Saturday, December 2, 2017

Méline Portia Lafont ~ important message from Méline


I started this journey of service and Light work for the collective 6 years ago. I received the request and the task to channel certain Masters and some other beautiful Beings from on High. As it is my soul mission and passion, I followed this path and I learned a lot about myself during it. I always enjoyed doing this because it simply is my heart passion, my gift and an extension of my Beingness. I started doing this Service work (readings, channelings, tools, healings, attunements) for free. I did this for about 2 years. It all catapulted me into a very deep and profound Transformation as to where I started to embody more and more of my Higher Presence into this human form.

Of course, as is inherent in this experience, it requested some changes in my life to be able and continue this spiritual path. I ended up with leaving my relationship and my own house back then. I had no work as I could no longer perform my nursing job (energies), thus no income either. Still I kept on performing free energy and reading work for all. What happened then was taking a leap into myself and trusting my SELF. I left my house and relationship taking my 3 kids with me, this without a job nor any security. I gave up my house (I dropped the money that I was legally entitled to) and just had faith in myself.

I found a little house that was big enough to live in with my 3 kids and to start all over. I was then pushed to take the next step into my service work and to use my gifts and provide for myself, sustain myself. This was in 2013. Thus I started my “Awaken spirit from Within” journey and Spiritual Service website. Now I was to continue my Global Service work and accepting, asking money exchange for this work. I needed to sustain my children and pay the bills. I had truly nothing of myself financially after years of free service work. There was no other way, I needed to learn and accept too. And yes, we live in a world where this mundane (financially) is part of our realm as well.

So my Spiritual website and work was fact and became my job aside of my soul task. What a better way to do what you Love and who you are! I am following my heart, my self and using my native gifts. YAY!!

We are almost 4 years down the road of this Full time Self sustaining job as a Spiritual guide and counselor. I have connected with so many beautiful souls, learned much, shared much. I am grateful. But now at this point I am having a tremendous hard time to sustain myself and my children financially. It is going on for almost 2 years. The beautiful Tribe I work with are all very positive and grateful concerning my work and the co-creations we make. They say my work is helping them tremendously to step into their own power, that my rates are too low for the quality that is given from my end. Even though this is true and I am not earning enough to keep my head above the water, I always continued to offer free sessions, tools and advice. I always allowed for discounts and payment installments and even donations if services were too expensive for some who are also having a hard time financially. I am a giver that is Me.

But now I am at a point where I am considering to end this spiritual service work and go back into the daily life with a 9 to 5 job . My spiritual work income is not enough to sustain my little family financially. I even have shortages to cover many bills. There are not many that truly want to invest in themselves when it comes to services which are a bit more expensive.. unfortunately. And my free blog work on the website Pleiadedolphininfos does not receive much donation support either. I know I am not alone in this, there are other Light workers experiencing the same and I donate to these as well when support is needed. And here is the point that I am having a hard time with: I know I AM good at what I do and that I AM worth of this level of abundance as well. So are you! Still, for almost 2 years it is not coming through and perhaps it is time to say good bye or to simply step back and do less energy work – combining it with a full time 9 to 5 job. I AM devastated with this thought.

I will give it a little more time but this way you are all informed if the time comes.

I want to share this part of my life story with my Light family openly and honestly. I need support or change. Thank you all for this joint journey and beyond.

Much love


  1. Very unfortunately, most of the channeled messages from Angels, Archangels, Masters and so on are fake messages. Inspite of most of these messages, the Ascension will take place on the 28th of December this year and all of the human beings and animals will leave the earth and return to the higher dimensional planet, 5th dimensional Sirius, 8th dimensional Andromeda, 10th dimensional Vega, 18th dimensional Rila and 24th dimensional Pleiades. A pair of male and female creator resides on the 28th dimensional planet Arcturus. No messages form the planet Arcturus will be transmitted because the creators will not provide any message. 750 yeas lated after the Ascension, the next Ascension will take place and approximately 50 souls will descned to Japan to initiate creation of the earthly society. Only Japan is a plase where light souls reside because Japan is the sole place where the frequency level is soutable for the light souls whoes frequency is vey high.

  2. Lieve Méline, je verhaal is zo herkenbaar voor mij omdat ik ook moest stoppen met het werk wat zo dierbaar was voor mij.(nu na 2 jr)..en ja soms denk ik zal ik weer beginnen...maar de tijd van verandering is daar en ik probeer er nu vrede mee te hebben....als het de bedoeling is zal er wel iets op mijn pad komen...misschien is een gewone baan tussen gewone mensen even harder nodig...ik wens je heel veel sterkte met het nemen van dit besluit..en het vinden van een nieuwe richting...Lieve Engel.....Namasté

  3. The ones that make it in lightworker work are the ones that really market the business. Maybe a part time job and get someone to help you market your work better.There is a message for you from someone to help you. Need to think out side of the box. Your much love and you do amazing work. Energies are shifting and you will get the help you need.

  4. Thank you for this blog and all you do. May positive abundance come to you in a powerful and helpful stream. :)

  5. I wish You the best of luck with Your new career choice but I am compelled to tell You (re-mind) and help You to realize (real eyes) that You are quitting right before the awesomeness that You have been asking for arrives. The path You are currently on is a prosperous, rightous and magical one. Try to calm Your financial fears, even for a few moments, and listen as Spirit is showing You this. Shine Your blinding light onto that fear so it brightens Your path and keep putting one foot in front of the other, despite the difficulty. Soon, Very Soon, You will find the magic that You've been searching for. Peace and Love, My SiStar. You are going to be beyond fine if You stay on Your current path and I am jumping for joy at the greatness that awaits You. Stay Strong.

  6. Thank you for your Honesty and openness Meline :)
    As a fellow struggler and survival of this cruel 3D way of life that requires money to have the basics of a decent life, i wholeheartedly feel your concerns and feelings.
    If the 9-5 job is part of your soul path, it will manifest. But if it is not, then it won't. Either way, whatever the outcome is, rest assured it is the right choice you've made and the right outcome that serves your highest purpose and that of all involved :)

  7. WOW
    U r #1
    I will send 125 if you open a GoFundMe

  8. Méline it's been so long since I've seen you! I'm sad reading this. It's hard knowing you're going through such tough times. I'm not sure how I can help. Bill Ballard posted this today. I'm glad you've reached out. I will share this as well. I'm not sure what's needed but trust that your first step is a start! Much love, Lisa xxxx

  9. Hi for some reason your post popped up on my fb page and so i read your story and I feel that this message from Jill renee feeler may shed light on your dilemma or not your choice😊 😊