Friday, February 20, 2015

Karen Dover ~ The “whirlwind” of change in TRUTH

karen doonan

Such is the density that the human race were kept within that the breaking down and dissolving of the old 3d earth created construct now sees patterns of release begin to build.  As more and more in human form begin to detach from the old 3D earth created construct then the “whirlwind” of change will begin to gain in both intensity and depth.  It is a common belief taught repeatedly within the old 3d earth created construct spiritual communities that only those who are “awake” are able to influence the outer waking reality. This is hugely distorted, EVERYONE affects everything as ALL ARE ONE, we do not all have to picture the “same” reality for it to be created, indeed trying to work with this teaching will see you held in a holding pattern that simply generates more and more frustration as you attempt to blame those around you for not being fast enough, awake enough etc. It has NOTHING to do with them in TRUTH, as each human being is responsible only for their own life experience.

The old 3d earth created construct teaching of “same” is very dense indeed and many are trapped within this, it is simply not possible to have everyone imagining the same outer waking reality as each person has a unique way of interpreting the world. This teaching will now begin to dissolve for it is not TRUTH and as the “whirlwind” now picks up speed those who have been trapped in this belief system will be released from it. This does not mean that they will necessarily accept the belief was distortion, many will keep on trying to work within this belief but the chaos within their own waking life experience will reach “storm” proportions that sees them begin to make decisions in order to move out of the limbo they have sat within.
The “whirlwind” will begin to gain in strength in order that the outer waking human life experience is moved into position in TRUTH. Such is the difference between the construct we were born into and TRUTH and the wider universe that without this “whirlwind” many would simply sit on the fence and be so overwhelmed they would not be able to make any conscious decisions, as fear is not TRUTH, it was a created construct and taught deeply then fear is not supported in the New Earth frequencies.  This may seem a strange thing to state, after all many of you at this moment are running huge fears but that does not make it TRUTH to actually have said fears.
As I have stated repeatedly in this blog just because something exists and many people interact with it does not make it TRUTH. So as you move through the process of transition into the higher frequencies you naturally will face your fears and as you walk towards them they become as smoke and disperse. However such is the density of the old 3d earth created construct and such is the difference in outer waking reality now being available to the human race many are choosing to stand only in front of said fears and are not taking steps to walk towards and through.
The process of transition is a process that is designed by SOURCE to show us personally the strength and power that we are in TRUTH. To stand and simply face the fear without walking towards it is not working with the New Earth frequencies, it is sitting “waiting” and this is not supported in the New Earth realities. We are here to create a new life experience in a new evolution upon this planet in our human form, no one is going to come along and do this for you, for this is the old 3D earth created construct teachings that seek to persuade you to hand your power to those around you.  YOU are the master of your own ship no matter what those around you attempt to persuade you.
If you board anothers ship in the belief that they can take you some place that you cannot go then you are falling to the teachings of the old 3D earth created construct and you are living in the logical human mind. The human logical mind has NO reference points for beyond the “whirlwind”, the way to live a new life experience is moment to moment, to take one step then another and to experience each moment as it happens. Many are still attempting to debate, create and then step into another construct. The “whirlwind” of New Earth frequencies will now dissolve this illusion and open a gateway for further evolution in TRUTH.
There is nothing that is preventing the evolution of the human race barr the belief systems still running and active within  said human race.  As the “whirlwind” now begins to stir and to gain in strength we are asked to take shelter within the HEART SPACE, this is the only safe harbor that is available and the only safe harbor that has ever been available. To seek refuge in the human logical mind will see chaos, anxiety and questioning of sanity begin to formulate.  The human logical mind after all has no reference point for evolution, it has never experienced beyond where we are at this time, there are many theories but theories are simply projections of the human logical mind, as many of you can understand the human mind will come up with various scenarios that never happen but all of them based in logic and prior experience.  This is null and void at this time, we are asked to step into the unknown and to have FAITH and TRUST in the process that now shows us TRUTH to all levels of our being.
We are asked to detach from the outer waking chaos, to become the observer and to find shelter in our heart space. To let the “whirlwind” do what it is designed to do, clear a path for our evolution.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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