Tuesday, May 19, 2015



Despite outer appearances, the hardened calcification that has long held duality into position is dissolving. This is happening every single day and is similar to the steady melting of the glaciers. As the calcification of duality loosens, everything needs to readjust, realign and recalibrate. The residue of duality has to be purged and purified. This loosening of duality causes the tectonic plates all over the planet to slowly move into new positions. This is happening both externally within the crust of the physical Earth and internally, deep within us.

Throughout all this, Pachamama, our Mother Earth, is calling out for our attention. She is loudly declaring, "I'm a viable force that can't be controlled or contained. I'm a viable force who will work with you to bring everything back into balance and birth a New World." She is showing us who is really in charge through earthquakes, volcanoes, fires and floods. She is steadily purging the planet of everything which is untrue. This activation of Pachamama brings her presence closer to us; her participation with us in this new birth makes her even more precious.

During this time, much unmasking of everything which is duality-based is taking place. We are discovering that much of the imbalance that we see isn't simply coming from normal human greed and corruption; it has its roots in something far more insidious. Why is the Earth being made uninhabitable for human life? Why are animal and plant species being killed off? Why is our food being poisoned? Why are our skies being laced with chemicals? What is the hidden agenda of the ones who are doing this? All of this highlights the critical importance of anchoring a New Reality as quickly as possible.

It's a challenging and super wild time of new life bursting out from all the decaying compost of the old world. And it's vitally important that we put our focus, not on the dying world of duality, but on the fresh New World that is ever emerging!

May is a month of course corrections, rerouting, action and forward movement. The forward movement is just starting to accelerate. As we near the Grand Convergence of June and July, many elements are starting to click into position. This Grand Convergence will not only bring us a gathering together with our right people and right places, but after that, a migration into our True Positions will begin in earnest.

There's a heightened sense of being in the Final Miles once again. As always during the Final Miles, there are times when we are overcome with a profound weariness, as if we simply cannot take another step. Yet we know that stopping is not an option. The only way through is to keep going until everything is done and in its right position. It's like giving birth to a baby; we cannot suddenly decide that we'd rather be doing something else. The baby has to come out; there is no other option, and we have to give this our full attention.

At the same time, we feel a growing excitement. This is because our Final Miles are interlaced with a powerful New Beginning. It's no longer, "Completing the old frees us for the New", but more like "Completing what is in front of us births the infrastructure of the New!". We are being set free from the past so we can go full speed into our True Direction., Or if we're already there, to solidify, organize and refine what we've created so far. The next few months are the final pushes to a new birth.

May will bring us some Choppy Surf, interspersed with periods of relative calm where everything flows smoothly. We will experience occasional twists and turns of the Unexpected as we surf multiple waves at once.

Many of us feel that something big might happen in May. Not just personally, but on a wider scale. There's the sense of huge alignment, of resolving our pasts and of resetting our internal compasses to our True Direction. We have landed in a New Reality and are learning how to function here and how to align ourselves to the new rhythm in a new type of flow with a different intensity. At the same time, in order for nature to follow the new rhythm, earth changes are taking place that we knew would come, because Mother Earth participating in this transformation too.

Right now, humanity is experiencing a mass awakening on an unprecedented scale. Awakened humanity is on the march. We are starting to take responsibility in a natural, clean manner. We are joyfully stepping forward as True Ones into our True Directions. We are unleashing our creativity to birth a New World. We are coming together as One Being. We are building up a powerful momentum of LOVE for an extremely significant collective shift over the next few months. And we are finally discovering the deep fulfillment that comes when we fully live our Trueness.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete MAY 2015 SURF REPORT. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

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