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James Gilliland ~ Gamma Ray Bursts, Solar Flares, Cosmic Rays, Shifts In Human Consciousness

ECETI May 29 2013
Gamma ray burst
As many know we are getting bombarded by gamma ray bursts, solar flares, cosmic rays and other magnetic influences due to the alignment with Galactic Plane. Many are observing the unprecedented increase in earthquake, volcanic eruptions along with severe weather. What we are not seeing is how these energies affect human consciousness.
The earth is expanding – busting at the seams. We are expanding as well. These energies affect the bioelectric fields surrounding the human body all the way to the DNA level.

Archangel Metatron ~ Hope, being in peace and going with the flow ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

Dearest brothers and sisters of the Light, dearest incarnations of the God spark, dearest hearts of Love. It is I, Archangel Metatron, who has the pleasure to address all of you in order to incite your beloved hearts to express Love and joy. The aim of my message today is to bring enlightenment and to lead all of you to one and the same consensus in Love and peace.

Today we are going to discuss the topic of hope and peace. Hope is a beautiful thing as it procures a joyful feeling and an uplifting energy. Hope creates opportunities and manifests realities, that’s why we say that it is important to be hopeful as it stirs your ‘spirit’ and gives you the impetus to persevere because you feel something wonderful is coming your way.

It is all right to feed and share hope, my beloved friends. Don’t let anyone take away your hope, but simultaneously it is very important during the process of hoping, that you don’t place any expectations on the outcome, that you don’t fill in certain things or that you put certain charges on it. When hope goes hand in hand with uncertainty and the filling in of expectations, hope changes fundamentally in its totality and aspect of creation. Than hope will display a very different meaning and shape and will take on the form of a disturbance.

Suzanne Lie ~ Alchemy Of Creation Part 2 -- Transmutation of Matter

The Alchemy of Creation Part 2
By the Arcturians

To transmute your physical form, it is best that you release your attachment to human individuality and think of yourself as a planetary being. For humans to ascend via their physical bodies transmuting into the fifth dimension rather than "dying" as was normal before this great era, you will need the assistance of Earth. At the same time, in order for Earth to ascend without the extinction of Her physical form, She needs human assistance.

Hence dear humans and Galactics/Celestials in human form, you will need to expand your personal consciousness into planetary consciousness. In this manner, there is no sense of personal sacrifice or fear. There is only the great unity of person and planet ascending as ONE Being. Furthermore, we request that those of you who have awakened to your Multidimensional SELF no longer hold back your process. Others have chosen the Mission of working with the beginners.

Wes Annac ~ The Ascended Masters: You’ll find the Mastery We’re Known For


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Every lesson you’re being given is ultimately designed to help you find the emotions, heart sets and understanding of the higher realms, and we ask you to treat yourselves and those around you with the grace and ease of the Creator; which many of you are beginning to find yourselves able to do with increased ease.

This is because the pure energies delivering your ascension, which you are absorbing and assimilating unto yourselves with fervor yet grace, are settling upon your perspective and helping you to understand and see the Divinity of every single moment of the infinite and glorious Now.
The Now and the energy of the Now are being increasingly understood by a plethora of awakening souls, and the mental desire to fight, rebel or spark argument is derived from a desire not to experience the infinite calm of the moment of Now.

Lucas – Unveiling The Veil – When Opposites Become Synergy – 30 May 2013


a-aura11Beyond mystics and occultism or just plain being the man on the street the simplest way of understanding  is that we are slowly working on all opposites uniting and working together as One in unity.  Yes, the strangest feelings and experiences will make you aware of the fact that we move into new territory or better said:  We re-discover and  re-explore what we were from the beginning.  We are going to meet up in the middle.

The veil was nothing more than the experience being a living extreme polarity. The one’s understanding the power of this dualistic experience played the role of instigating more duality and extremes, as in divide and conquer.Their strength was every time moving along the lines of invisible awareness influencing in energy patterns. The  cycle  of control was fed literally  with energy sprouting from the extreme polarities and especially the e-motions of fear and also extreme joy. As both extremes can have adverse affects in all.

Be aware – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 30, 2013



Notice what you think, my child. You run through your day and think jauntily all possible things ahead of yourself. You are also subject to the thoughtenergies of your fellow men. Each thought, that you think, remains as thoughtform and influences not only your future but also all people who come in contact with this energy. Such a thought can even go around the earth and thoughtenergies of for you totally unknown people reach in this way your own energyfield and influence you when you don’t pay attention to that. So be careful. Observe yourself, notice what you do and think. If you find a thought that doesn’t blend in with you or that won’t manifest what you want, then change your thoughts. Always be aware of what you think and you will achieve success faster than before, my child. ~
Your Divine Mother
Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Metatron ~ Hoffnung, im Frieden sein und sich vom Strom treiben lassen‏ ~ Durch Méline Lafont

Geliebte Brüder und Schwestern des Lichts, geliebte Inkarnationen von Gottes Funke, geliebte Herzen der Liebe. Ich bin es, Erzengel Metatron und habe die Freude, mich an euch Alle zu wenden und eure geliebten Herzen anzuspronen, Liebe und Freude zum Ausdruck kommen zu lassen. Mit meiner heutigen Botschaft möchte ich einige Themen beleuchten und euch alle in ein und denselben Konsens bringen, was die Liebe und den Frieden betrifft.
Heute werden wir die Themen Hoffnung und Frieden beleuchten. Hoffnung ist etwas sehr Schönes, da mit ihr ein freudiges Gefühl und eine erhebende Energie einhergeht. Hoffnung führt zu Gelegenheiten und manifestiert Realitäten, und deshalb sagen wir, dass es wichtig ist, Hoffnung zu haben, da sie euren "Geist" anregt und euch die Energie gibt, durchzuhalten, da ihr fühlt, dass da etwas Wundervolles unterwegs ist.

