction patterns garnered and employed in everyday Life that are driven from former traumas we’ve experienced that instilled such patterns within us. (1)

Yeshua: Be At Peace With Your New Selves ~ Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ December 17, 2012


Hello, Beloveds. It is amazing to see your progress already. Many are lifting as we speak, absorbing the Light and riding the wave of ascension. You are doing splendidly. You are not alone in this process, as we have been saying.

You each have a team of angels, archangels, and/or ascended masters who are assigned to you for this entire process. They have been there all along, but full attention and purpose is now aligned with your Being for a successful and mind-blowing experience of ascension. I say that not to alarm you, but to prepare you for the most exquisite experience you could ever imagine, dear ones.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Nothing that is done out of love is in vain – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn December 17, 2012

AA Raphael
My Beloved, as horrible the murder of the children and their teacher was, I beg you, but to remain calm. These admirable humans knew before their incarnation how their lives will end once. Not the exact circumstances, but the fact that it is through an act of violence. None of these wonderful beings had to suffer.

Their souls have left the body just before, there were only carcassess that have been hit by the bullets. Their souls were received by us and led to the higher dimensions, in which they have ascended. Their death was not in vain, but an act of charity. It helps to wake up the people, and to find the meaning behind it all – that violence is not a means to achieve a goal but only a means of the dark side to sow fear and chaos. This murder was not a desperate act of a sick young man, but had the target to hit as many people as possible and to decrease the overall vibration in order to prevent the ascension process.

My TAUK sessions: Nu Kobalan: Force yourself into relax mode

My TAUK sessions: Nu Kobalan: Force yourself into relax mode: 11 dec 2012 Nu Kobalan (I was asked to share this personal message with you as it may be of benefit to others as well.) I am with you n...

The Dolphin Collective ~ The input of the Lightcodes is now completed ~Channeled by Méline Lafont

Lovely Ones, we welcome you all in our energy of Love and enrichment. It truly is our pleasure to be able to accept all of you again and to share our message of Love with all. We love you all so dearly!

It has been a while since you have heard from us through this scribe but a lot has come to pass in the meantime for her and for us, just as for all of you. We have found an appropriate window of opportunity to again step forward and we are grateful for this!

Where shall we begin? A dazzling amount of things are on the verge of breaking through whilst a lot has already happened ; however, just as we have stated many times before this is just the beginning of something truly grandiose and fabulous. In the meantime you all have become accustomed beautifully to the standard measures and frequencies of the Light arriving in full swing on your Earth, particularly in your DNA and in your cells. That this process is moving up a notch is noticeable for many of you and, in spite of this fact, has become very tolerable. This can only mean that you are ready for this, for in all honesty, you are already dealing with very high frequencies of the Light that now arrive at a pace that even we, with our swiftness,  are not always able to keep up with.

Dolfijn Collectief ~ Het invoeren van de Lichtcodes zijn nu compleet ~ gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Geliefden van ons, wij verwelkomen u allen in onze energie van Liefde en verrijking.  Het is ons een ware genoegen u allen weer te mogen ontvangen en onze liefdesboodschap met jullie te delen.  Wij houden zeer van u allen!

Het is een tijdje geleden dat wij nog van ons hebben laten horen via deze berichtgever, maar veel is intussen gebeurd zowel voor haar als voor ons, als voor jullie allen.  Nu hebben wij een tijdsraam gevonden waar het weer past voor allen om naar voren te treden en daarvoor dank!

