Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Closure of the “corridor” between worlds

karen doonan


Many of us have walked a path that seems to have been never-ending and yet this is not TRUTH for everything is energy and energy continually moves and shifts. It is not possible for energy to remain static and yet the old 3D earth created reality tried to teach us this over and over again. Looking out onto the world at the moment shows a breaking down of “society”, a breaking down of “reality” and this is part of the unfolding in TRUTH. For in order to birth a “New Earth” the heavily structured and re-enforced construct had to begin to dissolve fully. This has allowed for an expansion which is the “corridor” between worlds.
As I blogged recently this “corridor” opened around the 21st December 2012 and many of us can look back to that year and around that particular date and piece together that which began to disintegrate around us, through us and within us. This “corridor” is due to close around the 21st December 2014, this is necessary due to the differing bandwidths of frequencies, at the moment there is a corridor to walk down/through but shortly the energies will be so different in bandwidth it simply will not be possible to remain within said corridor.

It is not TRUTH to look out onto the world and accept the FEAR that is being propagated at this time, an energy frequency that was built and exists only on a platform of FEAR is trying to pull out all stops as it were to feed itself, it does this through the various illusions that are being placed in front of us. ALL who have incarnated upon this planet have done so knowing that this time would come and they are in SERVICE to the LIGHT no matter what is being presented to our naked human eyes. It is not for us at a human waking level to make any judgement on any movement or unfolding, we simply do not have the knowledge at a human level to see the vastly bigger picture of our own evolution.
The world may appear to be chaos and I would guide you all to stand in your LIGHT over the coming days, ALL have prepared for this, ALL on a higher level are sending LIGHT through ,around and within their human forms in order to move the human race into a NEW WORLD and NEW EXPERIENCE upon this planet.  It is necessary and will become ever more so as this linear week progresses to FEEL what is being shown to you. It is not enough simply to react or to make an assumption based on what the human eyes are seeing. This is how the old 3 earth created construct worked to contain and suppress the human race.
Working to open our hearts and to hold ALL in the LIGHT of TRUTH and the LOVE that IS will make this transition period easier for ALL at this time.  No matter what transpires at a human waking level at a higher level there is a DESIGN and there is a greater picture that will unfold, from tragedy springs change and compassion, there are real physical changes that will now take place that have been hidden from us in our human form, for we are ONE in TRUTH.
LOVE and COMPASSION are the keys for the coming linear days for ALL.  The old 3D earth is on its final breath, it can no longer exist and the New Earth is now birthing physically, this can be FELT more than seen due to the teachings that we have been taught in relation to what “society” “should ” look like and how we “should” be living, this will unfold in due course.  In nature all life breaks down in order to be reborn, this is not the “end” so much as the completion of a transition process that began 2 linear years ago.
At this time you are asked to shine your LIGHT fully across the planet, first of all allowing the LOVE that IS to flow through you, around you and within you and then radiating this out across the planet, with no intention other than to allow this LOVE to FLOW where it is required at this time.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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