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Navigate Emotional Tides during Full Moon -5 Tips for This Week- by Selacia

We have a powerful full moon this week, June 2 in adventuresome Sagittarius, setting the stage for some unpredictable emotional undercurrents arising in your life. Relationships will be front and center, emotional tides swirling and getting your attention. In this article I give some tips for navigating these energies and keeping things in perspective.

This will help you begin June in a positive and powerful way, reducing the likelihood of re-dos and fixes. In my 2015 Predictions article I described the need this year to update the status quo in your life. This includes relationships, so vital to your progress and enlightenment. I'm mentioning this now because this week's full moon is likely to shine the light on imbalances in your relationships - to yourself, to others, and to spirit.

Benefits of Knowing Ahead

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION ~ May 31-June 6, 2015

Beloved Ones,

As you step into a greater unfolding in the acceleration of the peeling away of the layers of your human perceptions, you open yourselves to ever greater energies that stream in to take their place. These will begin to open you to the gifts you hold within you which will now surface in the most delightful ways. You will have the most inspiring and uplifting thoughts, joyful thoughts that will fill you with anticipation and enthusiasm for new beginnings. Let love open a greater door to the truth of your being and your life. How blessed you are, in truth, for you have discourse with the angels! Each day they show you the reality of their presence in many different ways and bring to you meaningful validations of the path that you are on. There are also many human angels who surround you, support you and let you know that they are always there for you.

The manifestation of all your dreams is occurring in seemingly miraculous and graceful ways. This is because the energies now support this occurrence. The blocks that you held within you to the manifestation of the greater good you have so earnestly desired dissolve as though they have never been. The deep cleansing you are now experiencing has opened many doors that were shut before. This dissolving of old patterns of thought and behaviour leaves you open to explore your greater potential. As old dreams manifest for you, dream new ones, and never stop learning and growing, gathering new knowledge and new skills to add to your tool box of abilities. You will be supported in all that you embrace.

Mother Mary: ”In Pure Love Essence We Breathe Together” ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

Hello beautiful LOVE BE-ings that you are. I come to you with the sweet LOVE ESSENCE that you ALL ARE — Complete and Whole in your Love BEing … In your sweet Love Essence. You breathe, pulse, and radiate Love with all that you are. Consider this as you tune into your quiet, still Heart Center. Love is all you are and all you are made up of. You are whole and complete in this Truth.
Many of you are feeling and discovering this. It is taking over your Reality. It feels simple yet very profound. You have allowed your Love Essence to emerge and stay at front center of your life now. It is the sweetness of BEing that you all have strived for. It is the sweetness of many lifetimes of striving to know and capture your True Essence. You have arrived. Yet, you still doubt it.

Jamye Price ~ Creating New Support

Creating New Support
As you find your strength within, you are creating an engine of potential that fuels Life.  Humanity is learning to balance give/receive.  The receiving aspect has been villainized as selfish, greedy and even wrong.  Indeed, one can polarize to the harmful potentials of receiving without giving.  Just as the resistance to receiving was taught, the push toward giving as the salvation of the soul was emphasized.  There are positive and negative aspects to any physical duality experience, so giving to depletion and not honoring the Self does not honor the Life that you are. It does not teach others to honor their own strength.  As you Create New Support in your experience, you receive in balance to giving.  And you give Life the greatest gift of all, your thriving. Life then continues and thrives.
You are in a time of rising into unity consciousness.  It is a progression, for it requires the strength of healthy boundaries, and an empowered connective heart flow.  This is the balanced give/receive that allows you to create change that benefits All Life.  You are an individual human within a collective of humanity.  You are both one and All, the paradox of duality merging into the connection of oneness.  The diversity in unity creating a harmonic symphony.  Your independence is as vital as your interdependence.  Give and receive, Dear One, for as you receive, you honor another’s mastery in form.  That Creates the New Support of humanity Loving Life.  Separation reaches for connection, while honoring its beingness of form. 

Linda Robinson ~ AA Zadkiel ~ Focus your thoughts

“Focus Your Thoughts”

June 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. I am being joined by a Host of the Angelic Realm and the Divine Feminine, and we are bringing you a Message of Light. Today, we wish to discuss focusing your thoughts.
In the current times of higher vibrational energy, it is important to focus your thoughts. Much new energy is reaching your planet, and this brings the opportunity for you to manifest your desires much more quickly. It also offers you the opportunity to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.
Focusing your thoughts can be compared to selecting a television station. If you tune your thoughts to a frequency of daily mundane situations, then this is what will fill your consciousness. This is the vibration that you will send out, and this is what you will attract to you. The stronger your focus on these types of situations, the more of these situations you will attract to you. It is the Universal Law of Attraction that like attracts like.

