Monday, February 23, 2015

Karen Dover ~ The cellular restructuring of the human vehicle in TRUTH

karen doonan


There is a process that is now underway within the human race that is hidden in plain view. As I have blogged previously anything that is not physically seen by our human naked eye is filtered out and generally ignored.  There is much information and much DIS information that is in the outer waking life experience in relation to human DNA/RNA and with reference to the cellular structure of the human vehicle. For those of you who have physically felt the shifts and have released the deep cellular imprinting that you have endured within the old 3D earth created construct this may be as confirmation to what you are already experiencing and being shown by your own connection to SOURCE.

The human race kept within the old 3D earth created construct was prevented from entering into any evolutionary process.  The vast amounts of both information and dis-information seek to pull the human race out of balance over and over as many have searched in vain for the information that is NOT AVAILABLE within the old 3D earth created construct as to the origins of the human race. Whilst many go on vast treasure hunts and pull out information that seeks to “prove” a belief the actual evolution of the human race has remained within a very tight bandwidth. As all in the universe is a frequency and said frequency interacts with all other frequencies it is easily understood how the evolution process has been curtailed.

The movement of the planet earth to a more supportive energetic space, that of the universe of 3 which is a dimensional space of supportive frequencies, has allowed for what is referenced as “awakening” to take place. The old 3D earth created construct ever vigilant to what is occurring within a race that it has tightly contained has sought to teach that the “ascension” process is an event and has sought to keep many within a tight loop of FREQUENCY patterns.  This build up and then let down to build up merely activates and retriggers frequency patterns that already exist within the human vehicle. This is why it is vital they are released, only frequency patterns currently held at cellular structure can be triggered by the old 3D earth created construct.  Once the patterns are released there can be no triggering. Many move to release the patterns, trigger the barb within the patterns and then are blinded once more believing they have released but unable to understand that full release sees NO triggering occurring.

This cyclic patterning of recycling has been ongoing for some linear time, as it is not TRUTH it is not supported and the frequencies are now expanding once more in an attempt to address this, to break the patterns and to force the removal of patterning. At human conscious waking mind level all have a choice, whether or not the choice is actually acknowledged or seen is a different matter entirely, so entirely blinding are the barbs once activated that sheer anger, disappointment, frustration and anxiety can move many back into the very patterns they seek to release.

We are moving into the cellular restructuring of our human vehicles.  No amount of belief will prevent the cellular evolution for it is process that is connected to the outer dimensional frequency fabric. By this I mean that the New Earth frequencies have now anchored upon the planet earth to the levels required to kick start this evolutionary process within the human vehicle. ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE INTERCONNECTED.  The very fabric of the planet earth was kept in a low frequency to prevent this NATURAL evolution process from occurring. This is now null and void and may catch many unawares.

This at human conscious waking mind level will see the food and diet industry for what it is, an illusion.  It will seek to trigger many who have fallen into the much pushed belief systems in relation to nourishment of the human vehicle. There can never be one way to provide nutrients to each human vehicle for each human vehicle is unique and personal to the spirit that has incarnated into said vehicle. As the residue of the old 3d earth created construct frequency patterns are released then full CELLULAR CONTROL IS RETURNED to the spirit within.

This is what the old 3d earth created construct seeks to keep hidden in plain view. Many are actually working against their human vehicles, blinded by the belief systems that sound very plausible but do not take into account ALL levels of frequency that are being utilised. We are spirit (a frequency bandwidth) incarnated into a human vehicle (a multitude of continually changing bandwidths) living on a planet (a continually evolving and expanding bandwidth of frequencies). By seeking to balance only part of the equation (one plus one = three) we often are unconsciously pulling ourselves OUT of said balance.

This is why it is vital to allow the FLOW to pour through, around and within our human vehicles, we at a very conscious waking human level cannot see the vastly bigger picture that is now unfolding. The human logical mind may try to curtail and control but this is simply born out of its need to do this as it was taught within the old 3D earth created construct. Simply put human behaviour is not necessarily TRUTH, it is a learned pattern of responses that are simply accepted and repeated by the majority of the human race.

We now move into a process that cannot be reversed and was always to BE. The gateway for this evolution has already begun and events at both personal and world levels will seek to show this to us as a race in our outer waking life experience.

It is not TRUTH to attempt to take into the expanded human life experience anything that was taught within the old 3D earth created construct for the cellular structure of our human vehicles is now shifting, science and technology will take some linear time to play “catch up” but this is also null and void as the responsibility for the energy signature of a human vehicle rests with the spirit that has incarnated into said human vehicle. Simply put you are the master of your own ship. Seeking to validate your own human life experience through the human vehicles that you have not incarnated into will see you try to re-anchor that which has now begun to dissolve.

For many this will be a time of vast chaos, of “illness” that seeks simply to show the spirit within how to balance the human vehicle it has incarnated into. Many will continue to pursue the human life experience through the belief systems imprinted within them on incarnation into the human vehicle when they birthed on to this planet.  When you look in the mirror you may APPEAR to look the same but you are not, the evolution sits beneath your skin and hidden from your naked human eyes. However you may FEEL the change and at times you may be able to see within your human vehicle during the dreamtime platform as the spirit that you are in TRUTH seeks to confirm that which the human conscious waking mind level cannot at this time.

At this time we are asked to understand that the reigns of our human life experience are being handed over to us as our frequency begins to move into FLOW of ALL THAT IS with the fabric of the LOVE that IS.  At a human conscious waking mind level this will see the breaking of the shell of the human life experience, for those who are ready this will be confirmation of all that they have been shown and have accepted on the path of transition that has been walked. For others it will be a nightmare that they cannot comprehend, for many have allowed themselves to be manipulated into attempting to recreate that which has gone before and perished.


“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


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