Monday, May 11, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Great Adventure!

It has been the eternal quest of human nature to discover unknown lands and unknown phenomenon. In the present age many of us want to be like Star Trek and venture to the stars and distant galaxies. But if we could remember our past lives, we would realize that our soul has been traveling around this universe for millions of years. Yes, our soul has been around for a long time and we have been many places living all kinds of lives. The search through this universe is endless and goes through many cycles of discovery until one day we realize that what we are looking for is not outside but inside of us. Now the greatest adventure begins. It truly is the final frontier.
Most people think that the goal of meditation is to find Inner Peace. While that is certainly true, Inner Peace is only part of what we are looking for. We could call it the starting point of the great adventure. Once the mind and heart has experienced Inner Peace, we become the great observer. Our life is still incomplete. Once we find our Inner Center and observe our mind thinking and our heart moving with Life Force, it dawns on us that we know so little about what it means to be human. In fact what we thought was the end of the journey in Enlightenment, is just the beginning of a new adventure into the Infinite Realm of New Possibilities that will change what we think is humanly possible forever.

When we find our Enlightenment, we realize that at the very center of our consciousness is the Consciousness of God. The thing that many people are looking for somewhere in this universe is right there at the very center of our being. The wave of individual consciousness has discovered that it is just an expression of the Infinite Consciousness of the Ocean and that every wave is divinely connected together by the mighty force of the Ocean. We are all incarnations of God.
Realizing this is monumental. It changes our view of life forever. It also opens our mind and heart to discover that this root consciousness can do any thing it can imagine. Whatever God can do, the living Consciousness of God Within Us can also do. Now our Silent Center of Consciousness, the Great Observer, can observe anything it desires anywhere in the universe. We are born to explore all possibilities and the Great Observer is our tool. We must learn to observe the magical abilities of our own Life Force and become a true living Master that can accomplish anything we desire. The Great Adventure is just beginning.
You are not the first one to take this journey. There have been countless other Masters who have already explored the Infinite. Every one of these great Masters have left us clues that we need on our journey. The Masters have left us a priceless map that once we know how to read it will take us anywhere we want to go. The tools are all available and with the right training, we can begin our journey.
The first step is learning real meditation and looking inside. The first step is the most important. Once begun is half done. You have already started on the Great Adventure. The steps that follow will take you all the way. Congratulations! Take each step with a full heart and you will discover the glory of the Greatest Adventure you can ever imagine. The Love Mantra is a great step in this direction.

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