Waar zullen we beginnen?  Ontzettend veel staat op punt uit te breken terwijl er al veel tot stand is gekomen, maar zoals als vaker gezegd is dit nog maar het begin van iets heel groots en magnifiek.  Ondertussen zijn jullie al allen gewoon kunnen worden aan de standaard maten en frequenties van het Licht dat binnen komt op jullie Aarde, met name in jullie DNA en cellen.  Dat dit een graad sneller gaat dan voordien is merkbaar voor velen maar goed verdraagzaam geworden.  Dit kan alleen maar betekenen dat jullie er klaar voor zijn, want tussen ons gezegd en gezwegen, zijn dit al zeer hoge frequenties van het Licht die nu binnenstromen op een stromende snelheid die zelfs wij niet kunnen volgen in onze snelheid.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

You have not begun to see all that is in store for you. – channeled by Ron Head

Before we begin today, let us tell all who are suffering because of their connection to your loss of so many dear little ones they are here with us and they are well cared for.  We offer our comfort to all who ask.  We understand your pain and wish you peace in your knowing of their return home.

Let us now begin by pointing out to you, although we know it is totally unnecessary, that only five days remain in your current ‘age’.  In less than one week you will move into your Age of Aquarius.  You will spend a few moments in direct alignment with the galactic plane.  You will receive the greatest flood of light and information in your entire earthly experience, and you will be forever changed.
We speak of you the individual, but also every consciousness upon your planet, your planet Herself, and because everything is Unity, nothing which is will remain unaffected.

Yeshua ~ Take Your First Steps Into Your New Life ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ December 14, 2012

baby's firststeps6Yeshua:
Hello dear ones. I come again with more thoughts and assistance for your ascension process.
Each day is a marker for your growth, and decisions based on Love and clear intentions are key in these waning days of duality. Much has been said and touted about the “end times”, but it all comes down to this: Are you ready to change your life into one that is free and abiding with all that is Compassion, Joy, Love and Harmony? If the answer is yes to that, you are almost there; you are ready to slide into the Reality that only encompasses that, dear ones.

The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Fourth and Fifth Density, Gaia’s Grid of Light and Humanities Life-Path Review

360 small-Channeled through Wes Annac-
You are recalibrating yourselves as you reach pure states of consciousness, perception and awareness that serve to initiate you further into your higher dimensional experience. We are working with each one of you to help you better assimilate the energies you are absorbing unto yourselves and benefitting from at this time, and you are and have been undergoing a literal transformation from one state of perception to another.
The changes in perception many of you are beginning to find can be considered quite extraordinary, as you are peeking into realms beyond your conscious perception and finding a supreme upliftment and enlightenment from each peek you allow yourselves.

 Your month December is brimming with energy and all that you will find within yourselves will initiate you further into an elevated state of consciousness, which you will find resulting from the work you have all put into your ascension processes.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The light your dear planet is emitting now is awesome. So make it brighter! – channeled by Ron Head

divine light1
This day we wish to ask of you two very important things.  Most of you have already noticed the need for these and are already proceeding as we shall ask.  But we shall ask anyway, if for no other reason than to reinforce what you have perceived.

Firstly, you have certainly noticed that many are beginning to exhibit signs of panic.  If asked, they would probably deny even the slightest worry or even knowledge of the impending shift.  Yet they have heard enough and possibly felt enough to know something is approaching.  And of course, their sources of knowledge being mainstream, they only expect the worst.  You have not any need to reason with, remonstrate with, or educate them.  Listening and showing that you are not at all worried will be enough.  If they do not speak of it, still your calm and assurance will affect them.

Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. “Angels, Angels Everywhere.” By Bella Capozzi. December 14, 2012.

images-2❄ With the opening of the 12-12-12 portal comes great shift and revelation.  We know that you have heard much about the changes you might expect, and the effects to be had upon both your Human physicality and your outer environment.  You are seasoned Lightworkers, the vast majority of you who regularly read these types of messages.  We see your numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, as more and more people link up with expanding collective.  We observe this as a light growing brighter, a storm gaining strength, a swirling, foggy bank of energy moving ever inward from the shore.  It is a quiet progress.  A simple one that goes so subtly undetected that tenderest souls ought  feel no fear, no trepidation.  They shan’t recoil in confusion and horror, for there is naught presented to them to recoil from.  These are the early days.  This is the way it needs to be – a gentle, sweet progression.  We wholly trust that this one particular transmission shall find it’s way into the hands of the ones such as these, for it is to them that we speak.  Fear not, Dear Ones.  We are quite real.  Angels are real indeed, and we are everywhere.  You are precious and by us, you are dearly loved.