Aartsengel Metatron ~ Hoop, in vrede zijn en meegaan met de stroom ~ Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

AA Metatron

Geliefde gebroeders en gezusters van het Licht, geliefde incarnaties van God zijn vonk, geliefde harten van Liefde.  Het is ik, Aartsengel Metatron, die het genoegen heeft om u allen aan te spreken en uw geliefde harten aan te sporen tot Liefde en vreugde.  Mijn boodschap van vandaag heeft als doel verlichting te brengen en jullie allen tot 1 en dezelfde consensus te brengen in alle Licht en vrede.

We gaan het vandaag hebben over hoop en vrede.  Hoop is iets moois, voor het geeft een vreugdevol gevoel en een opliftende energie.  Hoop creëert kansen en brengt werkelijkheden tot manifestatie, daarom dat wij u ook zeggen dat hoopvol zijn belangrijk is, voor het wakkert uw “spirit” aan en geeft een gevoel tot doorzettingsvermogen omdat men weet dat er iets moois komt. 

Hoop mag gevoeld en gedeeld worden, mijn lieve vrienden, en laat niemand u de hoop ontnemen.. maar tegelijkertijd is het erg belangrijk om tijdens het hopen geen verwachtingen te plaatsen, geen zaken in te vullen of ladingen op te plaatsen.  Wanneer hoop gepaard gaat met onzekerheid en het invullen van verwachtingen, is hoop niet meer hetzelfde en verandert hoop in zijn totaliteit en aspect van creatie.  Het gaat een andere betekenis en vorm aannemen en neemt de term van een storing aan.

Andy Bojarski ~What I See and Feel During an Energy Healing – The Ascension Gates and Your Ascension!

AscensionI recently performed an energy healing on Ashley from Canada.  Her testimonial can be found by clicking HERE.  For all of the energy healing testimonials, click HERE.

Ashley asked if I can maybe give a posting on my experience during the energy healing, as I typically only post testimonials from people who received an energy healing.  So I thought, why not and maybe it will help.
So here goes:  Toward the end of the energy healing is the best part for me.  This is where I see and feel the most.  So this is what I will focus on in this posting.  This part is after I have etherically cleansed and energized the person receiving the energy healing.  So here is my experience toward the end of the energy healing for all of the energy healings that I perform.

GOD GENE Crystals: by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


The God Gene hypothesis proposes that human beings inherit a set of genes that predisposes them to believe in a higher power

These powerful christalline Masters come to show us a Great Light.  They come to remind us about our ‘Parent Light’. These Gorgeous crystals are navigational markers, allowing time passages to unlock and be seen.  They come to teach us about our DNA linkage to other universes and time domains.

All of history to come is built into the DNA of man. We of earth hold within us 144 star systems that gave of themselves for the original genetic seeding of earth.   Mankind is programmed to remember, for a God who never forgets. As time doors activate, an instinctive remembrance of futures to come is brought to the surface of self. A sense of déjà vu is included in a future that is felt but unseen.    These crystalline beings enhance the ability to be present, while at the same time accepting energy, and messages from your future and multidimensional selves.

Ronna Herman – Archangel Michael: Limitation or Liberation – Which Do You Choose?

thanks to :
Remember, my brave ones, you are living in the midst of eternity. The messages of cosmic wisdom we bring you are not to set more rules or create new dogma.  Our intention is to set your hearts afire with love and to give you a glimpse of the glorious future before you.  As more and more of the masses are feeling a discontent initiated by their Soul Self, it is vital that the Wisdom Teachings of Ascension are reviewed and shared with those around you.  You, the awakened STAR SEED, are the ones who will now spread the emerging WISDOM TEACHINGS of the future.  

Whether aware of it or not, humanity and the Earth are in the midst of an accelerated evolutionary process. That is the miracle of these times, beloveds.  The Supreme Creator is radiating throughout the Omniverse the full spectrum of Divine Light.  This powerful, pure Light is filtering through each Great Central Sun, the mansion world of the Father/Mother God of each universe, out into every level of Creation so that gradually every Spark and fragment of Creation will have access to an appropriate level of Creator-consciousness.

Linda Roninson – Message From Archangel Zadkiel For June 2013: Manifesting With A Higher Vibration

LindaRobinsonThanks to:

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Lady Amethyst.  We represent the Seventh Ray of transmutation, transformation, and manifestation, and we greet you in Love and Light.

Today, we would like to discuss the importance of manifesting with a high personal vibration.  We have discussed other aspects of this topic on previous occasions, and we are again bringing this to your awareness because of its great importance.  Because the new energy is vibrating at a higher level, it is important that any consciously created manifestation now be done in a backdrop of a high personal vibration.

A Spiritual Revolution: Getting to Work on Cultivating Peace by Wes Annac

RevolutionDuring a communication I was blessed to have with the Pleiadians recently (I’ll admit I channel quite a lot) they discussed a subject that I’d like to explore a bit here. It’s a subject I believe to be immensely-important to our evolution as a species and specifically, to our standing up to the forces of darkness and Creating a society more in the interests of every sovereign human being.
The subject they discussed was peaceful, spiritual revolution.