Suzanne Lie ~ Roadside Assistance--Arcturians and Galactic Family 5-30-14

Roadside Assistance

Arcturians and Galactic Family

YOU are the creator of your life, but you are also the editor. Furthermore, there are many versions and frequencies of your SELF who may or may not be in alignment.

When all the frequencies of your SELF are in alignment, you have a clear flow through which you can experience your Multidimensional SELF from your lowest to your highest expressions of SELF.

Whenever you experience an octave jump in your consciousness, all the versions of your SELF who are not prepared for that expansion will fall out of alignment with the sum/total of your SELF.

Shanta Gabriel ~ The Gabriel Messages #44 No one has power over you unless you allow it to happen.

Shanta Gabriel
Dear One,

When you are in a situation where you begin to feel powerless and less than another, this can be viewed as a wake-up call. We are referring here to any situation in which you feel devalued, not necessarily one of obvious abuse.

If there is another person who wants to have a certain level of power over you, consciously or unconsciously, your physical body is often a good indicator that something is not right. You may notice a feeling of discomfort in your solar plexus area. Perhaps a weight descends on your shoulders, and your head hangs down. Paying attention to your bodily discomfort can help you become aware and allow you to disengage yourself from the situation. When you feel strong in yourself, you are less likely to stay in situations that may harm you, or allow others to treat you with disrespect. You do not have to stay in places or around people who do not give you the respect you deserve. However, it is also not necessary to react in anger. As much as possible, bless the person or people involved and remove yourself from the situation.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont ~ REPOST ~ Channeled tools Ascended masters ~ Step 1 of self-knowledge in the Transformation process

For the video of part 2:

Sorry: I seem to have forgotten the 6th step which is:

6th -- Be open for the opinions of others. Do not enforce your opinion for your opinion is YOUR truth and only yours. Each one of you has his/her own truth which corresponds with their own BEING. Respect each other in these matters, that's important.

To download this for FREE in Ebook format in different languages:!free-products/c1cy

PART 1 ~ Self knowledge in the transformation process

Abraham Hicks- Sharing Negative Emotion To Go Higher

The audio material in this video is extracted from the Abraham Hicks workshop: Stamford 07/06/2013 The material in this video as well as any other Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks. For additional information on Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, visit their website -

Natalie Glasson ~Your Current Flight of Ascension by Commander Ashtar

Your Current Flight of Ascension by Commander Ashtar
Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 29th May 2015, Sacred School of OmNa
This time upon the Earth, which will span all of your lifetime, is a period of powerful awakening. Everything within you has the opportunity to awaken and blossom into the magnificence of the Creator; this signifies that the same opportunities are available within your reality and experiences. Never before have we witnessed such powerful awakening at an accelerated rate and with a greater conscious awareness. You are beings of awakening, you are supporting the conscious development and evolution of yourself and those present upon the Earth in your future. It is time to honour the emergence of the divine taking place within your being as this will magnify your experience tremendously.
Your awakening of the divine within you is occurring on more levels of your being than you can possibly be conscious of. Light explosions are taking place within your physical body erupting into your cells like a fast flowing river, influencing your organs and all aspects of your physical body in transforming into quicker vibrations of light. The light of the divine is flowing through your being creating transformation within your etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as all aspects of your auric field. The light you are receiving is a higher and quicker vibration than you have experienced in your current lifetime, it flows from the divine Creator through your soul with one purpose of transformation; magnifying your being to become a true and absolute representative of the divine Creator.

Bob Fickes ~ Global Meditation with the Love Mantra Tomorrow

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on this blog. I feel great knowing that each of you are finding the truth within your self and actively changing your lives. You inspire me to do my best to share my thoughts with you and the great gift of Fulfillment Meditation.
On Sunday we will do puja again with the Love Mantra at 11:30 AM Japan time. You can join in where ever you are at the times listed below.

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers - May 29, 2015

 COR8 - Smallest

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you once again.

We look out upon your world, and we are astounded — astounded at the changes in human affairs, astounded at the shifts and transformations in surface life on your planet, and greatly astounded by the leaps and bounds taken in the evolvement of your spirits' consciousness.

