Friday, May 29, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ No More Masks! Just be Natural!

Everyone around me is changing! There is more heart and more love than I have ever experienced in my life! What is happening? The people around me are becoming more their true self. When we are more natural, our heart opens more. We become sweeter when we worry less. We no longer need the mask to cover our true feelings. Then love appears and everyone is happy.
Where does the mask come from? The answer is very simple. The mask comes from thinking before we act. We think and don’t trust our self to be as we really are. We think we need to appear as others want us to appear. It never occurs to us to be natural, to be our real self. Isn’t it strange that we think we have to be as we think instead of being naturally our self?

Why do we cover our true feelings with a mask? Why do we think others will love us because we act the way we think others want us to appear? This is a great tragedy. No one is happy with a lie. In fact when we lie to others by putting on a mask, no one feels natural and no one feels safe.
Think about it. When you meet someone who wears a mask, you feel uncomfortable. You can’t trust them. But when you meet someone who is happy and genuinely friendly, you are happy to meet them. You feel safe.
Stop thinking about what others expect and just be your self. When you feel safe with your natural self, then others will feel safer to be with you. Put on your mask and others will put on their mask. Then we create a world where no one feels safe. You are human! Others are human too. Nothing is perfect. Nothing is the way your mind wants it to be. Just be natural and be who you really are. This is the first step to finding people who really love you. it all starts with you being naturally your self. Love your self and trust your self. Then others will feel safe with you and you will find many true friends.

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