Thursday, February 19, 2015



February is a super concentrated, ultra potent month of Fast Forward Action. This month contains three major Leaps. The First Leap took place as we entered February which began with a powerful blast of energy, making some of us feel like we'd just been shot out of a cannon.

February unfolds in increments which is fortunate, considering how strong the energies are right now. It's like we are hurtling down a huge hill in a bobsled with a hand brake engaged on both sides. These brakes create lots of sparks from the friction on the icy track, but they are not significantly slowing us down. When Mercury went direct on February 11th, one of the hand brakes was released. The Second Leap of February began.

The Chinese New Year is on February 18-19. This is the official beginning of 2015! It's also signifies the Third Leap of February as the second hand brake on our bobsled is released. The Windhorse passes the sceptre of 2015 to the Wood Sheep / Goat / Ram.

When we enter the Year of the Sheep, we have a choice. Do we want to be docile sheep or are we going to be regal rams? Will we passively allow ourselves to be herded together as sheep and manipulated into increasing states of fear and insecurity? Or will we be empowered rams who utilize the "herding" energy of the year to gather together as never before? This gathering together is what is known as the Convergence. It's the coming together of True Ones in their True Families on an unprecedented scale.

For several months now, many of us have been in an advanced state of mental and physical exhaustion, as well as overload. It feels like the Fast Track has spun off its foundation and is now moving faster than the speed of light. Our energy is stretched thin throughout myriad worlds. We are feeling overstretched in every possible direction. And although this isn't a pleasant or comfortable sensation and we really don't like feeling so stressed and stretched, it is greatly expanding our beings in ways we never knew was possible.

The New Reality isn't born solely of our wishes and dreams. We can visualize it daily with a pure intent and it still won't manifest. What's required is that we roll up our sleeves and start building it, piece by piece, giving it our full focus and efforts. The New World is born of our decisive actions, our blood, sweat, tears, focused intent, financial resources and whole-hearted participation. We not only use our known skills, but we develop skills that we never knew we had. We learn how to deal with thousands of mundane, practical details without being broken. We maintain our expanded vastness wherever we are, whatever we are doing.

The New World is built with our Truest Heart Love. This is the cement that holds everything together. It is both the foundation and the capstone. It fills all the spaces in between. It infuses our beings. It is the Air We Breathe.

Many of us have been plunged into non-stop action for well over a year without knowing what will be the results of our efforts. All we know is that there's been a stunning sense of rightness to what we are doing. We had no visible safety nets except for this powerful feeling of rightness. At times, it felt like we were taking a massive gamble with our lives, our energy, our time, our resources and that we could either lose everything or gain everything. Yet increasingly, we can now see that our Wildest Dreams are finally manifesting on the physical.

In February, we will implement all we've learned and experienced during the MEGA RESET of the past four months. We will integrate the profound changes and infuse ourselves with new energy. We are finally beginning to more fully inhabit the New Landscape. We are finally ready to move forward to manifest our Wildest Dreams. We are ready to live True Lives as True Ones!

In February and beyond, the greater the leap we make into our True Direction, the greater the success we will experience. Just like it was last year, if we set our internal compass to manifest our Wildest Dreams, we can achieve what was previously impossible.

February is a time of great movement that can appear dramatic at times, and yet within it are islands of stillness and reflection. As we continue to give our focus to the world we want to live in, instead of the one fading away, it becomes so much more visible for all to see.

Let's Leap and Leap and Leap again!

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