Konstantinos: A sighting and a message

13-12-12 ufo sighting
[Hello friends. Today after the university history class, I was waiting for the bus. My university school of art is on a mountain area, so the cold there is even more intense and I couldn't get my hands out of my pockets. I looked for a while behind me at the university's buildings and right above them I saw a moving shiny, dot like, object which made a specific move passing from a very bright star.

The whole thing kept for about a minute, but it was very cold and I was freezing a lot to use my hands for a photo and also, if  I'd try to pick a mobile photo, it wouldn't show anything, because this happened at 5:50 pm and the area was very dark there at that time.You can enlarge the picture for details.

Méline Lafont ~Message from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light ~

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, encircling you all in these days of Love and happiness. This is truly a fantastic time that all of you are experiencing.  You may genuinely feel grateful for this for it is really a very exceptional process, and a great one at that too! We feel the building up of your tensions and your expectations in all Love and in mutual respect.

We feel a greater sense of connectedness between humanity in these times and that is a very desirable feature to usher in this fantastic time and we are most pleased to announce from our standpoint that something really big will come to pass in the coming times. You can count on even more efforts from our part to effectively establish the first contacts with your civilizations.

We wish to arrive at that in all calmness and serenity; it isn’t required to link this event with big festivities, that really is not necessary. According to our monitoring, the best way to proceed with these first contacts is in all tranquility with groups of your civilizations.  The one who is ready will be most suitable to communicate with us and, eventually, will be granted a conscious encounter. Let’s first and foremost establish these proceedings with the highest possible serenity, since the wrong approach, in which things are not properly handled, could still cause too much panic.

Méline Lafont ~Een boodschap van de pleiadische afgezanten van het Licht ~

Wij zijn de Pleiadische afgezanten van het Licht, u allen omringend in deze tijd vol Liefde en geluk.  Wat een fantastische tijd dat jullie nu allemaal mogen meemaken.  Voel je maar gerust dankbaar hiervoor want dit is echt een zeer uitzonderlijk proces, en een groots ook!  Wij voelen de spanningen en verwachtingen van jullie allen opbouwen, en dit in alle Liefde en respect naar elkaar toe.

Wij voelen meer verbondenheid tussen de mensheid op dit ogenblik en dat is zeer gewenst om deze fantastische tijd in te luiden, en graag willen wij vanuit onze kant ook aankondigen dat jullie nog iets groots zal te wachten te staan in de komende tijd.  Verwacht wat meer inspanningen van onze kant toe, om daadwerkelijk de eerste contacten te leggen met jullie beschavingen.

In alle rust en sereniteit wensen wij dit te bekomen, er hoeft geen groots festijn aan gekoppeld te zijn, dat is niet van noodzaak.  Nee, in alle rust is de beste manier volgens onze monitoring, om de eerste echte contacten te leggen met groepen van jullie beschavingen.  Wie er klaar voor is zal ook het meest geschikt zijn om met ons te mogen communiceren en eventueel ook bewust te mogen ontmoeten.  Laten we deze stappen al op een zo hoog mogelijke sereniteit tot werkelijkheid brengen, er zou nog teveel paniek kunnen ontstaan als het niet goed wordt aangepakt.

Double Celebratory Message from Yeshua and Sananda ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ December 12 and 13, 2012

Note from Fran: The following is Yeshua’s Celebratory Message given to me in the late afternoon of 12-12-12, meant to be Part One of a Double Celebratory Message; Part Two, Sananda’s Message of today, 12-13-12, follows Yeshua’s message below. Enjoy! Many Blessings!

