Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Global Group Mediation with the Love Mantra on Sunday 24 May at 11:30AM

When our heart is calm, everything works and our life is better. The same with Mother Earth, when her heart is calm, everything in the world is peaceful and loving. The universe supports us with a smile.
This coming Sunday at 11:30 AM Japan time, we will do a Global Group Meditation with the Love Mantra. Everyone can join in and connect to the energy. As we did a few months ago, you can look at the Love Yantra and feel the Power and Radiance of Love spreading all over the world.

Over the next six weeks we will have a Global Group Mediation with the Love Mantra and Yantra every week to change the quality of life on Earth. This is a great opportunity to say thank you to Mother Earth for all the blessings she gives us. Our Love can restore the balance of Nature and bring happiness and love to all living beings.
If your schedule does not allow you to meditate at 11:30 AM, you can tune in any time and join us. Time and distance disappear in a Quantum Field. Let’s create a Quantum Field of Love to bring more happiness and love to our world and to our personal lives. Join us if you can.

Global Group Mediation with the Love Mantra

  • JAPAN:MAY 24 (SUN) 11:30AM
  • THAILAND:MAY 24 (SUN) 9:30AM
  • INDIA:MAY 24 (SUN) 8:00AM
  • UK:MAY 24 (SUN) 3:30AM
  • US EAST COAST:MAY 23 (SAT) 22:30PM
  • US MOUNTAIN:MAY 23 (SAT) 20:30PM
  • US WEST COAST:MAY 23 (SAT) 19:30PM
  • HAWAII:MAY 23 (SAT) 16:30PM

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