Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love!

We all need love. When love rises up inside we feel good and our perception is clear. Love soothes all difficulties and brings a smile from our heart. How wonderful it would be if everyone felt love! If we could create more love in the world, we would see everyone smiling at each other. Then the world would be a safer place. When we see more love around us, we can fee more confidence and more creativity. With more love in the world, the doors open to amazing possibilities for the future of the world. What an extraordinary opportunity that is!
Love heals all wounds. Even the most confused and desperate human beings can be transformed in the arms of love. When we greet another with a smile of love, everyone can open their hearts and speak their truth. Communication would become a playground of children exploring new friends and new opportunities with each other. When love prevails, all perspectives become new insights that can change the world today into Heaven tomorrow.

We all know the benefits of love. Why then do we ignore it? Why must we hide our feelings and our true nature and put on a mask? The mask is never authentic and we feel uncomfortable when we wear it. Even a little effort to share our love with another person and with nature can help to create a major shift in Global Consciousness.
Starting next week, I will announce the times when we can all join in the Love Mantra group meditations. Every week for the next six weeks starting on may 24th we will have a Global Group Meditation with the energy of Love. No matter where you are, you can connect to the energy of love and help us to lift the Global Consciousness of the planet to feel more love.

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