Yeshua.lightfilledworld11Celebratory Message from Yeshua on 12-12-12: A Light Filled World

Greetings and salutations to all my beloveds! Today, 12-12-12, marked a glorious day in your history, in your development and in your hearts  – and in our hearts, dear ones. You have accomplished so much. Your embarkment on this ascension journey is well underway now, dear ones. You have crossed the threshold of all thresholds. The Light is shining ever brighter and untold adjustments have been made in your Light Bodies, in Gaia’s Light Body and in sacred Unity Consciousness.

Rejoice, dear ones. You are doing beautifully. Please keep up this progress and your meditations, for you are making great headway and more is afoot. The Bliss you are feeling and experiencing is just going to magnify and amplify, dear ones. There are no limits to the depths you can and will feel and experience.

Much expansion has already taken place in your Light Bodies, DNA and frequencies. You are setting precedent for an explosion and a great building of energies from here on out. No one will be left untouched.
Make how you have lived today, with your meditations and absorption and spreading of the Light, of connecting with Gaia and with your fellow Beings, be your new way of life from here on out –  your magnificent life from here on out, as it is proving to be so the more you encompass this sacred Unity Consciousness, this sacred melding of your higher self, monad and all dimensions of your Being, and your connection with the Divine Mother, Mother Earth and all Humanity, including your Galactic sisters and brothers – all Beings of the Multi-verses.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I am pleased to see how everything unfolds – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn December 12, 2012

Maria 2
My beloved children, on this all-important day – with the meditations in which your intention and love found expression – you all have helped your beloved Gaia with her final Ascension into the 5th Dimension.
The vibrations on Earth have increased enormously and could then accomplish this. All negative and low energies will leave the earth now for good in the next few days up to your Ascension climax on 21.12. You’re going to feel lighter and more loving now. The portal for the ascent also of man has been opened and now stays open for a while. Some people have ascended into the higher dimensions today, many will follow and after the 21.12. the chance for late bookers will remain. Do not worry so. You have all the options open, even after this so long awaited day.

Remain in your love and send your light furthermore into the grids of the world to enhance the desired effect yet. You help so many people who have not decided yet. You arise their desire for more, for love and oneness in them, and give them so the opportunity for a life in peace and love. So many of you Lightworkers and Wayshowers could feel the Oneness with All-That-Is during the global meditations. You received my essences of the Divine Mother that unfold slowly now in you. Still rest a lot and also drink much clear water so that the energies can flow through your bodies.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Magical day by Méline

Wauw what a day!! Did you feel this quietness like the world was put on hold and you seem to be the only person on it??!  That was my experience today at least.  The sky was bright blue with a beautiful sun shining  through.  Magical!  These are some crystals of mine and a friend, family that we have litterly grounded with Mother Earth yesterday evening, in order to let this incomming shift and energy, codes and Light integrate into the crystal, so that this 
information is absorbed in the crystal.  Boy, Am I looking forward to get it back home to me tomorow!!!  So curious of how it will feel when connecting with these crystals again, hoping to receive and feel much new info comming in through these and I am pretty sure they will.

Hope to hear everyones experience soon!  Love and blessings, Love you all precious hearts ♥

New Earth

New Earth
New Earth
Dolphins ask that you close your eyes, look into the portal of breath, and breathe in the essence of your holy celestial, for you are pure existence. We are one dear children, of this holiness of energy that we encompass. Breathe in our breath, breathe out into the portal of oneness. Many of you are called today to rise into the New Earth. We are to envision the purity of we are one and in oneness. Just as her child to impregnate with life calls upon a mother, Earth too is calling you to impregnate with the New Earth.

