Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ To Be Human: One Day Like a God, One Day Like an Animal

To be human is to find the middle path. Before we became human we had millions of lives as a plant or an animal and millions of lives as a god. Out of all the choices for embodiment, only a human has free will. Only a human can change their life and learn from their actions and mistakes.
A rock, a plant and an animal all have consciousness, but none of these incarnations have free will.  If all the birds wake up at 5:00 in the morning, no bird can decide to sleep in! There is no choice to change their life and do something different. Every human being was once a rock, a planet, a plant and an animal.

Even the gods do not have free will. A god of the mountain can not wake up one day and decide to be a river. If the mountain becomes a river, then all of creation will collapse into chaos. Gods have to live according to their life as a specific god and cannot change their life to become something different. Every human being had millions of lives as a god before they decided to be human.
The life of a human being can be like an animal one day and then behave like a god the next day. To be human is to learn about the Middle Path. Only a human being has free will. Only a human being can decide to change their life every day and do something different. After millions of lives as a plant or animal or a god, the soul finally desires to experience free will. Human life is envied by all the gods and animals.
Every soul is an incarnation of the Infinite Consciousness of Almighty God. Once the Universe was created, God decided to enter into each form of life and experience this universe from every perspective. The Ocean incarnates as all of its waves in order to understand itself. Every form of life is an incarnation of the One Consciousness of God. Only when God incarnates into a human life can it discover Enlightenment. No animal, no god or angel can become Enlightened. Only a human can make mistakes and change its consciousness into a higher level of experience.
Every human soul will make many mistakes and create karma. No other form of life can make a mistake. Why do we make mistakes? Why is there pain? Is this some kind of cruel joke?
Karma is our teacher. We make a mistake today and learn how to evolve into a higher form of consciousness tomorrow. We chose to have free will and make mistakes so we can evolve into Enlightenment and discover all of the abilities of every form of life in the universe. Only a human being can learn the ability to fly through the sky like a bird or learn how to materialise its desire like a god. This is why they say that all the gods are jealous of human beings. We can do anything that they can do, only better. Only the human soul can discover that it is Almighty God and become Enlightened. Of all the possible forms of life our soul can become, only a human can transform its consciousness through free will and evolve beyond this Universe to become Eternally Free.

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