Monday, December 29, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ The Love Mantra

Love is the most powerful force we have as a human being. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Love holds everything together and becomes a powerful magnet to bring us happiness in this life. The Love Mantra will change your life more than any technique I have ever taught.
Love is sweet. It warms our heart and changes our emotions into a positive force to both give and receive more love in our life. If we want to change our life and the people around us, Love is the key. The bitterness of life instantly transforms into sweetness when we have love in our heart. Everything in our life can be improved if we can learn how to harness the Infinite Power of Love.
The Love Mantra is a mantra that anyone can use. We only need to have the Heart Mantra before learning the Love Mantra. Anyone can do it easily. Right from the first time we get initiated into the Love Mantra, our life will change for the better.

I will be teaching this mantra in Chiang Mai during our long meditation program starting on 17 January and again on 1 February. We will learn how to share love every day and be filled with the wonderful magic of Love! I will do two initiations: the first on 18 January and again on 2 February. You can come to one or both initiations according to your schedule. This means that you can come for one week, two weeks, three weeks or one month and do long meditation with the Love Mantra. This will be the sweetest course I have ever given!
If you don’t have the Heart Mantra, you can come on 10 January and be initiated on 11 January. Following one week of long meditation with the Heart Mantra, you can join the Love Course for as long or as short (an additional one week course) as you desire. For those of you who already have the Heart Mantra but can’t come to Chiang Mai, you can at least tune in at the time when we will do the initiation and link up with the group meditation from home. Of course this is not the same as receiving the Mantra, but you can receive the energy and enjoy the download of Love with us.
I am hoping to generate powerful waves of Love for Mother Earth and all her children. I expect the year 2015 to be a powerful year of peace and love for everyone on Earth. Let’s join hands in love for a great start of the New Year! Bless you everyone!
For more details, please check out my web page: Intensive Meditation Course in Chiang Mai Jan~Feb 2015

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