We would say in fact, that though it appears little has changed from even one or two months ago, that this could not be.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ronna Herman ~ AA Michael ~ Opening the seven seals of God-Consciousness

Michael's Message

          Beloved masters, it is time for you to take advantage of your physical and Spiritual senses in the fullest measure. You must redefine and learn to properly use the physical senses in order to access and develop the higher senses that became dormant so long ago: clairvoyance/clear seeing, clairaudience/clear hearing or telepathic abilities, clairsentience/clear knowing (that of an empathic, intuitive person with an expanded, inner sense of awareness). All of these heightened abilities are a part of your Divine Birthright just waiting for you to reclaim them.

          We have discussed in great detail the seven major chakras of the physical vessel and outlined the positive and negative attributes/functions of each one. It is important that you also realize that each chakra and organ within the body has a consciousness of its own, which was overlaid and infused with the energies of your many past experiences and thought forms. You have not only created your outer world with your beliefs and the vibrational frequencies of your thoughts, but you have built your inner world as well. 

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Listen To Yourself And Find Answers.

If you are aware of outward things
Please do listen to this. Most of us think that awareness is a mysterious something to be practised, and that we should get together day after day to talk about awareness. Now, you don't come to awareness that way at all. But if you are aware of outward things -the curve of a road, the shape of a tree, the colour of another's dress, the outline of the mountains against a blue sky, the delicacy of a flower, the pain on the face of a passer-by, the ignorance, the envy, the jealousy of others, the beauty of the earth- then, seeing all these outward things without condemnation, without choice, you can ride on the tide of inner awareness. Then you will become aware of your own reactions, of your own pettiness, of your own jealousies. From the outward awareness you come to the inward, but if you are not aware of the outer, you cannot possibly come to the inner.

Bob Fickes ~ No More Masks! Just be Natural!

Everyone around me is changing! There is more heart and more love than I have ever experienced in my life! What is happening? The people around me are becoming more their true self. When we are more natural, our heart opens more. We become sweeter when we worry less. We no longer need the mask to cover our true feelings. Then love appears and everyone is happy.
Where does the mask come from? The answer is very simple. The mask comes from thinking before we act. We think and don’t trust our self to be as we really are. We think we need to appear as others want us to appear. It never occurs to us to be natural, to be our real self. Isn’t it strange that we think we have to be as we think instead of being naturally our self?

Suzanne Lie ~ An Unexpected Conversation with the Arcturians 5-28-15



Dearest Suzille,
Your resonance has expanded into a higher frequency, but your conscious awareness has not yet flowed into that portal of your SELF because your consciousness has not yet fully occupied that resonance.

You higher consciousness flowing into your earth vessel and the consciousness that now resonates to your earth vessel do not YET intermingle. Therefore, what is occurring is that you feel a bit of disconnection from Source.

This disconnection is just your 3D brain trying to figure out what is occurring. The solution for this issue is that you pull in the protection that you have via your connection to us, your Arcturian SELF.

Meredith Murphy ~ AA Michael ~ Your New Relationship with Money, Part 3

Money of all kinds
Message from Archangel Michael
Channeled by Meredith Murphy 

The Purpose of Money in the Material -- Your New Experience of Money (Part 3 of 3) 
Hello, beautiful friends.
It is with great joy that we reconvene in this moment of shared focus and expansion. We are delighted that you are rethinking your relationship to imagining in response to our invitation yesterday, after having declared your desire to experience a clear state. This desire to experience a clear state beyond all previous knowing of money was very powerful in your imagining yesterday for many of you.
We marveled at how simple your imagining yesterday became more expansive. 

Gaia Portal ~ Shadow remembrances clear as Hue-manity awakens further into Higher Energetic Light Mastery


gaia_energy1Shadow remembrances clear as Hue-manity awakens further into Higher Energetic Light Mastery.
Inner Freedoms are embraced within humanity and Hue-manity.
Distinctions differences between humanity and Hue-manity decrease rapidly at this moment.
Forward movements via the Stillness are primary.