Many of you have heeded this call, which is why many of you may be experiencing symptoms similar to those which a mother may experience while impregnated with life. You must know that neither physicality is necessary. When carrying life, there is only joy! There is no need in either instance to take these symptoms in as your own. These are symptoms that are easily remedied with known knowledge within your own bodies, which you, my dear children, have. It is innate and natural to bestow this wisdom. The ancient order of Christ Consciousness is within you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Ascension experience by Méline Lafont

Dear readers, friends and star family that I have come to know through my blog and elsewhere ... I am grateful  to have found all of you during my mission and on my path in this Earthly incarnation. Thank you for this, I really love everyone!! ♥

Given the large shifts in the Ascension process that are standing at your door and because everyone is posing the questions of  “what Ascension is?”, “how would it be?” ,  “what should be expected of it?”, and other countless questions, I wanted to share this personal experience with my process of Ascension so far. I do not know the answer to the questions for certain, but what I do know is how Ascension is for me and how I already have experienced it now several times. I therefore wish to share about my experiences here  with you all, in the hopes that it can offer a better look at all of this. Keep in mind that this is a personal experience for me and this is my feeling and interpretation explained and therefore it may vary with your own process.

Yeshua ~ It Is Time ~As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 12.10.12

Hello dear ones, I come before you today, on this auspicious day, one of many to come. I beseech you to Be with and gather all you can of Creator’s Divine Love, to absorb it and sift it and spread it through your Heart and out to all your fellow Beings and the Earth Mother.

Oh, these are glorious days, where you have such an opportunity to lift your spirits to untold heights, dear ones. The energies are building and showering you. Stop and be still many times in the day and welcome it, for this is your opportunity for complete transformation. Yes, you have heard this, but we want to be sure that the next eleven days have your complete attention.

In your preparations for 12-12-12, be sure and pay attention to any thoughts of unity and connection to your fellow Beings and Earth. Wrap it all in a ball of Light and hold it in your Heart and expand with it. Feel the Abundance and Joy and Love that all are beginning to experience and make a prayer for all to experience it to the “nth” degree. Go bigger. Go larger. Go lighter. Go brighter. You bring everyone along with you that way.

Mijn Ascentie ervaringen door Méline Lafont

Lieve lezers, vrienden en sterren familie die ik heb mogen ontmoeten via mijn blog en daarbuiten… Ik ben dankbaar voor jullie allen te hebben gevonden tijdens mijn missie en op mijn pad in deze Aardse Incarnatie.  Dank je wel hiervoor, ik hou werkelijk van iedereen!!!!

Aangezien de grote shiften in het Ascentie proces voor de deur staan en iedereen wel met de vraag rondloopt wat Ascentie wel is, wat er mag van verwacht worden, hoe het nadien zou zijn, en andere talloze vragen, wilde ik deze persoonlijke ervaring met Ascentie delen. Ik weet het antwoord op de vraag ook niet 100% maar wat ik wel weet, is hoe Ascentie voor mij is en hoe ik deze al heb mogen ervaren.  Daarom wens ik graag mijn ervaringen hieromtrent te delen met jullie allen in de hoop dat het een betere kijk kan bieden op dit alles.  Hou wel in jullie achterhoofd dat dit een persoonlijke ervaring voor mij was en dit mijn gevoel en interpretatie weergeeft en zodus kan verschillen met jullie eigen proces.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Russian president Dmitri Medvedev talks about the existance of other Galactic civilities

I received this in my mail box yesterday from a friend and it seemed to be on my Belgium newschannel too.  In the dutch version you can hear it was by mistaken recorded in the backroom of the studio, not knowing it was recorded while telling this by the president himself to someone.  Sorry that the Dutch version is not subtitled in English but you can find an english version below.
Use discernment as always precious hearts!  



Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sananda. ~ “Make No Mistake, You Shall Be Called Into Service.” ~ By, Bella Capozzi. December 9, 2012.

