Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Ascended Masters & Star People Magazine

The Ascended Masters were once human just like you and me. They went through all the challenges that any human must go through, including all the doubts and questions that come up once we start to meditate. Like Kannon and Lord Buddha, they developed compassion for the human condition and made a vow to help as many people as possible to meet these challenges and become Enlightened.
Once they gained their Enlightenment, they continued to work on developing their consciousness to higher states and learned how to bring more Love and Light into every cell of their body. While still living on Earth, they transformed their physical body into a Body of Light. We call this Ascension. Ascended Masters never experience a physical death and continue to live in Higher Dimensions overseeing the activities of human beings for all Eternity.

In a few days the Summer Issue of Star People will be in the newsstands. The issue is dedicated to the Life and Teaching of Saint Germaine. Saint Germaine was an actual person who lived for more than two hundred years and never aged. He is a living example of Ascension.
I have worked with Saint Germaine and his associate the Merlin for over thirty years and continue to learn the greatest teachings about life from them and other illustrious Masters. It is a never-ending journey that sheds light on the Infinite Possibilities of being human.
Please take time to read about the Wonder Man of Europe and his inspiring life. I was so pleased to participate in this issue along with many other wonderful teachers and writers. Enjoy!

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