Friday, December 12, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Star Wars

Energy is moving in Nagoya! Nagoya holds the key to the direction of Japan. But what is happening behind the scenes here? Really I didn’t know until I took a walk in the park near my hotel. Then i saw it! Just above the city there is a battle to control the minds of the people. Space ships of the greys versus the ships of the Masters. Who will win?
The greys know that if the auto industry dominates the influence on the government, the nuclear problem will continue and the world will become desperate for a solution. At the same time, the Masters are broadcasting a beam of Galactic Light to lift the consciousness towards human Enlightenment. If the people of Japan raise their consciousness towards a more Enlightened View, then Japan can lead the world out of reliance on the negative form of nuclear power into the more advanced abilities of superconsciousness. Human consciousness can show us how to go beyond our reliance on technology. Anything that our minds can create with technology, our human consciousness can accomplish without machines. We can do anything our minds can imagine!

Right now, there is a battle raging on Earth. This is the real Star Wars. Will the forces of technology continue to drag human consciousness into slavery to machines, or will our consciousness rise above the level of a mechanical world and discover the ultimate truth of our human destiny to use our consciousness to do anything we desire. Yogis have been known to travel through space and materialise anywhere they want to go. Sai Baba has shown the world that it is possible to materialise our thoughts. Could it be true that every human being possesses this power?
The greys want us to believe that we are powerless. The masters want us to discover our hidden gifts and rise up to a level where we can not only heal the pollution of this earth including the nuclear problem that has occurred from Fukushima, but where we can begin to unveil many supernatural powers that will change our view of reality forever.
Human beings are more powerful than the gods. But this is a secret that has been denied to the general public for thousands of years. As long as we continue to believe we are helpless, we will fall prey to others who want to control us. Now is the time to rise above our ancestors and discover our true power. The Masters have created a beam of Galactic Light over Japan. It is moving energy to awaken the consciousness of everyone in Japan. But here in Nagoya there is another beam of Light that hypnotises the consciousness of the people into believing in the mechanical world.
Why do we continue to believe in the gifts of modern machines when the evidence clearly shows us its destructive nature? Are we really being hypnotised, or are we just lazy and afraid? I think the answer is a bit of both. I will always push the door of the new science of human consciousness to open for as many people as i can reach. I am not alone. The Masters are with us everyday helping us to overcome our old beliefs and step into the new world of Enlightenment. We don’t need Darth Vadar to lead us! Each of us possess the power of the Force! You will never know unless you try to step beyond the world you believe in and discover the powerful world of human consciousness.

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