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Karen Dover ~ Navigating the “impasse” of the human logical mind

karen doonan

There are many teachings that seek to teach that simply changing the way that we think in our human form is the answer to creating a new earth reality.  Our thought patterns are a result of the frequencies that we are running within our human energy signatures, the teaching of “change your thoughts/ change your life” is therefore akin to trying to remove the salt from the oceans.  Removing the salt from the ocean would result in drinking water but the water comes with the salt already present.
At this moment upon the planet earth there is a huge tsunami of frequency release, for those who are unaware of how this affects the human energy signature let me take a moment to explain.  When a frequency is released it is for a short period of time re-experienced in its full form, that is the full strength of the frequency pattern is re-experienced as it rises up from cellular level and is released from the cells of our human vehicles.  This causes a temporary blindness and at a human waking conscious mind level it sees us re-live memories as if they were happening at this moment.  This may result in huge chaos as the outer waking world may appear to be one situation but we react as if we were in a different place/time/scenario.

I have blogged and addressed this in the podcasts where there is a period of transition when the inner landscape must be matched up with the outer waking life experience.  This may be challenging at times of mass release for if we are not aware of how the energy signature of the human vehicle works we may try to re-anchor that which is being released by those around us.  Everything is a frequency and we walk the earth surrounded by millions of millions of frequencies but as these are not seen by our human eyes we tend to filter this out.  At this moment upon the planet when waking from dreamtime we may be plunged into chaos. Waking being the moment that we reconnect at a physical level with our human vehicles. We move from the dreamtime platform where we have detached from the physical human vehicle and then we reconnect. So we go from one set of frequencies into an entirely different set of frequencies in a moment.
This is why many of you upon waking may feel “off” or “exhausted” or “anxious”, you are picking up on the general background frequency pattern of the entire human race and planet earth. Remember we may appear to be in separate human vehicles but all is a frequency and all is inter connected.
The human logical mind will expand so far as we move through this release process but we may find that it reaches what it refers to as an “impasse”, this is a safety mechanism that seeks to protect us from overloading and being flooded with too much information.  We have never entered the bandwidths of frequency that we are now navigating and retained a human form before so there is a certain flexing of the human logical mind to allow for additional information to be absorbed and processed.
At a human conscious waking mind level this may appear to you as being unable to function beyond sleeping and eating. It may be a concern when you first enter this transitional phase as it may make no logical sense why making a cup of tea would appear to be so exhausting but your physical human eyes are not seeing the sheer volume of information that is flooding the cells of your human vehicle.
Within the old 3d earth created construct it was relatively simple to absorb and process the information, the dense bandwidths contained relatively few pieces of information, and they were repeated over and over continually, this was done to continually hold in place the construct which is the old 3d earth.  Within the higher dimensional frequency bandwidths there is much more information within the frequencies, this sees more data, more information and more knowledge flood the human vehicle.  As the human logical mind has been kept contained and limited to what is often quoted as “10 per cent” of its ability to process it therefore takes some linear time to move out of this very dense patterning and cyclical information process.
Within the old 3d earth created construct denser frequencies the information was the same information a multitude of different ways, so the human logical mind would process this relatively quickly and easily. Now the information is expansive and is out with what was available previously, therefore the human logical mind is processing at a different level. This uses up energy, many of you may be eating or drinking more highly refined foods and drinks to obtain the necessary energy to fuel this process, this is one of the reasons that sugar is so useful in this process. Many of you may still be trying to deny yourself sugar, holding fast to the belief structures taught within the old 3d earth created construct that sugar is “bad” for the human vehicle.
Sugar is a requirement at certain levels of the transition process due to the fast action of sugar in relation to energy. Again this may be a challenge to your human logical mind and challenge any belief structures still in place.  You may assume that drinking vast amounts of sugary drinks will somehow overload your human vehicle, especially if you are not drinking these drinks and then running 10 miles to “burn off” the sugar rush. But the sugar rush IS being put to use, you are using vast amounts of energy in the processing of the higher dimensional frequencies, all is unseen to the naked human eyes and this must be acknowledged and worked with.
There is no servitude in trying to force the process, to try to move too quickly beyond the “impasse” may see you reach a point of complete confusion.  We are after all moving into a new way of living and being and we are attempting to do this with our human minds INTACT.  The “impasse” safety switch is there as a protection, in many ways it can be seen as the “fuse” that protects from too much CURRENT flowing through the human vehicle.
As we move through this process we pause and allow the “impasse” to dissolve, to allow the human logical mind to catch up as it were and we do this in a variety of ways, the most commonly used way is to rest and to sleep. This allows for vast transference of information through the dreamtime platform and many of you at this time may be experiencing intense, very realistic, dreams.  Another way to move through this is to pre-occupy your human logical mind to keep it busy to stop the flooding of thoughts as they are re-organised, re-arranged and released.  Doing puzzles, crosswords, painting or something that keeps the mind chatter at a lower volume all helps during this process.
To try to control this process is to work against the natural ebb and flow of the frequencies that exist all around us. There is no control within the “impasse”, any attempt at control may see you begin to question your sanity and reality and this serves no purpose. There after all is no “race” and no “competition”, we are simply aligning with who we are in TRUTH, allowing ourselves to understand how we process information and what works best for us individually is the key to this process, what works for one person may send another very close to the edge.
At this time we are asked to let go and to allow our TRUST and FAITH in the process to build as we navigate through frequencies that we have been prevented from ever experiencing. Understanding that as we shift and change then ALL shifts and alters for ALL are ONE and ALL JUST IS. Indeed any attempt at trying to control simply creates more chaos at certain frequency points of this process.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.
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