Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Ku and Love

Ku was here before the Universe was here. Infinite Space is also Infinite Consciousness. Resting deep inside of Infinite Space is Silent Love. You cannot find Love inside of Ku because Ku does not move. It looks completely empty so you cannot find Love there. Love has to move. Love wants to be alive and connect with everything. When Ku wakes up and takes its first breath, Love wakes up and becomes alive. This first breath is filled with Love.
When Love wakes up, the Universe is born. We can say that the entire Universe was born from the breath of Love. Love is inside of everything in this Universe. Love is the glue that holds everything in this Universe together. Without Love this Universe would break and disappear back into dark Infinite Space again. Scientists would call this a Black Hole. I would say it differently. The Silent Love inside of Ku swallows the broken Universe and brings it back home to rest until it can be reborn again. Love heals all pain and all destruction. Love absorbs the pain and heals it. Once the pain is healed, it can be reborn again with a new life, new vitality, and a new expression of Love.

The Universe is created so all living beings can ultimately discover Love. When our consciousness discovers Enlightenment, we can experience both the Silence of Ku and the activity of Love moving Infinitely through every cell of the Universe. In Enlightenment we can see the Truth that Love is everywhere. It is the fundamental quality of all life. Love is never destroyed. It just becomes silent until we are ready to experience it again. Love is Eternal. Ku is Eternal. These two exist forever: side by side, one inside the other. Love is silently resting inside of Ku where we cannot see it. Ku is silently resting inside of Love where we cannot see it. Realizing this Eternal Truth results in Enlightenment.

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