Friday, February 20, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Body and Consciousness are Reflections of Each Other

The body is a projection of consciousness. The Consciousness is a reflection of the body. What we feel and what we think affects the condition of the body. What happens in our body and what toxins are in our body will affect what happens in our consciousness. Body and Consciousness are reflections of each other.
If our body is upset, our consciousness will become upset. If our consciousness is full of worry, our body will become unable to function normally and we will get sick or uncomfortable. If we eat some bad food or breathe bad air, our consciousness will feel depressed or angry. Body and Consciousness affect each other like Siamese Twins.

As we clear our consciousness through meditation, our body begins to clean itself and becomes more healthy. Cleaning our body will always result in more clear perception and a more relaxed state of Consciousness. This is why I recommended the Master Cleanse last week. At the same time, doing deep meditation or participating in a group meditation, results in a more healthy condition of your body.
The path to Enlightenment is two-fold: we clean our body and we clean our consciousness. When both body and consciousness are clear, Enlightenment is natural. Healthy eating and detoxing programs are as important to Enlightenment as meditation. Learning what foods we are allergic too and avoiding them helps our emotional state to improve. All allergies affect our consciousness. Many times when we are upset and emotional, it is because of some food we have eaten. Conversely, when we are upset and eating our dinner, our digestion is affected and we produce toxic elements that disturb the health of our body. When we become more Conscious, we have more responsibility to see what we are doing and what we are eating. Every day our consciousness improves, we can notice things that we overlooked before and begin to eliminate them from our behavior. Changing our behavior and changing our diet is a natural result of increased consciousness. But if we continue our life mindlessly, we will continue to behave out of habit and our progress to enlightenment will take longer. Be more conscious of what you are doing, and see what things irritate your body. Improving you’re the quality of your life will transform everything that you do into a more Enlightened Life. Enjoy!

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