Bob Fickes ~ Meeting the Challenge and Taking the Step

Finding and materializing our new life is a great challenge. Our mind rebels and says I am ok as I am, but our heart says I want more, I want something new and different. For most of us it is too easy to remain in the same old routine. But in order to be truly great and take the next step in our life to change our self and try something new takes courage. We have to rely completely on our self and trust that our heart is right no matter what our mind is dictating to us. We also have to turn to our friends and see what they need and what we can do to help each other.
I will turn 69 years old next month and feel nervous that at this time in my life I want to do something new and different. Why couldn’t I do this earlier in my life? Why now? Well the answer is obvious: I am more ready now than I was in the past. I feel so grateful for all of your support through this Love Mantra Tour. You are really inspiring me to bring out a new Bob and share my wisdom and love with all of you! Thank you for inspiring me to take my next step!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ Stand in the Energies of Light


All that was once done has become undone.  All that was seen and was once taken for granted has now become invisible to the senses.  All that is hidden beneath the surface; beneath the surface of the flesh, of the cells, of the memory, of the earth surfaces in disguise as it make its ways down the neuro-pathways  of your remembrance. 

Many energies come forth wearing guises of goodness that are really holographic wolves in sheeps clothing.  Each day you will be tempted to be angry, to be jealous, to be unhappy, or fearful. Each time you energetically walk into an emotion that is lower of nature it is then that the darkness becomes your silent partner.

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ AA Gabriel ~ May 28,2015


Image Source

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as authority. Through one’s embracing of the enlightening qualities of love, one becomes the central guide and authority of one’s life. When each person opens to exercise their personal choice rather than existing on autopilot, they step into their personal authority and begin to write the story of their lives the way they want it to manifest. Gaining personal authority requires the admittance that one is not perfect and that there are pieces of one’s behaviour that need improvement. As one lives their life, they gain maturity, experience, and common sense which helps elevate them to a higher consciousness, understanding and wisdom. When a person is willing to face themselves and learn from their experience, they find the enjoyment of their life and their relationships more meaningful. They become self empowered and gain strength of character and more self determination. They rise to the challenge of controlling their thoughts, appetites, speech, temper, and desires and practice letting go of the habits and behaviours that no longer serve them. These practices open them to a freedom that they could not previously have imagined. It is a freedom born of being a person that one can respect and comes with the self esteem one feels by being a person of integrity in all things.

Abraham Hicks- Is It Resistance

Cosmic Contacts show with Mahala

Welcome Everyone to the Cosmic Contacts Show!
My 'special guest' this Monday is Mahala World Astrologer, we are always excited and blessed to have her on the show. Mahala says to get ready because of the higher electro- magnetic energy coming in now we will definately be experiencing more changes. Mahala calls it the 'Earth Resonate Rising' as we continue to make this shift into our light bodies. Get on line early if you have a question for Mahala call 347-838-9142, Annie the moderator will get you in. To contact Mahala web-site and sign up for her 'free' monthly newsletter and check out your past-life chart by Edgar Casey.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jo dunning

Dear Friend,

I want to take a few minutes and share with you some information about the challenges you may be facing right now. The external world has started its roller coaster ride and the MANY events and concerns expressed to me recently are all part of the changes that are happening. These are times of great changes which are determined by seemingly small choices. We are each deciding the ways in which we will align our consciousness and what will have authority in our lives to make these important choices. Will it be the real You which dwells in Heart and internal guidance or your mind and its logic?

We are experiencing a most amazing opportunity right now on all levels. This is happening because each of our individual vibrations are being raised, as well as the vibrations of the Earth. The changes affecting us and our life are also affecting all life on this planet including our governments, society, animals, weather, land masses, environment and food sources. Each of these are also going through their own challenges and cleansing.

Kara Schallock ~ Evolving...High Mind and Relationships - 26-May-2015


We have entered another higher level of Ascension. This brings with it the opportunity to have mind and Heart be One, which creates the High Mind. This is truly thinking with your Heart. Thinking with your Heart means that words come to describe your feelings of essence…Love, Trust, Respect, Honor, Integrity, etc. As you focus on an essence you create words that lead to a rise in consciousness. As you might know, our mentality and feeling-level of the Heart have tended to act separately as Soul and separate ego. Now we have the opportunity to have them merge, so we don’t have those separate thoughts of duality, even while we focus on the Essences of the Heart. Of course, this is the potential and most will find themselves somewhere along the continuum of feeling/Heart, separate ego and High Mind. So give yourself some space to have this evolve. You needn’t be hard on yourself if you still have lower mind’s thoughts of judgment, separation or duality. Recognize it then let it go and replace it with Love. essences of Heart/Soul. As we move more into High Mind, we see that the lower thoughts transform into essence thoughts. That is, judgment becomes Compassion. anger becomes Acceptance. hate becomes Love. All this is an upgrade of our Source consciousness.

