Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and my wishes to you all

As the year of 2012 ends, I want to express my gratitude to all of you and say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you out there whom are visiting my blog every day, sending me their nice comments and Love, to all of your support and appreciation, to all of you who I have met and connected with.. Especially a Big THANK you for the wonderful souls I have met during my mission and journey.  I have been accepted in the most wonderful hearts, whom I have now included in my heart and have become really close friends with, family and precious ones to me.

This year has been a major rollercoaster for me but all for the good and bringing out the best in me.  I want to thank a few people in person that I have in mind:

Suzanne Spooner: Thank you for bringing TAUK to me, it has helped me a lot in my journey to become a channeler.  Thanks to your method, I have made my first contacts with my team and Twin Flame using your TAUK methods and I am really thankful for this, even if we do not speak so often anymore, I am thankful and I carry you in my heart ♥  You are a very sweet and wonderful person.

Anrita Melchizedek:  To you sweet friend I want to say a BIG THANK you from the bottom of my heart ! If it wasn't for you, I would not be this far as I am now.  You have brought me to this fantastic journey by activating me and clearing things for me during your healings and readings.  I wish to give you my most gratitude and Love, I can possibly give you in this time.  Thanks to you I opened up and activated my skills, which brought me to channeling and remembering a lot of myself.  You are my reason and motivation to continue as I am really looking up to you and appreciate you and our friendship!  I Love you so much, you are a major pilar of Light in our lives and surtenly in mine. ♥♥

Isabel Henn:  To you I want to express my gratitude and Love for being constantly in my life.  I have found you in my life through the TAUK group.  You have lead me to this all and together we are growing on this path during our mission.  I am truly glad to have found you, as you mean so much to me and you are my Star and Soul family beyond this incarnation.  If it was not for you, I would feel alone at times and doubt to much :).  You have brought me to being more secure and be strong.  I Love you! ♥

Bella Capozzi:  I want to thank you for getting to know you, as you are of my Pleiadian family and an amazing friend.  We have so much in common and I am proud to have you as a friend.  We both share the Love for and from the Dolphins and bring it out, this has brought us even closer.  I truly Love your work and your energy and I always enjoyed our talks on skype :).  I Love you and we are connected in my heart, always ♥

Fran Zepeda:  To you I want to say first of all that I Love you enormously!  You have become such a great and amazing friend of mine.  Our connection goes very deep and the strenght of our bound is so strong!  You are an amazing channeler of such a pure caliber and I Love your work.  Thank you for this.  A great thank you also for bringing this important message to me from me beloved Twin, it meant a lot for me this validation.  For me you are an important pilar of Light, family and friend.  You are like my beloved sister to me and I always enjoy our talks.  You are always on my mind and in my heart, this friendship we have built is amazing!  Your work is a great contribution for all, and I hope to see you continue this as it brings a lot of hope.  I Love you and thank you for being in my life ♥

Jared Ayden:  Thank you my sweet friend and neighbour for coming into my life.  We have started this friendship and it has grown into an important one.  I appreciate you a lot and I find your work very refreshing; may you share more of these precious messages of yours and share them more often. ♥

Laura TycoWes Annac and Konstantinos:  I want to thank you guys for being around and share your gifts and precious information.  I have become to known the 3 of you and I truly appreciate you all and am thankful to have this connection.  Thank you for your assistance and work, this means a lot to all of us and brings enlightenment.  I am also thankful to be in connection with you and for this precious connection ♥

Lucas Christiaans: Thank you for your friendship and connection, for giving me a stage to begin my current path, where you offered me a chance to spread my first messages, and still.. I appreciate our talks and most of all your work of bringing the truth out!

This year I started my Blog, I started channeling and I have learned so much.  Never expected to be so BIG for me, and I am Happy for this all!  A lot has changed, I have defenitly changed, and my world seems to fit more and more.  I am experiencing the most beautiful thing there is to experienced and therefore we are all blessed to have this chance to do so, all of us!
To all of the rest that I might forgot to mention; I Love you all and am thankful for having you all in my life.. Pascal Heijmerink, André Cartois, Nele Tonnaer, Stefan Bertram, Mercedes, Portia, Miguel Pelicano, Ron Head, Sound of Heart.. and many more that I might forget adding, thank you for the chance of knowing you.

Most of my thank You goes to my readers, whom are my precious family too.  I Love you all, precious hearts, and I wish you the most perfect New Year in this Aquarian Age with all teh Bliss and the Love, the shifts and the change.   Méline ♥


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  2. Happy NEW year too 2+0+1=3 Méline from the warm of my heart.
    This year we going into the phase of creation and fruition almost at the same moment. So let's start building this beautiful world what we cherish in our hearts. We are one :)

  3. I am very grateful to have you as my friend Méline, confidence builder, horizon broadener, view expander (to name but a few) :) Thank you for your part in deepening the connection with my Team. It is such a valuable experience... but then of course there is value in all experiences if one is open for it. Much Love, Diana

  4. New Year is one of my favorite holiday. It means new beginning, new start, new life. Thanks for warm New Year wishes. May you too have a wonderful new beginning for the new year! Cheers!

    All the best,