Monday, February 16, 2015

Karen Dover ~ Physical shifts into the New Earth frequencies

karen doonan

There is much talk about movement into higher dimensions and alternative realities and many still assume that these shifts are at an energetic level only.  As the changes and alterations that occur within the human vehicle are not seen by the naked human eye then these are often filtered out.  As we go through the various phases of the transition process there will be times where the changes become more obvious. How we fuel our bodies for example may take on a process akin to a chemistry experiment.  Contrary to popular “belief” there is no one way to fuel the human vehicle and during major energy upgrades and expansions the need that the human vehicle has for sugar may be at a human conscious waking mind level almost inexplicable. It is to be noted that information around the health and wellbeing of the human vehicle started within the old 3d earth created construct and is designed to keep the physical human vehicle in a much denser vibration.  It is no surprise to many of you reading this blog that as you move into expansion then the belief that you have around nutrition and how to fuel said human vehicle will be challenged at many different times.  So we are then given a choice, to listen to our human vehicles and to have faith and trust in SELF or to fall to the belief systems that are already in place and are policed by many around us.
At this moment upon the planet earth the physical birth of the New Earth frequencies at human conscious physical level is now underway. For those who have allowed themselves to be taught this is purely energetic this may be a challenging phase to move into and beyond, for those who have rejected the energetic teachings it may be a challenging phase in a completely different way as the New Earth frequencies allow for a much more expansive experience at human conscious waking level. For many of you the past waking 48 linear human hours may have seen you experience many different physical symptoms that are extreme,  time “loss”, time “gain”, dizziness, zoning out, expanded hearing, expanded vision, colour expansion etc. All are the upgrades to the human vehicle that were prevented under the denser frequencies of the old 3D earth created construct.

Sleep patterns and ability to dream may also see huges surges of activity.  Many may attempt to find balance by pulling themselves back INTO that which we as a race are moving out of. To try to exert your “will” over the physical human vehicle is a waste of energy, it is a residual teaching of the old 3D earth created construct that seeks to teach that you need to have control over your thoughts in order to have control over your life. This works to DECONSTRUCT your creative energy as it seeks to place a containment around that which JUST IS. As I have blogged repeatedly we are not moving into another construct, we are moving OUT of a construct and into the natural flow that ALREADY EXISTS around us and in the wider universe.
For many across the planet the coming few weeks will be challenging to make any sense of, for as we move into flow we break down the barriers to TRUTH and ALL THAT IS, this is what exists already and the human logical mind has been taught to reference only the construct into which we were originally placed. Many talk of taking down the matrix without understanding the process that is necessary in order to remain sane during said process. When a race has only ever been given static reference points, to move them beyond this may see many become as boats that have had anchors uprooted and cast out to sea. Much of the major energetic “anxiety” and “panic” that is building within the human race is due to the dissolving of these static reference points.
To counteract this the human vehicle is now moving into evolution and expansion so that it is more able to understand, decode and interact with the higher frequencies that already exist. They are helping us as the spirit resident within said human vehicle be able to understand the wider universe and wider human life experience at a human conscious waking level.  This transition will now move into full “power” mode over the coming few days.  To work with this we are asked to let go and have FAITH and TRUST in the process, to remain in the moment and to reign back in our human minds when they attempt to walk us down familiar paths that no longer are relevant. By this I mean that many are still trying to reference what is about to come to fruition by referencing how human life has been experienced to date. This is now null and void and any attempts at trying to live life in this way will result in mass frustration and chaos.
There was an event horizon that is now surpassed, this is the energetic point of expansion that could not be returned from. Now we approach the event horizon at human physical level.  For many who are holding tightly onto current belief systems the choice will have to be made, to let go and fall into flow or to continue to push against the current, to continue to place “will” above ease and grace and to continue to believe that life is an uphill struggle that has to be controlled, manipulated and believed in.  None of this is TRUTH but so many are caught in this teaching from the old 3D earth created construct that they believe it is a TRUTH.  TRUTH JUST IS, it needs no proof, no defense for it JUST IS.
It is to be noted that all in the human race are not at the same frequency points, so at any one moment there will be sections of the human race who appear to be caught firmly in the grip of a belief system who will then shift into flow and this is continual. The phases and the expansions are frequency based and waves of frequencies are now activating for the next phase. This is ongoing, there is never a moment when the summit has been reached for we are not “ascending” as many “believe” but we are moving into the evolution of our species.  This sees the human race begin to expand and to move into what has so far been deemed “impossible”.  It is not natural to remain within a set parameter of defined frequencies, this was the construct that the human race was placed into and has been taught as “karma”, past life” , “re-incarnation” etc.   To evolve as a species the human race will be able to move into adaptation, this is adaption to the NATURAL UNIVERSE, not to the construct that is now dissolving.
At this time we are asked to be and to let go. To understand that the shifts and the expansion is there to help us all at this time. The human logical mind in many aspects is now playing “catch up”, we many experience that which we have no information for until it is then shown to us repeatedly.  For those who are still in fear of standing in their own power and who still run the belief that they are other that who they are in TRUTH this will be a time to step into your fear and watch it dissolve before you. For TRUTH JUST IS.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question” and we are now moving beyond where we in our human form have ever gone before.  “TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE” – to quote a well known sci fi series. It is to be noted that prisoners when they are first released after a long time incarcerated will attempt first of all to defer to that which made them feel “safe”. They will actively look for routine as a way of coping with the change in their surroundings. The human race has been incarcerated within a construct for eternity, so for many the default position may be to locate “safe” but this does not make it TRUTH, as only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth frequencies the adaptation process may be at times intense.  At all moments we are connected to SOURCE, whether or not we can consciously accept this or not is irrelevant, there comes a point in the transition process where a choice has to be made and not making a choice is a choice.  SOURCE is the origin of your spirit, it is the only origin, many will try to persuade you otherwise and the choice is always yours.  This choice will now begin to show itself over the coming linear 2 yrs until the year 2017.  We are asked to connect to our HEART space and understand that in TRUTH there is only one choice and all others are illusion. However in our human form we have free will, that free will can and will be challenged at all moments by those who sought to contain and suppress the human race within the old 3d earth created construct. As human eyes and human minds can be deceived by illusion the only way to reach TRUTH is to walk with an open heart and a full connection to SOURCE.

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