I’ve already begun to discuss this subject with my previous writing on it, though the term I used was “humanity’s spiritual uprising”. As both terms essentially describe the same thing, I’d like to take a look at the very idea of rising up as an awakened collective body and asserting ourselves to the current power structures in place.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Andy Bojarski ~ My Higher Self: When and How Will Ascension Happen?

AscensionAscension is happening now.  The energies are already here.  They will intensify in the times ahead.  The shift has already occurred and the new world has already been created.  It is there and it is waiting for you.

Ascension for you, however, is a continuous process.  You are not there yet.  But you will be.  That is why you are here now.  You are in charge of your ascension.  There is no time in the higher dimensions.  You are experiencing linear time on Mother Earth and this linear time is moving faster now.  Ascension is an individual process.

Please focus on what you need to release.  Focus on you.  You cannot and will not ascend into the higher dimensions until you release what does not serve your highest and best good.  Focus on the things in your life that do not serve your highest and best good and release these things.  Ask yourself what is there in your life that needs to be cleaned up and released.  If you focus on this, things will come up to the surface nudging you.

Natalie Glasson – Master Kuthumi – The Eternal Love Of The Heart – 27 May 2013

natalie glasson
A constant aspect of acting as a tool and beacon of receiving light upon the Earth is to be observant of the need for constant cleansing of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is a tool which fuels all experiences upon the Earth, the level of the  openness of your heart chakra allows you to perceive your reality, self, the Creator and even your own healing process with varied levels of understanding. When the heart chakra is open then you are abundant in your ability to accept and to give the vibrations, wisdom and essence of the Creator. Your energy vibration shifts to a quicker frequency and you are able to move into a state of clarity throughout your entire being especially the mind. With the openness of the heart chakra it can seem as if you are connecting to higher dimensions and aspects of yourself as you are receiving a constantly vibrating current of yourself and the Creator flowing throughout your being. The openness of the heart chakra to whatever degree allows for higher aspects of yourself to ground into your embodiment.

Suzanne Lie: EARTH/PLEIADIAN ASCENSION - The Work Begins Part 2

May 27, 2013

The Work Begins – Part 2
I think I have met someone. He is blond and has piercing blue eyes. As soon as our eyes met, we seemed to have an instant connection. He even looked familiar, but maybe that was because of the dreams I had about being on a Spaceship. I actually met him while standing in line at a grocery store. 

I had been so depressed that I had not gone to the store for a long time. Therefore, I had a huge order. This man, Jason is his name, was behind me in line and only had a few things; so I let him go ahead of me. Fortunately, the line was so long that we had a few minutes to talk. Then, when I got to my car he was parked right next to me. I mean, what are the odds of that happening? Jason said hello, almost like he had been waiting for me, and helped me load up my groceries.

Lucas – Transitioning Transpiring – Are You Calling Freedom : Unity With All Or Just Separation Again? – 28 May 2013

unityIt seems that in the course of things to come there will be a choice to be made. The now quiet passing of the things in the news is just an inch away from the full blast of things going to happen.  whatever you do it is time to call out your name for real 5D freedom and peace of the new paradigm where all opposites will be reconciled and united or you chose to go into separation from that what has been the opposing force or the duality within and without. You are chosing separation with probably punishment for those that have played their role on the dark contrast side of the play well. 

Are we chosing to be free and build with all also the opposing forces the new. I hand out my  invitation to be part with us in unity. Let us make  this new paradigm work for all of us. But in this unity in freedom of all is integrated that the still opposing forces will give in and come to the table. We need them to make clear what has happened, what was done and to make sure we will unite without harming them and anyone in future. The duality game was already over. The time has come to take out the battery of the last lifeline to the opposing forces. We need to reconcile and integrate all that we have learned. For learning what is good, you need to experience what is bad. In all of us having experienced both sides of this duality we reached a new understanding and knowledge we can bring into the new paradigm. Lots of contrast but in balance we can teach others in their still extremely polarized worlds.

“Make A Wish.” Pleiadian Message For May 28, 2013. By, Bella Capozzi.

Chii Wishing Star [Chobits]★☆★ What is the dream that is dearest to your heart, Brothers and Sisters?  What is the thing which you feel would make your soul sing and your feet dance merrily across the pavement?  If you are honest-unabashedly and brutally honest with yourself-you will find that the answer to this question lies closer to the surface of your awareness than you might otherwise have realized.  Your heart’s desire, your ideal scenario, your sense of completion has been right there within you all along.  You simply can’t imagine how anything so perfectly refined could ever manifest in a world such as the one in which you find yourself living.   It is far too lovely, too sweet, too easy!  “Who lives this way”, you ask?  “Why, we do”, is our response.  And we are you, just as you are exactly as we are.  You are the Doers and we are the Watchers, but we are family nonetheless and are all comprised of the same stuff.  As the Doers you are tasked with wearing a set of proverbial blinders, and the challenge is in the removal of these blinders and the rediscovery of who and what you really are.  Really are.  Beneath the pain and the struggle, outside of the muck and mire and the illuson.  The ultimate achievement is in the reuniting and reintegration of your Human and Galactic selves, and also in the firm anchoring of the principles of higher dimensional living onto the Earth plane.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Saint Germain ~ The Heartcenter and the Ego ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

