Monday, December 22, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Opening our Hearts Together and Uniting our Love

Right from the start of yesterday’s meeting there were so many familiar faces that my heart started to move and this magnificent love and light came into my body. Then as my blog friends came up to me and introduced themselves, my heart opened even more. It was like gathering with my long time friends and family. When we sat together and held hands and opened our hearts, the energy just got stronger. All my fatigue from this tour seemed to melt away and I was refreshed.
By the afternoon I could also feel the link up with Machu Picchu and Shasta and our beloved Mt. Fuji and moved even deeper into the energy of love that was so needed my our Mother Earth. I think Mother Earth must have been as happy as I was. If we can do this many times together and share our love and light with her in large groups like this one, I know she will transform our world into Heaven on Earth. If we change our self and open our hearts to love, she can do it too. It all starts with us!

Then the Lady Masters came to me and moved me to start the channeling. I could feel their immense love pouring into each one of us. It felt like a pillar of Light coming down from above and entering into each person’s body and consciousness. The Channeling was so deep that it took a long time for all of us to come back to this dimension. Many people reported the same feeling that we really wanted to stay there in that wonderful feeling of inner peace and love. We had come home! When one of my blog friends told us that she felt like she had come home, it confirmed what was happening. Heaven is our home. It is not outside of us. If we feel Heaven inside, then we will radiate the Love of Heaven on Earth and everyone can be happy again. It all starts with us and we did it! Even if this was just for one day, we can do it again and again until it becomes permanent. What an inspiration! We will do more like this in the future! Thank you to all my friends and family for joining our hearts together and sharing love with our dear Mother Earth!

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