Bob Fickes ~ Communicating with our Heart

Thank you for your comments to my blog! I read them everyday and it warms my heart. Even though I don’t have time to answer my heart responds and sends each of you my gratitude and love.
During the Channeling Course we had fun learning how to tune in without using our mind and just listening to the Silent Messages of our Heart. I really need to rephrase this title from Channeling to something that more correctly conveys what we are doing. We are tuning in to our own Inner Guidance or developing more Sensitivity to our True Nature to help guide us in our daily life. It is not about messages from the Masters as much as it is about tuning in to the abundance of Wisdom that exists deep inside of us.

Suzanne Lie ~ Reading Light Language--The Arcturians 5-25-15

Reading Light Language

The Arcturians

Dear Arcturians,
I woke up with a message from you. If I repeat what I remember, can you complete the message? Also, can you comment on the vision I had of a huge whale with wings in the deep ocean?

Dearest Suzille,
We answer these questions for you and for your readers. Our message began with, “The shift is NOW, but you can only perceive it when your consciousness expands into the fifth dimension and beyond.” We do wish to remind you that when we say “NOW,” we are NOT speaking of the 3D now in which it is the “time to do something.”

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

REPLAY LINK for Patricia Cota-Robles and Jacklyn Johnston Interview

(If this link does not work please copy and paste it in your browser.)
This is the link for the FREE REPLAY of the Activity of Light and the Celestial Sharing that Patricia Cota-Robles and Jacklyn Johnston participated in on Pentecost. 
You may download this REPLAY for FREE and have it available for your service to the Light whenever you feel the Heart Call to do so.
On Pentecost we were joined by Lightworkers all over the World and together we formed a Chalice of Light through which the Holy Spirit, Our Mother God, Baptized Humanity and ALL Life on Earth with the Sacred Fire of Transfiguring Divine Love.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Abraham Hicks- Analogies & Dreams

The audio material in this video is extracted from the Abraham Hicks workshop: Stamford 07/06/2013 The material in this video as well as any other Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks. For additional information on Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, visit their website -

Ron Head ~ Safety – The Council

The Council
We choose today to speak about the subject of safety. And so, naturally, we shall begin by taking a look at fear.
Fear is one of your biggest obstacles. For many it is a constant companion. It is, in the final analysis, a lack of faith in oneself, in one’s future, and a lack of understanding and faith in the Universe itself. Have you not heard throughout your life that your life itself is eternal? No matter where you are, no matter what your faith, even if you think you have no faith, this is something that is a deep part of your being.

Brenda Hoffman ~ No More Expected Patterns

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Summary of Brenda’s May 22, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  Many are afraid they are still of 3D. You’re not. Instead, you’re learning that each of your segments is a department head you can visit or participate with when you wish. In the next few days, you’ll likely become interested in time travel, dimension hopping, frequency shifts or a 3D arena. Allow yourself to explore what interests you. For you’re in the exploration stage of how, when and where you wish to activate your CEO being.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog ”Trust Yourself – We Do”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,
Most likely, you recently requested transition assistance from your guides, angels and friends to seemingly no avail. For your being feels little different from before the March/April energy bursts.

Bob Fickes ~ The Macrocosm and the Microcosm of Infinite Love

Thank you to everyone for joining us today with the Love Mantra Global Meditation! We could feel your energy joining us from everywhere around the planet. I feel so grateful to all of you for being with us and sharing our love together for transforming our world. Thank you so much with all my heart! Mother Earth must be happy! The Universe is also happy!
When we look at the world, we can feel so limited and small. The world seems so big compared to our individual personality. But once we turn inside and look beyond our ego/mind, we discover that there is a vast universe so silent truth and an infinite ocean of Consciousness that resides inside.

Lauren C Gorgo ~ Excerpt of the 5D report ~ GOD Realized: domain of the christ

reporticon-finalHave you lost your mind? If not, there’s still time!
We just moved into what could potentially be the most exciting, most fulfilling mercury retrograde yet…a time, an opening, an opportunity to GOD realize, according to the Pleiadians.
We are entering a period of heightened mental capability and for those prepared, this means the ability to fully surrender the lower (monkey) mind in order to merge with the higher (divine) mind…a time to remember the basis of divine creatorship as our thoughts become the springboard by which our christed-consciousness reveals itself.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Suzanne Lie ~ The Journey --The Arcturians 5-24-15

The Journey
The Arcturians

Dear Arcturians,
Can you tell us what is happening?