Dear Ones, I impart my very best wishes and love for all of you during these intense shifts and manifestations occuring on your Earth. Much clarity and lucidity will ensue within humanity and within each of your hearts, because a lot of energies are laying the foundation for renewal and manifestation of your personal life and your Self as well as of the collective world and Being.
What is crucially paramount nowadays is to continue staying in your heartcenter and even though you all are duly in the know through countless messages pointing out to that fact, it cannot be stressed enough as it is of the utmost importance to be able to cope with the upcoming energies and times with as little difficulties and emotional upheavals as possible.
What we mean by staying in your heartcenter is to ground yourself as much as possible and to feel and see yourself through your heart, to have only loving thoughts and to respond in a loving way to yourself and to others. One single negative thought, one negative word or criticism, one judgment is sufficient to pull you straight out of your heartcenter, catapulting you in your ego involvement.

It’s been one of those weeks… 27 May 2013, by Elizabeth



It’s Been One of those Weeks… 27 May 27, 2013, by Elizabeth

This past week I hit a rough patch of water, perhaps exaggerated by the intensity of the energies related to the full moon and lunar eclipse. All my contradictory emotions and feelings seemed to well up inside. I felt moments of connection and elation, as well as the depths of self-hatred and remorse. It was like the gutters and sewers of my astral body were being scrubbed out, with all the debris laid bare to see and feel. Difficult to experience and it’s easy to say, just let it pass through you. Well, pass through it did. I tried not to hang onto to any of the images or emotions that flitted by, but there were moments of feeling very uncomfortable. And my body was extremely fatigued as if I was wrestling with the inner demons all night, although I was sleeping well. Isn’t the process of ascension a wonderful one? Such highs and lows as cannot be experienced except in dramas and all with inner dialogue.

My time spent in meditation was more intense and satisfying, leaving me feeling quite happy and balanced. Yet the next day, I would again plunge into dark depths of character. Ah, how about a week of balanced emotions and feelings?

SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council: Pure Love Creates and Sustains your Realities


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: It’s my twentieth birthday today (May 27). I’ve given posts for today and this message from the Pleiadians, with exuberant happiness and Love. :)

The awakening of the collective of humanity is proceeding quite marvelously, though we know that it does not seem to be so from the point of view of those of you who continue to struggle. We ask you to stand strong in your efforts, dear souls, for the Divine is much closer than you would readily believe and we are, in fact, with every one of you right now.

We feel such a strong Love for the awakening collective of humanity and indeed, for all of Creation.
We feel the strongest Love and desire to assist you along your personal and collective evolution processes because truly, what you are doing is unprecedented. You are allowing a planet whose surface has been brimming with negativity for far too long to find the Light and find ascension as a result, and your efforts up to this point have been more than needed.

Meredith Murphy – Message From Archangel Michael – How To Access The Momentum Of Ascending – 27 May 2013


As you are opening more and more to the fullness of your being, you ignite within you a deep remembering.
There is an amplified connection with all that you are, and the Source which IS you. And in this extension of focus. And through this increased connection with your Universal Self, the Universal fullness of your being you begin to realize more and more what is possible for you.

And saved up wishes come forth. And soft insights about what gives you joy rise to the surface and a willingness to embrace these directly as options, as possibilities as invitations to a more happy experience in this existence, comes forth.

Karen Doonan: ELOHIM on the New Galactic Portals Recently Opened



Greetings dear ones we are the Elohim and we come to guide and to further support at this time. Much is now opening energetically and we have come to guide in relation to the new galactic portals that are now opening. Many of you are now aware of the deep changes in frequency that are now unfolding across and within planet earth and that are now being anchored within the individual human vehicles that exist upon planet earth.

Such is the effect of these new higher energetic frequencies that new galactic portals are now opening. In order to make use of these galactic portals it is vital to allow the unfolding of the new paradigms within your human life experience and to allow the frequencies of the old to dissolve completely. The heightening energetic frequencies of planet earth will soon reach a level that will allow for the birth of much that has been repressed and kept hidden from the human race. There is much that will now begin to dissolve in order that the new is given birth to and within. For all now changes and shifts and many are now moving in both frequency and location. For the call of the new is to all who are here to help birth these new paradigms within the human race.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Saint Germain ~ Herzzentrum und Ego‏ ~ Durch Méline Lafont


Meine Lieben, ich übermittle euch meine besten Wünsche und meine Liebe für euch alle in dieser Zeit intensiver Veränderungen und Manifestationen auf eurer Erde. Größere Reinheit und Klarheit wird sich auf Ebene der Menschheit und in euren Herzen ergeben, da viele Energien das Fundament für Erneuerung und Manifestation eures persönlichen Lebens und eures Selbstes sowie der kollektiven Welt und des kollektiven Seins legen.

Im Augenblick ist es von größter Bedeutung, in eurem Herzzentrum zu bleiben, und obschon ihr dies aufgrund zahlreicher Botschaften, die darauf hinweisen, sehr gut wisst, kann dies nicht genug betont werden, da es von größter Bedeutung ist, dass ihr in der Lage seid, die kommenden Energien und Zeiten mit so wenig Problemen und Emotionen wie möglich zu bewältigen.

