Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ How Important It Is to Connect Our Hearts Together

It’s funny but for the past few days I have been feeling a bit disoriented. Then i realized that this tour started as the Love Tour and for the past six months I have been talking about bringing in the Feminine Energy of Lemuria and the Power of the Mother Goddess. I guess I have been enjoying the Akazawa Hot Springs so much that I forgot what I was here to do! So yesterday we all held hands and connected our hearts together as One Group Consciousness. It really felt good! Such a simple thing but it became a turning point in the Course.
I must admit that sometimes I am so concerned with giving knowledge that I forget to connect us all heart to heart. After all the most important thing I am teaching is opening the heart! I guess that this is because, as a man, I usually think that as long as I am teaching about spiritual things then my heart is open. But that is just lazy thinking! I know that when the heart is open, it is not teaching with ideas or words but must involve a real sharing of feelings. God! How easy it is to lose connection to our heart and go into philosophising!

After we held hands for awhile, we just sat in Silence and Oneness and asked for a message or insight from either our Higher Self or the Masters. As I sat there, I automatically thought that I should channel. I realised that my motivation was from a habit of always feeling like I have to take care of everyone and give them spiritual knowledge. Great Insight! I don’t always need to give the answers. In fact it is much better to help each person to tune in for themselves. After all this is my real work, helping others to help them self.
When we finished the Silence, everyone shared their experiences and insights. I was so moved that I was almost in tears. I could see how all the people on the course were truly on the right path for their life and that the universe was not only guiding them but also holding them with so much love.
Our only enemy in this life is usually our own mind. We are so easily distracted by what we think that we forget to see what is real. Sharing together yesterday brought me back to the truth of my real reason for being here. I could open my heart and just relax with all my friends. There was no mission just honest sharing! Now my disorientation is completely gone and I feel the Masters guidance more than ever. Thank you to all my friends for just being here with me. Bless you!

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