Thursday, December 28, 2017

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ The human heart unfurls itself

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In this Decembers learnings the human heart will find its way to a great opening in the soul and soil of what is old, finally Growing wings for a flight that was not scheduled. The human heart is a powerful device, more powerful than the ark of the covenant, as it inherently has a greater longer lasting force and effect on all that cross its path, which there is no protection from its sharp learning. It can be a cruel mistress on occasion and can seduce one into wrong choice’s, that all end on the same street of the future,  the human heart always follows its self sometimes landing on dead end streets.

The human heart has a perseverance that unfolds and unfurls its self as a banner that is strewn across the earth sky. Humanity stands tall in their tall in their unity when there is reason to fear. But as time passes and the pastures of their life are no longer in danger, they turn from the unison that was so important a day ago, an hour ago, a week ago.

The death of the old is upon you as you awaken to a higher institution of light and enter the hallway of capabilities that are now available.  You have the ability to cast your hope into a place that is unfurled in glory and anchored in faith. 

Listen for the signs with every inch of your body. Do not allow your gridlocked consciousness to get you lost in the corn maze of life and seeking the light!. Listen to the heighten senses of the body.  When the hairs upon your body raise a red flag – listen.  Pay attention to what is around you, if the alarm is going off, literally listen, child listen.  For what affects one, affects the ALL.  You have been given the 'gift of supreme Realization, a virtual clarity' what do you do with this sacred gift, how will you use it and store its truths?  Look to your future with clear eyes, see clearly what unfolds.  Do not be blind to the worlds, for each choice escorts you into  another place of knowing and learning in a distinct and Different latitude and cosmic longitude.

You are asked to enter the quantum fields of reality where you direct the orchestra, where you direct the energies, where you direct the creations without fault, without fear, without falling, or without failing.  You are each Masters and Maestros of Light.  Nature has have held the sacred text and the sacred truths until humans were aware enough to embrace them in love.  All of life has messages hidden within it.  It is time to release the bounty that lives within the rocks, the clouds, the sky, the snow, the trees, and the water. 

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