Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Dolphins Holding the Violet Flame

Dolphins are high frequency energy beings much like angels but in a physical form. Their songs help to heal the Earth Planet and all the beings that live here. Together with the Whales, they are constantly adjusting their song to bring the Earth back to harmony and balance with the Spiritual Kingdoms.
You don’t need to see a dolphin in order to communicate with them. The best way to tune in to the Dolphin Energy is to listen to your Heart Song. This sounds like a very high frequency much like a whistle or tiny bubbles bursting in the inner consciousness. If you listen to this sound or just feel the vibration of the bubbles bursting into consciousness, you will feel lifted into another dimension of perception. These frequencies transform your perception into the Ascension Energy of the Violet Flame. The dolphins carry the next level of consciousness and get excited when we tune in to them. They are here to activate the new age of Ascension.

In Lemurian times human beings were non-physical. We had bodies of consciousness known as Light Bodies. Our body was not rigid or dense. There was no weight. We could modify our form and swim through the ocean like a fish or fly through the air like a bird. Everyone once had the ability to tune in to the Heart Song of the Dolphins. The vibration of the Dolphin Song would lead us into higher and more delightful dimensions of consciousness. The problem is that today we think too much and evaluate everything we experience. We have to let go of our analytical mind and just flow like a child with the pulses of energy emitted by the Dolphins. These pulses of energy or bursts of light and high-pitched sounds are everywhere. We can tune in to them any time we are relaxed. Perhaps the best time to try this is just after meditation when your mind is quiet and your heart is open. Some of you may not hear the sound, so instead, just relax and feel the gentle pulse of energy or wave of joy deep inside your heart.
Dolphins are here to raise the vibration of our consciousness and help us tune in to the flow of Life Force that is bringing all life into harmony with Nature. It is this same Heart Song that has opened the doors between the dimensions and has been allowing the gods, angels, and masters to communicate with us. If we just relax, we can open to an extraordinary experience of new light and love. When you start to feel this vibration moving through your heart center, tune in to the dolphins and swim with them into the Violet Ocean of Ascension. Feel your awareness of this Earthly world melting into the multicolored perception of the Divine. It’s a wonderful experience but it requires you to turn off your analytical mind and just feel. Even if you think you are just imagining this, it is working. Your imagination is a powerful creative tool that you can use to materialize good things into your daily life. What we do in our inner spiritual consciousness is just training for how to manifest more light and love in our world. The dolphins have been doing this since the time of Lemuria and are waiting for more human beings to tune in and enjoy the unified field of Divine Love. Swim with the dolphins and learn their song. Set your imagination free and roam the fields of Paradise that were once present everywhere in Lemuria. Bless you!

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