Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Meditate Together to Bring a Bright Future for Mother Earth

The energy is bright and clear today and we are hoping for snow! I am sure that Mother Earth is happy today. We have a full house for teaching the Mother Earth mantra and if the energy is as good as yesterday, you should all feel it! Nagoya is waking up her heart! Actually I am feeling very strongly that Nagoya is the ancient heart of Japan. As Nagoya clears so does the rest of Japan. Today is a big day for Japan. I am hoping that many of you can join us in support of Mother Earth and meditate for her safety and for a brighter future for Japan.
So if you have time please join us today when we meditate with Mother Earth’s mantra. We will do puja and initiate everyone around 11:45 and meditate until 12:30. Wherever you are, you can tune into your heart and connect with Mother Earth. Send her your love and light. We will also meditate again in the afternoon at 16:00. So join us if you can. I will tell the group (over 50 people) that we will all link up together and that many of you will be joining us.

When we generate this much love and light for Mother Earth, we can change the direction for Japan. I am particularly concerned to change the direction of the nuclear problem. Japan has a great opportunity to lead the world into a Nuclear Free world. But if Japan continues to move in the direction of more nuclear power, it will lead the world into destroying Mother Earth. I am praying that this meditation today can help change our planet and keep our Mother Earth and all her children safe!

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