Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Kannon – the Embodiment of Universal Love

Love unifies diversity. Love has a thousand eyes. Like Kannon, Love sees all points of view and has compassion even for those who are negative. Without Love we feel separated from each other and feel uncomfortable with those who differ from us. Love unifies our field of consciousness and allows our heart to expand. As Love expands we embrace all living things. We can see through another’s eyes and understand their perspective. This is why I say Love has a thousand eyes. Kannon is a great teacher for this. Her consciousness is so big that she can see all perspectives. She is the embodiment of Universal Love.
Universal Love does not mean one perspective! Universal Love can see all points of view. The body of the universe is composed of millions of souls. Each soul is like one cell in the body of the universe. Every cell has its own unique function. Without this cell the body is incomplete. Together we make a whole! The Cosmic Body of the universe has a thousand eyes and a thousand hearts. Kannon is one of many masters who embody this consciousness. She can see each of our perspectives and help us to function uniquely as our life requires. No matter what we need to do, Kannon is there to help us to do it!

If the bone cell tells the muscle cell to be stronger and inflexible, the muscle cell thinks it is wrong. Both cells are unique and work together to create movement. The muscle cannot stand up without the bone. The bone cannot move without the muscle. In the same way all souls are unique and have their own perspective about the life they are living.
Be like Kannon and honor each soul and what they want to do. Reach out with Universal Love and embrace them. Give them your Love and you will support the life of the entire body of the universe. This is the way of Oneness. Oneness is never alone. True Universal Oneness is composed of many different perspectives all working together for the benefit of the whole body of the universe. Thank you Kannon for your wonderful teaching about life! Thank you for lifting us out of our doubt into the magnificent glory of Universal Love!

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