Saint Germain ~ Het hartcentrum en het ego ~ Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Geliefden, mijn allerbeste wensen en liefde voor jullie allen tijdens deze intense shiften en manifestaties op jullie Aarde.  Er zal veel klaarheid komen en duidelijkheid ontstaan bij de mensheid en ieders hart omdat er op dit moment veel energieën de basis aan het leggen zijn, voor vernieuwing en manifestaties van zowel uw persoonlijk leven en Zelf alsook de globale en collectieve wereld en Zijn.
Wat nu van cruciaal belang is, is om steeds in uw hartcenter te blijven.. en ook al weten jullie dit nu na talloze berichten van ons allen over dit belang van het hartcenter, kan het niet genoeg gezegd worden want het is zeer belangrijk om de komende energieën en tijden te kunnen doorstaan met zo weinig mogelijk moeilijkheden en emoties.
Wat we bedoelen met in het hartcentrum te blijven is om u zoveel mogelijk te gronden en uzelf te voelen en te zien in uw hart, maar ook door steeds liefdevol te zijn en te denken over uzelf en anderen.  1 enkele negatieve gedachte, woord of bekritisering, oordeel is genoeg om u zo direct uit uw hartcentrum te trekken en in het ego te vertoeven.

Andy bojarski ~ My Higher Self: How Offended Do You Get?


OffendedYou must not become offended at others based on what they say to you.  If you do, your ego is in charge.  Not becoming offended at others will allow you to better tame your ego.  Your ego always wants to be right.

So if someone tells you something or does something that you do not agree with, your ego may feel as if it is losing an argument, or a battle.  This will trigger your ego to make you feel that you are right which will cause you to defend yourself and tell the other person that they are wrong.
When you defend yourself, you feel as if there is separation, as you may feel offended if what someone else tells you that you are wrong.  One of the ways that you can better control your ego is to stop feeling offended when you are talking to others.

Yeshua: We Are Creating a Heaven on Earth, One Glowing Step at a Time ~ Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ May 26, 2013



Hello my dear ones of eternal bliss. Yes you know, have known, and will know much more deeply the meaning of Bliss, my dear travelers of the dimensions and purveyors of Peace and Love.
I come today to offer my congratulations for a job well done negotiating yet more inundating floods of energy. It has served you well, and thus you serve others with it. And don’t forget yourselves, dear ones. Look into your hearts and see what subtle and not so subtle nuances and evidence of deeper love and transformation you have brought upon yourselves simply with the openness with which you have received the steady barrage of energy.

For you are getting very good at utilizing it to expand your own energy and to fill the world with light and to support the higher vibration for yourselves and others – to fill the world with yet more light in the deepest corners there and in your own hearts. You are getting quite good at this, and as you look back at your energy over the last year, you will see such a gradation and elevation of frequency and purpose.

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION'S WEEKLY MESSAGE May 26 - June 2, 2013

May 26-June 2, 2013

Beloved Ones,

The way forward and upward in your consciousness has now become more aligned with the joy and beauty that abides within your soul and this gives rise to feelings of expansion and infinite possibilities. Open yourselves to the vista of new beginnings and allow yourselves to receive the bounty of the Universe as it brings to you the fruition of your deepest and long held dreams. The way before you is being cleared and all that is required is the opening of your heart to allow it in. Let your imagination soar with joyous anticipation of the arrival of a new day, one that is a blank slate upon which can be written the life of your choosing, all that is required is your active participation.

Follow the guidance of your heartfelt desires and dare to dream big. See the possibility that you can receive all the good that life has to offer. Many of you are ready to move beyond the old paradigms as you watch their disintegration taking place before your eyes. You are the catalysts for the changes that are now taking place. You have arrived at a point on your path that requires faith and belief that all is well and that the new life beckons. Carry this belief each day and persist in your intentions to bring it into manifestation. There is a lot of activity taking place on the etheric realms in ways that can assist you in your endeavors.

Karen Doonan ~ The High Council of Orion : on distortions and reflections


Greetings dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support as all now begins to break down and RE-ORGANISE itself in your outer waking human life experience. Much is changing and shifting and yet much is also being held on to tightly. As the old earth begins to break down it will try to re-inforce all that is has taught YOU, as this is personal to each and every one of you there is no general guidance as such that can be offered other than to view the reflections of your inner beliefs in TRUTH. To do this you must begin to move into the heart space and begin to pour the LOVE that IS through all of your waking human life. To FEEL TRUTH is the way to work with the new energies, the mind-centred way of living is no longer supported in any form. To create only from the mind is to walk in the darkness of the old earth and we guide for you to process our words through your heart.

For many this is a time of never ending chaos or that is what the old earth is PREACHING to you and we guide for you to detach from this teaching and to FEEL TRUTH. Much of what is forming across planet earth is born out of the residue of the old earth energetic frequencies and many are attempting to feed these energies. It is to be noted dear ones that the old earth will not roll over, it will not "give in" for it has fear at its core, it does not FEEL, it REACTS and the reactions are what you have been taught in your human form to rely on. This is not TRUTH and is not supported under the new earth energetic frequencies, the more that you REACT from the mind the more that you will re-inforce the teachings within you that are trying to dissolve. This will lead you into more and more chaos and more and more distorted reflections for the old is trying to skew your vision. In order to feed the old earth energies you must be made to BELIEVE that all that is SHOWN to you is real. That is the way of the old earth. Many who are not within the heart space default to their external vision at all times. It is shown to them therefore it is real is the way that they interpret the reflections but much as the mind puzzles that many within the human race toy with these reflections are just that, mind puzzles. They are OPTICAL ILLUSIONS, placed in front of your vision in order to trigger the intense emotional REACTIONS that see you move out of the heart and place full trust in the mind. The mind will not help you at this time dear ones for the mind has no reference points for anything that is now unfolding across and within the planet earth.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

