Wednesday, December 31, 2014


We are now entering the second month of an extremely powerful four month long MEGA RESET. It's important to utilize this opportunity by implementing the RESET into all areas of our lives. This is a time when life changing decisions need to be made. We can either keep ourselves cocooned in the familiar status quo until it is eventually ripped away from us or we can fearlessly and exuberantly explore the New Landscape. We have the opportunity to completely reinvent our lives or to stay stuck in our stagnant old habits and patterns. We can take clear, decisive action to fulfill our Wildest Dreams or we can resign ourselves to the thought that our Wildest Dreams are too impractical or too far away to achieve. Anything is possible. Even the impossible is possible!

As duality increasingly collapses, the world situation is going from bad to worse to terrible. The vise of repression is tightening to an alarming degree. Because of this, we can't pretend that it won't affect us, sooner or later, as long as we continue to live in duality. This is why it's no longer appropriate to continue life as usual. It's not time to continue to be influenced by our old conditioning or our old fears and insecurities. We really must utilize the three remaining months of our MEGA RESET to fully step free of duality and get into our True Positions.

In December many of us will be walking through a new doorway into a new sector of the New Landscape. Everything will feel lighter, brighter and more inspiring. This new sector of the New Landscape is like stepping into a Secret Garden. We leave behind the dull, washed out colors of the dying world of duality and suddenly the colors around us have a heightened vibrancy and are combined in new combinations that we wouldn't have imagined before. It's as if the Sun turned up its brightness by several notches. The New Landscape is clearer, more visible, more tangible than ever before.

This is a Secret Garden that the rest of the world cannot see because it's anchored in a totally New Reality. It's not like a "spiritual" Shangri-la where you just go there and everything is revealed. It's essential that we interact with the New Landscape with our full being, rather than just visit there. It's not enough to sit on a rock and gaze at the sky or to simply sleep there. For it's interaction which opens the door that reveals what is really there.

Our adjustments to our New Landscape are taking place in measured increments, rather than an all at once immersion. Each step we make anchors the New Reality into our cells. This keeps our transformation grounded and real. There's a lot of letting go that we must do before we feel totally at home here. We need to adjust to the new timing and new way of doing things of the New Landscape. This requires us to continually shift gears and set a new pace for all our endeavours. We're also discovering that whenever we are thrown back into the old timing or try to do things in the old ways, we become super stressed.

We are like plants that have been stuck for a very long time in pots which were way too small for us. Because of this, our petals, leaves and roots have become twisted, cramped and stunted. Most of the time, we didn't realize that we were living in such unnatural, unhealthy conditions and simply assumed that this was how life on earth was meant to be. We did the best we could under the circumstances, never realizing that other possibilities existed.

Now, we are finally being liberated from the tiny pots of a duality-based world and are being planted into the ground of an exquisite new land. At first, this may be shocking to some as they leave the familiarity of their crowded pot and are planted into a fertile soil of limitless potential. It may take a while to adjust ourselves to the realization that we don't have to live in a harsh, hostile, limited reality anymore. It may take some time to fully expand into our new freedom. Others are so ripe and ready to expand and deepen that they practically leap out of their pot into the fertile new ground.

In the New Landscape, our roots can finally stretch to infinite depths and this feels so liberating. Our leaves no longer depend on artificial light to sustain them, but can stretch out towards the True Sun! We are finally in our Right Position in our True Home! There is no need to go anywhere, for we are exactly where we are meant to be. And from this True Position, we can joyously flower and birth the true fruits of our beings. This is fulfilling beyond anything we could imagine.

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