149397_153864464744876_100003639712110_197117_165012420_nNo matter your age, your profession, your current circumstances in life… make no mistake, you shall be called into service.  By way of your ministrations, you shall heal.  Through your words, you shall impart knowledge.  Your presence shall serve to awaken the lost and the seeking.  In the course of your work, you shall be one who enters into a darkened room and, like a beacon, suffuses it with the Light.  By virtue of your existence, you bring hope, peace and the quiet promise of a kinder, more compassionate world.  They shall look for you in days to come, these gentle souls.  Be to them the stars which brighten their darkened skies; be as the sun, rising up to illuminate the path they walk, to light their way.  Your presence here is that of a living, breathing significator of the dawning of the new age, and in due time they shall grow to recognize you as such.    These times are charged with promise.  All is aglow with possibility.

Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven ~ We Are One ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ December 8, 2012

weareone.2Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven:

Dear friends and beloveds, soon to be of the Celestial and Galactic Realm. We come to you today to impart information about your awakening progress, which is so magnificent and expansive.

Many of you are already connecting with the Higher Realms on a regular basis and others are getting glimpses. We are so enamored of you and so tickled and overjoyed by your advancement that words cannot express it adequately.

By now you are all preparing for even more upliftment and advancement in your Light Bodies and with your connection with Unity Consciousness, and all is progressing according to Divine Plan. You are just beginning to fathom the vastness of the scope of your reach into the higher dimensions. The more you let go and allow for the downloads and alignments, the more you will experience. And letting go is the key.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

What Should We Expect Dec. 12 & Dec. 21-22, 2012?

What Should We Expect Dec. 12 & Dec. 21-22, 2012?

by Patricia Cota-Robles

December 12, 2012, 12:12:12, and December 21-22, 2012 are dates we have been hearing about for decades. Since Harmonic Convergence, which took place August 15-17, 1987 people have intuitively sensed the importance of this moment in time, and predicted everything under the Sun. Speculation has run the gamut including everything from the end of the world to the instant manifestation of Heaven on Earth. But what should we realistically expect?

In Truth, for the past 25 years, since the quantum leap in energy, vibration, and consciousness the Earth and Humanity experienced during Harmonic Convergence, we have been through myriad influxes of Light. These influxes have included rare Celestial alignments, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, powerful Solar Flares, and literally hundreds of Global Activities of Light that were orchestrated through the unified efforts of embodied Lightworkers and the Company of Heaven. Each and every one of these events bathed the Earth in Divine Light and accelerated the frequency of vibration in Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies at an atomic cellular level. Many people were consciously aware of these influxes of Light, but the vast majority of people evolving on this planet went through these experiences without any conscious awareness.

Anrita Melchizedek - The Elders on the Twelfth Initiatory Gateway of Light

Welcome, sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, as you move into this grand alignment of Light, this ascension process, the 12:12:12 Gateway of One Unity Consciousness. Sweet ones, you have been in preparation for this Now moment, not only for eons of time, but indeed amplified throughout this last year following the 11:11:11 Gateway of Divine Love and the embrace of the Divine Feminine, merging into the energy of this year of the Divine Masculine and the Twelfth Ray of One Unity Consciousness. And it is this Twelfth Ray of One Unity Consciousness, of Christ Consciousness, that comes into completion through the Unity Grid of Divine Love on 12:12:12, sweet ones. As you are downloaded and activated with the new Earth Templates and ascension codes of this Golden Age of Light, through the Crysto-Sun Disc, and the twelve major golden Solar Sun Disc discs, receiving the emanating frequencies of these star codes and vortex templates, truly you will experience these geometries of Light that are being activated through the Unity Grid of Divine Love taking you into the experience of Heaven on Earth, sweet ones. When we talk about Unity Consciousness, sweet ones, we talk about this non-duality consciousness and “Path of Transcendence”; and how this experienced, is looking at all Life through your Master eyes and being able to shift your consciousness into the higher dimensions, and to experience the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. And this is happening for you now, sweet ones, as the old cellular memories, false beliefs and judgments are indeed purged from the body and energy field and hologram, and this “Pathway of Transcendence” is experienced.