John Smallman ~ SAUL ~ Humanity’s future is brilliant, brighter than you can possibly imagine

John Smallman

Humanity’s journey towards awakening is almost complete!  Because so many of you are intending to engage with the divine field of Love enveloping you – and it is your intentions that make it happen – its influence has now intensified to such an extent that all on Earth are now in communion with it.  True, many are not conscious of this engagement, but it is a little like dropping some dye into a jug of water, stir the water and it all assumes the color of the dye. Everyone on Earth is now being deeply influenced by the field of divine Love.  This has been planned since the moment of your apparent separation from Reality as an essential part of your awakening process, and due to the stalwart efforts of so many holy ones over the eons and the Light-bearers and wayshowers presently on Earth it has now come to pass.

John Smallman ~ Jesus ~ The New Age has arrived and the evidence of that is becoming apparent to all who choose to see it

John Smallman

In the spiritual realms we are very well aware of the strain that waiting for awakening to occur is placing on you, the Light-bearers and wayshowers.  Many of you are perceiving the state of the world as steadily deteriorating as bad news follows bad news in so many areas.  And indeed there is a great shake-up in progress as the New Age makes its presence felt, and awareness grows of the enormous changes that must be made in your attitudes and behaviors if humanity is to avoid destroying itself, either by making the planet virtually uninhabitable through the continuing damage being wrought by rapacious harvesting of its natural resources, or by self-annihilation through conflict and war.

Neither of these depressing scenarios will occur!  The divine field of Love is making inroads into the collective heart of humanity and the shake-up resulting from it is a wake-up call that is being heard and responded to by ever larger numbers of Earth’s population.  You are not alone.  Assistance is pouring in from the spiritual and galactic realms in response to your prayers for help, and those who would suppress the world populace for their own selfish agendas are no longer able to maintain either the authority they unlawfully gathered unto themselves or the support of the enforcement agencies they built to suppress those they would control.

Archangel AzRaEl: the New Earth Era has begun


ImageHello my Beloved Earthlings this is AzRaEl  – the Archangel of Transformation – speaking with a message of Light to you all. The light has never shine brighter than Now and it will keep shining. As a result you see the shadow of the dark forces grow bigger than ever. There is no other way because in your third-dimensional reality this is how it works. There is dark and there is light, which are complementary forces. The dark helps the light grow stronger. If you look at yourself at this present moment; you see you can’t have a hidden agenda for yourself anymore. The big energies that are working through you keep confronting you till you will shine your own inner light on it. At that point the dark transforms in a part of your Light Being. It’s all energy and consciousness where we’re talking about. It is a balance game you can start liking to play. The more you let go the easier it will be and after the ‘fight’ there is always a gift for you waiting.

Energy Update – 25 May Eclipse – Multidimensional Ocean and SaLuSa

May marks an important change for many of us on a personal and on a planetary level. Many of us can feel unsettled, uncertain about the future, and feel the veil of the unknown in a more oppressing way than at any recent times. There is a sense of darkness and fear about as well due to the unsettled world events impacting our daily lives.

Extra meditation is required at this time to help the higher-self connection and to find grounding.
Find quiet place for you to rest at regular times during the day, make sure to have extra rest, and watch the quality of your food intake as well.

Your heart – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 25, 2013



My child, I have told you already that your heart is a vast library. You find there all the knowledge of Creation once you have found access to it. With every extension of your consciousness you will find there more knowledge. But your heart is even more. There your soul is at home. The soul that is You. A wonderful soul that is only waiting that you make contact with her. Your Divine Parents are residing there too. You have heard correct. I am at home there. You know yet that YOU and I are One. So go into your heart and begin to talk with your soul. I too want to talk with you, my child, because I love you like I love every single of my children. ~
Your Divine Mother
Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Andy Bojarski ~ My Higher Self: Using Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life


AffirmationsAffirmations are very important and can create positive changes in your life. They are extremely powerful words or thoughts that you need to constantly repeat which will eventually enter your unconscious state and mind.

When this happens, these affirmations can become part of who you are. Affirmations can be positive affirmations or negative affirmations. Stick only to positive affirmations. The more emphasis and energy that you put into your affirmations, the more they will be part of what you believe in and part of your belief system.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Opening a Communication Portal to the Fleet


Galactic Message
After meditating for a while and opening to channel, I perceived a vast fleet of multidimensional starships far out in space.  I felt a connection to one of them, where there were familiar beings inside. I then perceived a group of humanoid ETs gathering around some kind of communication portal, almost like a raised table or podium, where many had gathered with one particular being acting as a spokesperson for the group. The following is a record of the parts of this communication that opened to address a larger audience.
Me:  “Some of our ET friends are here with us and are connecting in with us now” – speaking to Susan who meditates with me to receive the channelings.  “I am not sure if this is going to be a message for a larger group. It may just be for us.  They asked me to start recording.”

Susan:   “Welcome, we are so glad you are with us.”

The Council of Annu ~ As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan



We are Ancient Sirian of Origin, galactic of birth. We are beyond your measure of time and space.  We are beyond your understanding  of DNA. We are what the heart of Earth yearns to become- a star.  We are genetically encoded within all elements of earth- wind, earth, fire, water, the fifth element being the human. We live deep within the ancient encoding of human beings.