Dearest Ones,
We answer you and all who read this transmission. YES, something that IS happening to ALL OF YOU. Everyone is receiving the higher frequencies of energy that are moving into and through your bodies in a strange trans-mutational manner.

You might say that the protective cover of the lower dimensional energy field that was placed around your bodies at birth is beginning to fall away. No one knows about this protective cover, as it a natural component of your physical anatomy.


We are entering a time of profound earth changes as the inner core earth mass is shifting.  When I talk about mass I talk about a type of substance that is like a river of fluidity at the moment, as the inner earth is inhabited and called Agartha.  This is the outer crust of the inner earth, and then what we know as the upper earth, the inner core crust.
I see this as a type of molten rock, or quartz and this is in the process of reforming into something else, as the ancient energy centers, which were laid down at the very beginning when the earth was created, are now awakening more and more.  Please note that this was the FIRST, millions of years BEFORE Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, the Lyran civilization in what is now North Africa and the Mediterranean and the Ural Mountains and Siberia.  Thus the VERY first and the other civilizations were more of less built on the remains of what used to be that first civilization.

Shanta Gabriel ~ The Gabriel Messages #54

Shanta Gabriel
Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy, and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.

Dear Ones,
This is a universe of free will. The Angels will not step in to assist without being asked. “Ask and you shall receive” was the statement of master Jesus. So it is important to ask for this support in all the choices you make in your life, from moment to moment.
When you make a choice to think in a positive, instead of negative way; when you make a choice to accept, rather than judge, the decisions made by another; when you agree to give instead of waiting to receive; all these choices are examples of opening your heart and mind to receiving your highest good. When you choose the highest good for all, you signal the available energy in the universe to come to your aid. Miracles will occur naturally all around you, by your willingness to receive them. People will suddenly begin to give to you in a different way. Synchronous events will transpire in ways you never thought possible. This is the natural flow of God’s grace available to all who are willing to work in harmony with Divine Energy and have the forces of the universe align behind them.

Abraham Hicks- Sharing Negative Emotion To Go Higher

The audio material in this video is extracted from the Abraham Hicks workshop: Stamford 07/06/2013 The material in this video as well as any other Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks. For additional information on Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, visit their website -

Speaking of websites, check out it has a variety of other materials available as well as a functional forum to make sure you stay on that high flying vortex ;)! Some of these materials include a playing the appreciation game, prosperity game, asking the universe etc. There is also a whole lot much more so go check out ;)

I hope these videos and the new website help bring tons of joy and laughter into your life =].

WAKE UP Meditation ~ Solara An-Ra

In honour of the WAKE UP Festival on the sacred island of Ibiza at Benimussa Park: 16 June 2015 ~ Solara An-Ra is leading meditations and presenting on Energy Awareness & Earth Shifts at the festival.
Download this meditation free here:
Love love love, as always!
Solara An-Ra
Magic Weaver for Gaia :)

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION ~ May 24-31, 2015

Beloved Ones,

There is a deep alignment taking place within your inner self. Many of you are feeling as though you are back to square one, having to start the process of purging and cleansing all over again. This is not so and if you can observe the thoughts that come through you, you will see that this particular strain of thought process comes from an earlier time in your lives. Once you make that distinction, you will observe and release these much more easily. Some of these are your core wounds, deeply held in this lifetime and which you brought with you from previous lifetimes to be addressed and resolved in your current lifetime. It may not feel pleasant as you go through this process but be assured it is bringing the final resolution and you will soon pass through this difficult portal. Try to keep a positive focus during this time as it truly means a great accomplishment for you when it is seen from your soul’s higher perspective. 

Be extra kind and forgiving of yourselves during this final cleansing. Ask us to help keep you uplifted and focused on higher thoughts as you feel the density within you. By now, you know what you can personally do to help yourselves get through this time as you take stock of the methods you carry in your personal toolbox. You have been here and done this before – remember what worked for you before and revisit those methods once again. Be assured that there is a greater Light than ever felt before at the end of this tunnel. You are loved unconditionally and with no judgement from your Family of Light; it remains for each of you to incorporate this same love into your own understanding of self. Sometimes, each human can be their own worst enemy and harshest taskmaster. Growth is taking place, Dear Ones, and a shift to a greater awareness is happening. It is all good in the end result. Keep this knowledge in your hearts.