Monday, February 23, 2015

Bella Capozzi ~ Celestial Message. "All are beautiful. All are unique."


In these days leading up to the Solstice time, there is much light of an aggressive nature affecting you.  By aggressive, we mean not ill-meaning or hurtful. It is instead the sort of a frequency which you shall notice in a intensely physical and openly tangible sense.  Are there many of you who might say that this is not so?  That you have not at all been feeling tired or achy, deeply emotional, fearful or somewhat lost?  We wish to assure you that these reactions are but by-products of your bodies' absorption of a level and quality of energy that your human vessels have, thus far, not experienced.  Such frequencies are most familiar and comfortable for you while in a non-human state, and your higher nature recognizes and embraces these energies.  But they can be quite taxing to your Earthly selves, as you are exhausted already-each one of you-for this particular journey has been long and ardous!

As you recognize and ackowledge fleeting feelings of false entrapment and confusion, accept them for exactly what they are; reactions, garbled messages, and the lower ego's last-ditch attempts to remain a significant decision maker in your life.  It must not be so, however.  You have evolved far, far past this sort of thing, and must now make life choices from the wisdom of your highest and purest nature.  These times require you to trust yourself, implicitly.  You must have faith in the quality and content of the information you are receiving, be it via the vehicle of dreamtime travel, instantaneous thoughts and epiphanies, or repetetive physical signs which you encounter throughout your day.  Trust yourselves, Dear Ones.  Trust and follow through.

Thus far, your experiences on Earth have been of hard work, heart-wrenching emotion, and a perceived loss of authenticity and the freedom to live as and be your truest self.  Know that with the Solstice opens a new chapter of your Human story.  Open the cover and scan the beginning page.  For some, this book will reveal a roadmap of sorts; the initial stages of a brand new mission.  How very exciting!  Then for others, the pages are pristine and white; these to written on only by you as you create your own new journey.  All are beautiful.  All are unique.  Each of you arrived on Earth to do a particular job, and for a specific purpose.  Many of you have completed your initial tasks and have elected to stay, this for any number of reasons.  Some cannot bear to depart before they've had a chance to witness the miracles of change.  Others wish to stay and act as healers, wayshowers or living beacons of the light.  Possibly, you wish to stay and care for loved ones.  All are valid.  All are blessed.

Endeavor to be in the peace of God and all The Universe, sweet Travelers.  This day is but a millisecond in time, so seek to embrace it and do with it glorious things.  For when you are home again, and so you will be, you shall look fondly upon these days and reminisce.  As you sit together with your Family of Light, you shall exchange stories of great growth and adventure!  And those who sit in circle with you shall too learn and be awestruck.  To be an Earth-traveler is to be seasoned and wise, and even the most mundane- seeming of Human days is, in truth, wrought with lessons.

So know that Spring soon comes, and with a bevy of brilliant new colors.  Plant the seeds, and come Autumn reap the abundant harvest of their bounty. 

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