We come forth as the alignment of the heavens and stars usher you in to a Trans-portal. There is a dimensional flux that you enter into, a place that you will retrieve existing understandings/encodings that have been hidden from your eyes, your ears, your sensories. You stand at the sacred portal.  Upon this portal is a mirror. The key that unlocks the dimensional portal is your true reflection.  The key to unlock the true  reflection is self- love. In your mind’s eye, see this portal- doorway and the mirror.  As you look deep into your own reflection, how do you feel?  Is their joy that stands in front of you?  Is their remorse?  Is their distaste?  Is their love? It is urgent that you do everything that you can to place yourself in a garment of self love, for it is the raft that will take you to the island that you so seek.  It is a solitary paddling that you embark upon as you see your true reflection. It is a misty horizon that you walk into, in a land where your perceptions are distorted.  As with Alice and the Looking Glass you fall up or down the rabbit hole.

Pyramid Power


All of humanity has turned a corner, and in doing so your attachments to those things that reflected your power has been quietly released. Many of you have seen the remnants of those who put the protective shields in place originally to protect Earth.  This is when you talk about who built the pyramids. Much of the unexplainable becomes explained when you see from where humanity is now. Many of the artifacts of Earth still have no traditional explanation about where they came from or what they are doing on Earth.
These shadow memories have been intentionally blocked from you by your own design.  The pyramids have always formed a protective shield around Earth, even though they have been covered and forgotten in many places on Earth. These are not all pyramids because some are manmade pyramids that have copied the original designs with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The5DReport – Lauren – Personal Polarity Reversal : Ascension Preparation – 24 May 2013


I can’t believe that May is nearly over. Also, May is the longest month I have ever lived thru.

I have been wholly immersed in a time warp, both heavily entranced in my future AND (reluctantly) reliving so many parts of my past, simultaneously.  Since the last report I have been thru so many life-altering scenarios, yet very little has physically moved in my world.  It almost feels like I have been placed in a virtual reality program, playing out many possible scripts, past and future, without having left my living room.  So bizarre.

Love And Miracles From Mother Mary. A Mini-Reading For May 24, 2013. By, Bella Capozzi.



♡ Good morning to all of my wonderful readers!  I’m writing the post from the road-or more specifically, from the lobby of a hotel in South Carolina.  I’m making my way up the East Coast along with my son and two dogs. It’s a crisp and beautiful sunshiney  day, marred only by the TV here in the breakfast room blaring all the latest tragedies and propaganda to my fellow travelers.  Not quite the best way for the enraptured preschoolers at the next table to start their day!  But such is life on a transitioning planet…

Lady Nada and The Masters of Peace : Your Heart’s Focus


Hello to you dear ones, it is Lady Nada here to speak to each of you about the resonance of your heart’s focus..

Each one of you has a special resonance of your own unique signature.. Your own spark of life.. This is your heart’s signature or your heart’s focus as well..

This focus or spark is in true alignment with your full souls’ presence or over soul..

This spark of life is your life force that is keeping you in your directive of awareness of this embodiment.. This focus of life is your soul’s fragment of awareness here as well..

Kryon through Anna Merkaba: the opening of the portals May 24 - 26

Kryon on opening of the portals May 24 – 26

 At the set dates (May 24 – 26) we plan on swooping down into the depth of the earth fields and activating crystalline bases that are lying underneath the water in the seas and oceans. By you bein...g in a state of mediation and while you are raising the vibration of the human race, this will allow us to enter the depth of the earth in order to open up the portals of light and flood the earth with more light and love.. However be prepared that there may be more cataclysms, for the energies will be changing.. For much pain that has been stored within the earth will be released.

The reason for you to be there in a meditative state is to neutralize the dark energies that are going to be coming up to the surface, by sending out the love and love & light vibrations, you are going to be counteracting the negative effects that are going to be released from the earth and humans. There are places on earth that hold much negative energy still and these energies must be released, by the planetary adjustments and by the planetary changes and movement, this allows much of the light frequency that is necessary to break through the barrier of the dark.

Get in we are ready to go, it can begin – Archangel Raphael trough M. Gamma ~ 24.05.2013


AARaphael-II(Translated on the 24.05.2013, original language German)
Today we will continue with the topic healing for humanity and Earth which is to happen now. You are finally close to the finish line and I mean very close. Get ready to receive the wonders of our Creator. Get ready to see the wonders in the sky which he will “draw”. There will be pictures of incredible beauty and we the angles, archangels and others don’t know exactly what is awaiting us. It shall also be a surprise for us and that is a good thing. For God, our heavenly Creator, we are all equal.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Arkturianer ~ Ihr seid wandelnde Portale ~ durch Méline Lafont

Arkturianer: Ihr seid wandelnde Portale

Ihr Lieben, wir sind der Arkturianische Rat des Lichts und kommen heute durch dieses liebevolle Herz zu euch, überbringen euch unsere bedingungslose Liebe und unseren Respekt, denn ihr seid höchst machtvolle inkarnierte Seelen. Ohne euch wäre der Globale Aufstieg kein Thema, da ihr diese kleinen Flammen reinen Lichts und reiner Liebe der Quelle von "Allem was ist" seid.
Im Augenblick befinden wir uns in einem Momentum von Energien, die sich durch die kollektive und reine Essenz eures Seins schlängelt. Es gibt spezifische Zeitlinien, die unterschiedliche Formen annehmen und die jetzt eine irdischere Realität in unserem Bewusstsein bilden. Zahlreiche Aktivierungen und Integrationen in eurem augenblicklichen Bewusstsein sind nun dabei, sich selbst zu erhöhen und werden aus einem höheren und feineren Bewusstsein heraus eine gänzlich neue Realität erscheinen lassen.

