Friday, February 13, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Our Inner Teacher

In this entire universe there is only one Teacher. Whenever someone is teaching, it is this Teacher that rises up inside of them and teaches through them. If there is no Inner Teacher, then the teacher is teaching from mind and not from Spiritual Truth. Their teachings come from ego and from books, but not from the Eternal Teacher that resides within.
Every great Master has told us that inside of everyone is our own Buddha Nature, some might call it our Inner Christ. Whatever we choose to call it, it resides deep inside of us where our consciousness is Pure and free of the distortion of karmic memories. Our Inner Christ is the true nature of our consciousness that some might also call our Higher Self. This Divine Presence is always there (even in the background) to guide us. In moments of inspiration this Divine Presence rises up inside of us and moves through us as the Great Teacher. The Ascended Masters call this the Mighty I AM Presence. It is our own Divine Presence!

There is only one Teacher that resides in everyone and everything in this universe. Even when we have a great Teacher or Master in a physical body to guide us, it is still a reflection of our own Inner Nature. Sometimes we can’t let go enough to hear what it tells us. Then our Inner Teacher moves through someone else or something in Nature to let us receive the message. Sometimes the Inner Teacher takes the form of a rainbow or a waterfall or an image of a Master such as Kannon or Buddha or Jesus. No matter what form it takes it is still the same Inner Teacher trying to get our attention and guide us in the right direction.
In the end, when Enlightenment dawns, we realize that there never was any other teacher but our own Inner Nature reflecting through the many events of our life. Then we also realize that our entire life has been our Teacher and there were no mistakes. It was our own Divine Nature guiding us all the time! Our life is more blessed than we think! We are just so worried about the events in our life that we failed to notice that the real Teacher is with us always.

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