Galactic Message
After meditating for a while and opening to channel, I perceived a vast fleet of multidimensional starships far out in space.  I felt a connection to one of them, where there were familiar beings inside. I then perceived a group of humanoid ETs gathering around some kind of communication portal, almost like a raised table or podium, where many had gathered with one particular being acting as a spokesperson for the group. The following is a record of the parts of this communication that opened to address a larger audience.
Me:  “Some of our ET friends are here with us and are connecting in with us now” – speaking to Susan who meditates with me to receive the channelings.  “I am not sure if this is going to be a message for a larger group. It may just be for us.  They asked me to start recording.”

Susan:   “Welcome, we are so glad you are with us.”

ET Guide: “There are too many of us gathered around this communication portal to be named but know that we are your friends.  We are familiar souls to you, as you are to us.  We thank you for making yourselves available for this connection, as it has been awhile since we have spoken in this way.

It is of the utmost importance that we establish such communication pathways with those of you on Earth who are sufficiently grounded to receive these communications because we are moving into a difficult phase of  integration between humanity and the galactic family.

We need clear lines of communication open so that our feedback and perspectives can come through in a grounded way to assist humanity in these times.  Even though humanity is rapidly moving towards the acceptance of the Extraterrestrial presence there is still much room for the interpretation of this; much room for disinformation, and for misqualified energy to interfere and distort the true meaning of events.  As you know we are not prepared to step in and overwhelm humanity with the truths (in person) but we would seek to impart through those who can be clear conduits of this information.

Humanity has to decide for itself and develop its own discernment.  And even though we are celebrating the steps that humanity is taking to come back into the light, we foresee many challenges.  Many sources of disinformation will need to be defeated.  We need those who are strong with clarity and knowledge that have the resolve to align fearlessly with the highest truth.  There are so many who claim to speak on our behalf that have personal agendas, that do not see a difference between the misinformation and the true messages we are here to impart.  Very often what comes through the filters of human channels is a mix.

There are many on Earth that have opened their channels and experienced contact with us.  It has been necessary to activate starseeds, activate our ground crews, to prepare them for the integrations that are coming, but so few of them have been able to properly ground themselves as channels and there has been a great deal of interference in this process; more so than we anticipated.  Though we are adjusting and adapting, the Masters have assured us there will be many opportunities to impart information through unfiltered channels.

(The next few paragraphs not shown addressed Susan personally regarding her work and future experiences of contact. They did include a very sweet message about how these future contacts would echo into other worlds as she became part of the stories they would tell to others about reunion between humanity and the galactic family. The rest of the communication below addressed a wider audience.)

“There have been many times when the starseeds and galactic emissaries where longing for the stars and calling for connection.  We too have longed for these reunions. More than many of you realize.  But the openings that we are all waiting for are openings that are being affected by Divine Will, created by Divine Will.  We must wait until it is time to act, until GOD opens the channels of connection for these reunions to occur.

It has been important for each of you to become grounded enough in your humanity so you do not become lost in the starry aspects of your multidimensional self.  You would not be very functional as a bridge between worlds if you were not wholly and completely human, for the galactic integrations that are due to take place need to be added to the human identity.  There are some that have related to these coming galactic integrations as a way of escaping humanity; identifying with something that they see to be superior, greater, better in some way.  That is why some activations have been withheld.

It is important for humanity to form enough of a unified self, a unified being, so that reconnection with your galactic forms and families will be balanced with the increasing presence of a unified human chakra system.  Great care is being taken to prepare you to be the bridges you came here to be, to model these integrations.

There are too many things we wish to share with you about what is in store.  So many plans, exchanges, wonderful openings.  We would not be able to lay it all out in one communication.  This is a beginning.  There will be many communications.”

COMMENTARY: This was a very exciting message because it represented the opening of a line of communication to a fleet of starships with a wide variety of beings who work in alignment with Divine Will. It felt like a familiar collective of energies, and they acknowledges that we had experienced incarnations within these groups, though they honored that we had come to Earth to represent more than just the galactic aspects of the multidimensional self. This first communication was a mix of some personal messages mixed with those that addressed others, but I felt guided to share it because it is the beginning of many more communications for people through this resource.
Please tell people about this blog and invite people to subscribe to the messages. More and more guides are jumping in to contribute to this message stream and it is going to be an enlightening journey.

Many Blessings,