The Arcturians ~ You are walking portals ~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

Dear Ones, we are the Arcturian Council of the Light and today we come to the forefront through this loving heart and we bring you our unconditional love and our respect for you truly are tremendously powerful souls in incarnation. Without the lot of you there would be no talk of a Global Ascension just because you are those little flames of pure Light and Love from the Source of “All That Is”.

In this current time frame we find ourselves in a momentum of energies meandering through the collective and pure essence of your Being. There are specific timelines taking on different shapes and which are now configuring a more Earthly reality in all your consciousnesses. Many activations and integrations in your current consciousness are now elevating themselves and will display a whole new reality out of a higher and more refined consciousness.

Still dormant souls also get their portion and will be activated, albeit up to a certain extent dependant on their level of consciousness. Everything that is not being used nor fully absorbed gets stored in some kind of center in the midst the dormant soul’s heart, where all recorded information can be found and can be accessed over and over again. It is in the heart center that everything takes place and that will bring you to awakening and to ascension. That is why we keep on stressing the fact to always remain in the heart center as everything is to be found there, everything manifests from there.

De Arcturiërs ~ Jullie zijn wandelende portalen ~ Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Geliefden, wij zijn de Arcturische raad van het licht en wij komen naar voor vandaag door dit liefdevol hart en brengen jullie onze onvoorwaardelijke liefde en respect, voor jullie zijn geweldig krachtige zielen in incarnatie.  Zonder jullie allen zou er geen sprake zijn van een Globale Ascentie, net omdat jullie die vlammetjes zijn van puur Licht en Liefde van de Bron "Alles Wat Is".

Wij vertoeven ons op dit huidige moment in een opwelling van energieën die zich een weg banen door het collectieve en de pure essentie van uw Zijn.  Er zijn tijdlijnen die andere vormen aannemen en een meer Aardse realiteit vormen in al uw bewustzijnen op dit huidige moment.  Er zijn een heel aantal activaties en integraties in jullie huidige bewustzijn die zich nu opheffen tot een ganse nieuwe realiteit vanuit een hoger en verfijnder bewustzijn.

Slapende zielen krijgen ook hun portie mee, maar worden maar tot op een zekere hoogte geactiveerd; tot waar hun bewustzijn gevormd is.  Alles wat niet gebruikt wordt of niet volledig geabsorbeerd wordt, wordt opgeslagen in een soort center ten midden van de slapende ziel zijn hart, waar alle opgeslagen informatie kan terug gevonden worden en op elk moment opnieuw kan bereikt worden.  Daar in het hartcenter vindt ook alles plaats dat u tot ontwakening en ascentie kan brengen.  Daarom dat we altijd zo erg drukken op het feit om steeds in het hart te vertoeven, voor alles zich daar bevind en manifesteert.

Relax – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 22, 2013

I see how full you pack your day, my child. From morning til night even in your free days when you don’t need to work you have dates over dates. Why? You have but no time for yourself. When do you want to relax from all of this? Please don’t tell me that it wouldn’t be necessary. I know it. I ask you to take each day a space of time for yourself alone. Don’t intend to do anything. Simply take time out. Look out of the window and look after the clouds or the birds. Watch the children playing. Don’t think. Only enjoy this resting phase. You can also listen to calm music. Recline in the bathtub if you want to.  But please do not work or do no sports then. You should only come to ease and relax. Switching off from the hecticness of your day and simply doing nothing. You need this relaxation, my child, I know you very well and know how much you need this. ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Andy Bojarski ~ My Higher Self: It is in the Giving That You Start the Receiving

GivingWhen you give more of yourself, you will receive more. Giving of yourself does not have to be giving money to charities. Giving of yourself can be shown though your gratitude and appreciation for everything in your life. Your attitude does create your reality.
So many people at these times are tired. They feel that everything is crashing in on them. They have relationship problems. They have financial problems.

They do not understand why they are here and what they are to do in this lifetime. In addition, time seems to be flying by adding additional stress and pressures and anxieties to their lives. You do not need all of this.
Worrying will not solve your perceived problems. Take a deep breath and let the worry and anxiety go. Release it. But how, you ask? You do this by showing gratitude for all the good things that are in your life. Focus on all of the wonderful things that are in your life. Take out a piece of paper and write down all of the things that you are grateful for.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lucas – Light In All Its Contrast – Perceptions Fast Forward Into Unity – 22 May 2013


lightsClarity I have said will come as things evolve from divine  chaos to divine order again in a new way. The humans in our equation are all just little dimensional bubbles  in the 5d  sphere of non-time.  The bubbles are seeking the  bubbles  that resonate with them to be cluttering together.  Everywhere the resonance fields attract or disconnect bubbles from all different individual perceptions of time and space and inter-dimensional fields and let them find their own new 5D resonance groups.  The search in the now is  possible as source has halted the interference of the last fragments of duality fields and frameworks towards the 5D expansional resonance fields to do harm now. It is like fast forward – fast backward or being paused in the now by source. Your connection to Gaia is guiding you as your SatNav in this moments to find your resonance fields to connect.